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Friday, January 21, 2022

Keep the body safe is necessary to do exercise, exercise, and work from time to time every day to make it fit for external impact and shock

To keep the foundation stone strong, the grass hull growing on the wall should be cleaned from time to time


The foundation of human life is his mind, intelligence, and knowledge.

The mind and life are developed by the influence of positive qualities. In the body made of five elements, soil is a mixture of water, fire, air and sky, which join from inside and outside to form the body. Life is sustained by food, water, air, time, cold and heat are experienced by the sun. The body becomes healthy and developed only by the balance of inside and outside, due to which there is a feeling of fitness, enthusiasm, cheerfulness etc. To keep the body safe, it is necessary to do exercise, exercise, and work from time to time every day to make it fit for external impact and shock. So that there is balance between body and mind.


Body is the foundation stone which symbolizes the soil element.

It is necessary to clean the body daily from outside. Taking a bath removes the dust of the body as well as reduces the heaviness of the mind. The brain remains light. Taking bath daily maintains cleanliness in the body. Lightness in the brain increases intelligence and discretion.


Filth of the body and mind only makes the body bad and sick.

The effect of dirt also falls on the mind, due to which negative thoughts arise in the mind. These are all such growing grass that keeps on looking for a way to grow continuously. To avoid this, it is necessary to keep the mind and body clean. By exercising daily to keep the body moving, the body remains agile and fresh.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Real life mind do not give wind to the desire of the mind by thinking what should spread more legs than the number of sheets

Real Life Mind

Real life I try to understand the mind. 

Question arises upon question. The mind sometimes thinks like this! The mind sometimes thinks like that! As much as I try to get into my mind. I get confused. Thinking about what is necessary and what is not necessary. The mind is faster than I am not. I do not chase my mind thinking that I will not be able to win with it. When I am not able to complete my required activities. What I think doesn't happen and what I don't think is happening. Will I then be able to live up to my expectation by following this mind? I wake up in the morning to complete my routine. My daily karma and work work have not been completed on time till date. So can I ever fulfil the desire of the mind? Whatever I think that I should complete today, something or the other remains. So it is completed by going on the second day itself. And it takes several days to complete something less. So when will I fulfil the desire of the mind? I do not give wind to the desire of the mind by thinking that what should spread more legs than the number of sheets. If something becomes high and low, then I will get stuck somewhere if I hit my heart. I would never want the bull to kill me like this. I follow my mind as far as it is justified. I do what I have full knowledge and knowledge about. I try my best to keep learning something new everyday. I like to read good informative books. By not wasting wasted time, I pay more attention to my work and duty. I try to fulfil my responsibility. That's why I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy.



How many months are required to get super conscious mind?

Real life to attain super conscious mind, concentration not time is required. To attain the super conscious mind, one has to first purify the mind. One has to be aware of every incident. So that the effect of any kind of emotion does not even affect the mind and the mind should always remain simple and alert in any situation or situation. Make the mind such that neither sorrow is felt in sorrow and neither happiness is felt in happiness, then super conscious mind can move forward for success. When the feeling of the mind becomes easy while being alert. Then the mind becomes cheerful and filled with joy and gaiety. Then no matter how much happiness or sorrow such a person feels, then there is no feeling. There is no hope of any kind of change in the mood of the mind. To attain super conscious mind, yoga meditation with complete control over the mind, intellect, thinking is very important. After attaining a comfortable state in meditation, it is progressed through the subconscious mind to attain the super conscious mind. By looking into one's own mind, whatever is lying inside the mind, everything is removed and the mind is purified. So that there is no effect of any external emotion in the mind. Then the seeker resides in his soul not in the mind. Then there is no feeling in the pure state. Like the mind has died. Then there is no attachment in the seeker even for his own body. The mind gets power only after the attachment is over. Then there is no mind, there is power of the mind. There is no desire, there is will power. Then the seeker makes his new creation through the power of the mind. In which there is no place for any negative subject matter. If you make such efforts for the purpose of welfare in the world, you can get success. The hope of success is very less if you aim for the attainment of any subject matter. The attainment of the finished subject matter is the feeling of the mind. By attaining the super conscious mind the mind is exhausted. Only the power of the mind remains. Desire ends. Only the will power remains. When you bring the spirit of the mind again, all the power starts to drain. Due to this there is a fear of corrupting the intellect. Can go crazy too. Never try alone to attain the super conscious mind through meditation. Knowing it worthy, try this only under the supervision of a self-knowledge and real life knowledge.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Attitude of life is very important to be positive, in fact there is a place for one's own desire in positive thinking, if one thinks something for himself, then greed also comes in the spirit of thinking or imagination

The things I hate about you


When you look into your mind

When you look in your mind a lot starts to make sense. Most of the time, negative feelings of time are seen in the mind. Few things are good. Things that are positive. He wants to remember them again and again. The things that do not please the mind. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to shrug off those things. Then the anger comes in the same way. When some old thing shakes the mind. Then only negative things start rising in the mind. Such is the nature of the mind.

Often there is a work place for positive things in the dimension of life 

Often there is less room for positive things in the dimension of life. The reason behind this is that the feeling of the people who mix more is associated with some desire or the other. Most of the people's desires are negative. Which affects the mind of both. Due to which there is an effect of negative desire on the mind of both the speaker and the talker. Therefore, during the imagination or for a particular task, one thinks something. So the feeling attached to it is realized. When such negative things are raised in the mind. So there is a lot of anger too. Together it affects your thinking and imagination.

The attitude of life is very important to be positive

It is very important to have a positive attitude in life. In fact, positive thinking has no place for self-will. If you think for yourself. Greed also comes in the spirit of thinking or in the imagination. Which is a low trend. Due to which thinking or imagining something of one's own will is not entirely meaningful. Therefore want to achieve something in thinking or imagination. So what are you thinking about in the imagination? The inclination of the mind should be on that subject matter. So that there will be complete success in the work of that subject matter. When that task is successful. Then the result of that work is beneficial. That is the real success. Therefore, one should never allow one's desire to be exposed in thinking and imagination.

Vivid imagination not imaginative It should be because all these come only in the realm of living vivid imagination they are very active they affect the heart and mind at a very fast pace

Vivid imagination

Imagination of a happy life

When man comes into his existence. Make some plan for the development of your life. What's going on at present. How was the time spent? What will the future be like? How to progress, progress and develop? When a person thinks about something like this. Wishing you happiness for future life. A man should have a living imagination. Unless a person thinks, the feeling of doing something will not awaken. Thinking and imagining do not work on the basis of any construction.

The subject or task on which it is active. for the success of the work. When you are active you think. A living imagination. One must imagine alive.

Living vivid imagination meaning 

People often have lively imaginations in their youth. For attractiveness in life, especially for such young people who have a girlfriend, young people imagine alive for a happy mind. However, let's look at it from the point of view of imagination. So that's not appropriate. In thinking, understanding and imagination, as much as a human being will be simple and comfortable, he will imagine balanced. Equally good. Entertaining the mind in a living imagination. As long as that's fine. Just imagine that. It should not be imaginative. Because all these come only in the realm of living imagination. Are very active. It affects the heart and mind at a very fast rate.

Vivid imagination is best. Do it for the development and balance of your mind, heart, mind, prudence, intellect, thinking, understanding. So lively imagination is useful.



Thought seen In today's time man runs after beauty a lot the dress should be good the dress should be the best there should be a high level of show

Thoughtfully seen

Look carefully. In today's time man runs after beauty a lot. Clothing should be good. The costumes should be great. From top to bottom there should be a high level of pretence. There is a lot of trend among women for the beauty of clothes. And there should be. Personality shines through beautifully. In today's time, there is a lot of beauty in society life. People show off their clothes. How important is your ability? Personality shines through dress and dress. Recognition in a logo is good. People start joining. Famous people also spend a lot of money on appearances. 

So think that 

The business of those people who think in the era of dress and beauty flourishes. Those who are involved in the business of dress and beauty. Their families also go somewhere on their clothes and appearances. For this, big shops are opened in the city. Lakhs are spent in the decoration of the shop. With this the household of those workers and artisans runs the family. Those who make a living in the business of such a decorator. Many times I think that if all this had not happened, then how many other people would have problems. Unemployment is also like this according to the time. People are making a living through this medium. If seen somewhere or the other, all are connected to each other. It is only the medium of employment of each other. 

Think why people don't understand?

Sometimes the mind thinks. Why don't people understand all these things? Why don't people connect with each other and live in harmony? This will only make everyone happy. There will be new construction. New industries will flourish. The medium of employment of the people will also open. people who are unemployed. They will also get some business. They too have the right to be happy in the world. The world is there for them too. 

I would like to say this in my mind 

I would like to say this from my mind. Like, we have definitely supported people in employment in the hope of telling ourselves good through outward appearances. Thank you very much for this. To all those who are supporting in the medium of employment somewhere. Thanks to all of them. 

I will say the same thing about the mind thinking 

This is what I would say about the mind. The way we all decorate. Exterior show off. To make myself look good. Similarly, whatever is in your mind is filth. What we can't tell anyone. We accept. There is definitely something inside us too. Which should be thrown out one by one. Then we will all be connected to each other. Why not make a little effort in this direction as well. I am saying this for everyone. I'm just trying You have to support me in success. Then there will be no problem, no hassle, no unemployment. Then everyone will be happy. Because then the filth will not remain inside anyone. Everyone's mind will become clear. Then everyone will feel good, will it not?

Imagination is more important than knowledge, beyond imagination, active imagination, use your imagination, imagination meaning

Imagination Meaning 

Active imagination

Active imagination is a big difference between fantasy and reality. If the flight of the mind is more, then the difference widens. You should have control over your will and mind. With positive thinking, the will power starts working. With positive thinking, the imagination of the mind starts turning into reality.

How does imagination happen?

What is imagination? Positive imagination of the mind is an important aspect of life. Imagination connects man with inner mind to outer mind and outer mind with inner mind. The inner mind is signaled by the outward gestures of the mind. Due to which the feeling of the external mind, due to deep thinking, imagination occurs in the mind. The mind is affected by imagination. Due to which the imagination of man increases. For the imagination to be correct and positive, the mood of the mind should be positive and balanced. So that the intuition establishes its imagination correctly. A negative emotion enters the imagination. So that brings about a change in the feeling of his mind. Due to which the dynamic imagination starts to deteriorate. Therefore, no negative emotion should ever be allowed to arise during the imagination or in the mind.

Active imagination How does imagination work?

When the mind concentrates and thinks about something. The sense of imagination goes to the inner mind to the subconscious mind. By repeatedly thinking about a topic, those thoughts become concepts of thinking imagination. After a few days, thoughts related to it automatically start coming. During that time, to make his imagination come true, he starts thinking in his mind. Some even start activities. Imagination and action go hand in hand. Negative emotions also arise in the mind. The mind also works towards negative energies.

Imagination is more important than knowledge, what is the understanding of the mind?

The knowledge of right and wrong comes from the mind. Then follow the positive aspect of the mind and move forward. There are two types of understanding of the mind. One positive the other negative is the understanding of the mind. Taking positive understanding out of it, one should move forward. Negative emotions also remain in the mind. The mind divides every thought into two parts. Then the mind has to decide. Which Bhava, Imagination, Understanding is positive. One should move towards positive understanding.

Imagination How does the brain make sense during imagination and psychological imagination?

Societies of imagination and mind are very complex. During imagination, the mind at all times divides the understanding into two parts. One positive understanding the other negative understanding. Sometimes both the understandings go together, then there is harassment in the mind. Even after wanting lakhs, it becomes difficult to remove the negative understanding. From the point of view of knowledge, understanding is a great knowledge. who were imagining. That imagination becomes unimaginative instead of being balanced. Then negative thoughts come again and again. For balanced imagination, concentration peace, calm mind, balanced heart and mind, there should be no hatred towards any particular person in the mind. Don't let the wrong notions already sit in your mind. Have complete control over yourself. You have to be very careful. Then the imagination becomes positive. Imagination comes true. Imagination comes to fruition. The sense of karma awakens. Positive thinking of the mind moves towards the sense of imagination. Then the fantasy comes true. Imagination is fruitful.

Imagination improve reality of life and progress of life living

What should be done to understand positive imagination and positive thinking?

Need to be very careful.

Big or small, own or foreign, everyone has to have the same feeling.

If there is any filth, wrong feelings and thoughts lying in the mind, then it has to be removed.

There should be compassion in the heart.

One should be aware of every subject matter.

Want to be active.

No work should be left unfinished.

There should be a feeling of action in the mind.

One should take full sleep during the night, should not stay awake till late night, should never sleep during the day.

One should connect intimately with the people.

You should think positive.

One should be aware of everything.

One should not hurt anyone's heart.

What effect does positive imagery have on the heart and mind? 

The mind becomes happy when it becomes positive.

Feelings of mind are positive.

Thinking is positive.

Thoughts are high.

Spiritual power increases.

The mind becomes calm and focused.

Darkness is removed from life.

Self-light and enlightenment increase.

Negative feelings are gone.

The mind remains positive.

Positive energy is received.

The mind remains calm and active.

Making good use of time keeping a distance from wasted thought mind automatically starts to engage in the work which will be taken up

Basic knowledge of life

By making good use of time, keeping a distance from wasted thought, the mind automatically starts to engage in the work which will be taken up, the work is successful only.

The basic knowledge of life is that one should use the time properly and stay away from wasteful activities or thoughts, otherwise knowledge gets lost, negativity spreads, knowledge, mind, thinks, think, imagination, mind, minds starts turning into ignorance, knowledge starts being wasted, so in life Never keep a distance from wastefulness.

Think well, speak well, speak good knowledge, do good deeds and serve, run towards good knowledge, adopt good ones.


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Discretion intelligence is the positive aspect of the mind. When the mind is positive, it becomes calm. Concentrated mind has positive thoughts, due to which positive waves go to the mind. The brain is the field of energy which increases positive energy.

Effect of feelings

Time is passing day by day, children are born, they grow up, now we are all getting old, many times we think that the way the day is passing

Time is passing day by day. Children are born. grows up. Now we are all getting old. Many times we think that the way in which the day is passing by. In such dynamic times it seems. If you think something, something else happens. What you think does not come to fruition. It seems like all the thinking is going in vain. We are often saddened to see that thought not being fulfilled. What is the reason for all this? Those who think That doesn't happen. That would have happened. Which you don't think about. Feeling of sorrow because of all these from above. So what will be the way out?

There will be no way out for this, it is not going to come out, leave the time which is left behind completely, 

Brother, there will be no way out of this. And it's not going to come out. The time that has been left behind. Leave him completely. Only then will there be happiness in life again. The time we have got ahead. At least make good use of it. And put the old things out of your mind. Then happiness will start joining us like this. We know it. It is only when we get happiness that we also get strength. Happiness gives us energy. So why don't we run towards happiness? And leave the old things behind and move forward. Nothing is going to match what has passed. The more you think about the past, nothing is going to add up except sorrow.

Past memories have the effect of feelings, the habit of the mind has been made

There is an effect of feelings in past memories. The habit of the mind remains the same. Good things come out. Because there is an effect of emotions in it. That's the good stuff. In which there is no feeling. There is only a feeling of happiness. He doesn't stop. Going forward makes others happy. It's for everyone. Feelings really belong to him. which is in our mind. It stings like a sharp nail. So what is the meaning of keeping such a sentiment? The one who gives sorrow.

Therefore, stay away from such meaningless feelings. So that's the best. Forget what has passed. Live a happy life ahead. Move towards the light of new life. What can we get in that? Take a step towards that. Go on a new road. Where there is no box of past memories. Where there should not be any past feeling.

Time is running day by day, keep moving forward considering every moment as happiness, accept good things

Time is running day by day. Keep moving forward with happiness in every moment. Take good things. In which there is no trouble, no sorrow or any disturbance. So crossing it. reached his destination. Keep the doubts out of your mind. A lot comes in life. A lot goes. Taking knowledge from them, keep moving forward. Be happy, be happy, be happy.

There is no confusion, there is confusion of the mind, with the right understanding

There is nothing wrong. There is an illusion of the mind. If you do your work wisely with the right understanding, then every obstacle keeps getting removed. Keep calm. Do not let any kind of dispute dominate your mind. Keep calm in mind and use your intellect. You will get success in every work.

Discretion intelligence is the positive aspect of the mind

Discreet intelligence is the positive aspect of the mind. When the mind is positive. So it calms down. Concentrates. Concentrated mind has positive thoughts. Due to which positive waves go to the mind. The mind is a field of energy. Which increases positive energy. Discreet intelligence is positive from this. If the discursive intelligence is not positive then it is considered neurotic. There is a wandering in the mind of a deranged creature. Very fast thoughts are flying in his mind. which can never be accomplished. When there is constant thought, thought, activity in the brain, the activity starts ending. Who is not tired. Active positive thinking only helps in completing the task. By which the mind remains calm. Helps in essential work. The task is completed.

Parents are pillars of life the cornerstone of life, parents are the foster parents of children, even if there is some difference in worldly knowledge, then it can be resolved through their parents, elders and teachers also help, knowledge is never hidden

Life a struggle

Pillars of life

Parents are the cornerstone of life. The parents are the foster parents of the children. Even if there is some difference of opinion in worldly knowledge. He can be resolved through his parents. Elders and teachers also help. Knowledge is never hidden. If the environment is like this, people learn even by deceit. Therefore life itself is a struggle.


Education by parents

Children are the darlings of parents from birth. They are maintained by their parents. This is world famous. Not only to feed them, but also to take care of them from small to big. Home education, then education in school is everywhere under the supervision of parents. Even if the teacher is the medium of knowledge of the school, the role is that of the parents. Later on, to complete the high school education. Until a job is found somewhere. Till then, the care of the parents in every way is only.


Parental struggle for children

What happens in the life of a struggling mother? By which road? All these wishes are fulfilled by the parents. Sometimes such situations also happen. Whose children do not let their children interfere in any kind of education and knowledge. He bears every bad situation on himself. Do not let your children suffer even a single bit. What is all this? The struggle is there. Everyone has to struggle to live life.


The struggle of a promising child

The struggle is even for that promising child. He is a wise and intelligent child. With the knowledge given by parents, their self-knowledge increases their self-confidence. Due to which, after working hard day and night in their studies, they move forward. This only increases the knowledge. Concentration of the mind is created. Concentration of mind helps a lot in making life simple and easy. The main door to the simplicity and ease of life is concentration. Gets through living in any one medium. Concentration for struggle is very important in life. Concentration should be established in life. So no matter how much trouble or trouble life comes. There is no flutter in the mentality of that person. He keeps on walking consciously on his purpose. He continues to live his life. This is the hallmark of a life full of struggle.

Monday, October 25, 2021

intelligence should be on the mind keep the mind busy towards those who are working in living work diligently and to maintain one's existence, wisdom and discretion accompanies everywhere

Life and mind

Life is the reality of life 

Imagination is the source of the mind. Mind says something else but life is the name of responsibility. The struggle is for life. When the mind keeps on eating casserole. Life wants to work hard day and night. But the mind can also stop him from doing so. Life is truth and reality. The mind can also boast.


The mind can be controlled by means of life 

It is not easy to make changes in the life going on through the mind. No one has been able to understand the world of the mind till date. If you try to understand life, then the mind definitely starts to understand.


Wisdom is the true helper of life

Whatever the mind thinks, but the work should be done in life with wisdom and discretion. For prosperity the mind should be run according to life. Increased mind can also get stuck in the way of prosperity. The successful struggle of life is to have control over the mind. Control of the mind is very important for the upliftment of life.


Keep the mind busy towards those who are working in living 

To work diligently and to maintain one's existence, wisdom and discretion accompanies everywhere. Never do anything in life that will cause any disorder in the intellect. If the mind does not trust the mind, then it also comes, vice and formless. But intellect is a pillar of wisdom for life.


For a successful life, the effect of intelligence should be on the mind

It should not happen that the effect of the mind falls on the intellect. The mind is its own. But the parts of life are related to many people through which life goes on. For the upliftment and success of life, it is good to activate the intellect.    

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Thinks of man that have to do good deeds doing something good will be the only support helping the sad day has erased the craving

Karma is important in the life of  human being

Karma (Moral) is everything by action 

Without action there is nothing, in the dimension of life, there is a great achievement of karma, service of parents, service of elders, help in society, support to the poor and unhappy. All these are the means of karma, to do one's own work, to be busy in oneself, this is man's work, business and employment, it gives satisfaction to the mind, it should be like this, if the mind is positive and does its work, it is good. Because karma is attained only by the achievement of the work business, by rising above which thinking man does the work.

Thinks of man that we have to do good deeds 

Doing something good will be the only support, helping the sad day has erased the craving, due to which the mind of man remains calm, helping in the society increases the dimension as if something bad is happening in the society. Yes, if one class is disregarding another class, then by making them aware through knowledge, they should consider all the classes as equal and motivate the people so that all remain the same, service to elders is a very successful deed. It happens that by supporting those whose journey is about to end, the mind feels wonderful peace and happiness, if able, then those children should also be supported who have no one, who are orphans, by supporting them. Achievement is achieved, there is a name in the society, all this work which is done selflessly is called karma.


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

True mind can be explained by that thread in which there is no knot The mind becomes calm and enthusiastic only when it is very simple

Only those who have a clean mind live in the heart, the same thread enters the needle, in which there is no knot.

True mind can be explained by that thread in which there is no knot 

The mind becomes calm and enthusiastic only when it is very simple and simple. Which anyone starts liking at a glance. He rules over the hearts of all. It's a big deal to be honest and simple.


There is also an interpretation of the name of God in the mind and the knife beside it 

For those people, what happens is something else, but seeing is something else. Such people neither quickly settle in anyone's heart nor do they understand. When will they be doing what? Such people have immense power. But they are never for the positive side. Always keep doing something or the other. It is better if you are avoiding such people.


Loss of mind and victories won by mind

Those who do not get anything from anyone are happy and even if they get something, a happy, balanced person is simple and easy. Whatever they do, whether there is any benefit in it or not, but if it comes in mind, then they go through it. This gives a feeling of peace and enthusiasm to the mind. Those who do good live only for good. Whatever you do, it is only for good. That's why such a simple person sits in someone's heart as a bride. Whose praise and mention is always being made.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Feelings and thoughts run through your mind at the end of your journey? at the end of the journey, the mind wanders continuously in search of peace and tranquility

Mind about body and sprit for super conscious mind


Essay on Coordination between Mind, Body and Spirit

The outer form of the soul is the mind. The inner nature of the mind is the soul. The body is the garment of the soul. At the end of its time, the soul takes on another body. The body is made up of a mixture of five elements. Soil, water, fire, air and sky are the 5 elements of the body. The abode of the soul is in the fourth element, the air element. By inhaling oxygen positive energy gets to the soul and by exhaling carbon dioxide negative energy comes out.

If the nature of the mind is external, 

Then the action of the world is affected by the mind. Due to which happiness and sorrow arise. This is called a disturbed mind. When the mind is calm, the mind becomes internally in the soul, that is, in itself. Often in sleep the mind is inside, so nothing is known due to lack of awareness of the outside world. Then the mind becomes completely calm.

Spirit is violet energy. There is a light. Which has many colours. 

The positive light is the light. Negative light is the dark color pouring art. Also there is the set and color of the soul. The red color symbolizes the earth element. Orange color is the symbol of water element. Yellow color symbolizes the element of fire. Green color is the symbol of air element. The dark green color symbolizes the sky element. Blue color symbolizes the soul. Violet color is a symbol of God. In the outer world the soul resides in the sense of the mind. In the inner world the soul is in the self or in the divine. Where he builds himself in contact with the divine. By staying in the five elements, the sense of self decreases. Living in the inner mind creates a sense of self. From where one contacts with the outside world or God.


What feelings and thoughts run through your mind at the end of your journey?

At the end of the journey, the mind wanders continuously in search of peace and tranquility. Just as childhood is innocuous, old age is also a conscious childhood. In search of peace, the mind starts sacrificing every one of its buildings. Whether the wish is fulfilled or not does not make any difference. The mind still generates desire, but the mind itself inspires to live in the worldly world. As long as there is a feeling of the mind, the final journey cannot even begin. Whenever it seems that the soul's time is getting fulfilled, then the mind generates desire to stay in the worldly sense so that the soul stays. Desire is also a worldly feeling. When the real time is over, the mind renounces its every emotion. In the end, after ending attachment with the body, he goes to the world from where he had come. Then the body of the five elements starts deteriorating. Then the last rites are performed by the relatives according to the customs. Prayers are offered by the relatives for the peace of the soul of the deceased. After death, only the self-light goes, the mind, living in this world, fulfills or ends one of its objectives, for which purpose it comes to acquire knowledge in this world. After acquiring knowledge, one merges in the world. Its effect goes to the soul. Then he takes birth again and walks on the path of new knowledge. The soul comes into the world only to gain knowledge.


How many months are required to get super conscious mind?

There is no such scheduling. It takes 21 days in a regular manner. For this, it is necessary to have a true guide with you. Never try yourself through the book of knowledge. This happens only by following the right path given by the Priest. The super conscious mind is not for the worldly man. There is a super conscious mind for the purpose of welfare of the world and the welfare of others.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Sticker printer, sticker paper are similar to sub-printers, but sticker printers are equipped with multi-functions. In which there is a place to fit paper of every size because sticker paper is of many sizes

Label maker

At present, the indicator letter is being used everywhere to shoot the increasing work and to give good service to the consumer. For this, indicator letter printer is used in which bill and product label containing all the information about the product like weight, date of manufacture, expiry date, index number etc. Are written. Which are printed and applied on the product. Even the bills given with the goods are also printed and sent or given. Any type of letters, labels, information pages are all printed for good arrangement and reputation of the enterprise.


Label printer

Stripe in which product information qr code which is scanned and printed goods information weight, manufacture date, expiry date, index number etc. Which are usually on sticker paper which already has modern water proof gond which is made of chemical material it happens. The high glossy water proof paper at the back is simply removed and pasted onto the product. Some enterprises also use non-gond paper, which is not already a sticker, then they are later pasted by applying gond. This is especially done by small entrepreneurs who do not have much system.


Demo label maker

A label or letter made for the purpose of promotion and dissemination is called a demo label. The format design made by the designer for the promotion of a new product. After acceptance of the written information and photograph, it is sent for print. Enterprises that create demo labels are different, whose job is only to create a demo or a new design.


Sticker printer, sticker paper

Sticker printers are similar to sub-printers, but sticker printers are equipped with multi-functions. In which there is a place to fit paper of every size because sticker paper is of many sizes. There are sizes from very small to large, which are selected according to the product information, with the sticker paper made of double paper. Which has to be run thick in the printer, usually only one paper runs at a time in a normal printer.


Shipping label printer

The most important thing in a label printer is the shipping label that is placed on the top of the product box. Usually these are also sticker or without sticker paper. Fax paper is used instead of ink in shipping labels, due to which even the slightest scratch leaves an art mark. This type of paper is used more. A printer without ink is used for such paper. Usually shipping labels are smaller than a4 paper, which makes two labels in one a4 paper, on which both the address of the recipient and the address of the sender. And the amount of the bill is written in it.

At present, the indicator letter is being used everywhere to shoot the increasing work and to give good service to the consumer

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Knowledge for hair clippers for men cordless close cutting t-blade trimmer kit professional hair cutting kit beard trimmer barbers men women kids clipper set cordless and corded rechargeable grooming kit

Limural Hair Clippers is a cordless tool for men.

Close Cutting T-Blade Trimmer Kit Professional Hair Cutting Kit includes beard trimmer accessories.

Barbers Men Women Kids Clipper Set is a cordless and corded rechargeable grooming kit.

Quiet and powerful rotary motor is engaged.

The tool comes with a powerful rotary motor and tightly woven teeth on the blade.

Electric hair clippers provide an effective haircut for you.

Removes every single hair without any tugging or pulling.

Please take care before turning on the hair clipper.

Peel off the tape and be sure to remove the protective cover.

Combing is required when using the K11S hair sipper.

Digital display is very handy.

Battery status can be seen by LED display. Can determine whether it is charged or not to avoid power off during hair cutting.

charging is required.

Supports long-term operation for up to 5hours after being charged.

There's no need to worry about over-charging the Clippers kit.

Worry free with cables and sockets Much easier than most hair cutting kits in the market.

The hair trimmer set can be carried away with cables and sockets.

Enables you to cut hair wherever you want.

Also the hair clipper and shaver have plug-and-play function in case of low battery

USB charging in the kit is convenient and safe.

Close Cutting Trimmer Hair trimmers are equipped with a T-shaped blade.

Hair trimmer blades can be zero-spaced.

The narrow design of the steel precision trimmer makes it easy to trim hair, beard, face, sideburns, earlobes and body hair.

The clippers head is capable of cutting 0.1mm.

Professional standard is observed for all types of outlining, dry-shaving and fading.

If you want to give a new trim to the family at home then there is a better option.

Whether you are staying at home, or there is no salon nearby, or trying to save time or money.

Professional clipper kit provides an easy way to cut your hair.

The first choice of the logo is also the barber or stylist, you can choose whatever you want.

The mind thinks that understanding and knowledge are good and positive for whatever reason.

No one can stop him from completing it.

The imagination of the mind never goes in vain.

The imagination of the mind is active somewhere.

Whether you are staying at home, or there is no salon nearby, or trying to save time or money.

Device has a solar charger for the phone is best mobile charger this charger will perform best quality of charger for worldwide in every ware use

Simultaneous charging at high speed for iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung and other devices

The device has a solar charger for the phone.

Which is best mobile charger? this charger will perform best quality of charger for worldwide in every ware use.

Wireless charger for iphone 12 is available.

The thing to think about iPhone 6s charger is good to harvest.

Which is the best charger for Android phone? charger mainly give heavy duty for mobile and other things performance is best in use for all kind of people.

Dual 8 pin cable is included for faster charging speed.

Requires half the time compared to using only one cable.

High Speed ​​Charging Portable iPhone Charger.

Fast mobile charger high speed 5V or 5.6A output.

There is a 5V 4A input dual lighting port.

Charger mobile plus it has the highest charge output via 4 USB ports.

30000mAh portable iPhone charger.

Charges iPhone 6s Plus 7.2 times or Galaxy S7 6.6 times or iPad mini 3 times.

Please let it get fully charged for the first time.

Polymer battery.

Power bank with large capacity and small size. 

Charger mi excellent and portable.

Fits according to hand size with high capacity.

Built-in Li-Polymer Ensures Definitely Safe.

The metal body protects against dust, knocks, falls and more.

Built in LED Flashlight.

Charger cable portable charger power bank has an LED flash light. 

Bright enough to help out in emergency situations.

Think of mind warranty information is available.

There is a 30 day worry free money back warranty along with a one year limited warranty.

Please charge the power bank immediately after the battery is drained.

Phone charger have advance protection functions.

Portable Backup Battery Charger is designed to protect your device.

Protects with smart circuitry.

Protects against overcharging.

Protects against short-circuiting.

Protects against over voltage.

Protects against instability.

Even determines protection against over discharging.

The portable charger can be stored in a cool and dry environment.

It doesn't matter if it gets wet. Have a question about Bonai Portable iPhone Charger?

So please feel free to contact us.

Unique solar charger for phone.

Wireless charger for iphone 12.

iPhone 6s charger.

Chargers are available in the link below.

It doesn't matter if it gets wet. Have a question about Bonai Portable iPhone Charger?


Sound bar is available with advanced technologies with Bluetooth connectivity you can play your favourite music anytime, anywhere available with luxury touch button design

The sound bar is so versatile that you can place it almost anywhere

Details Useful about 120W 2.1 Sound Bar.

TV sound bar delivers with clear audio.

The sound bar with subwoofer produces powerful bass and surround sound that the TV.

Very useful for enjoying a dynamic home audio experience.

Available with 110db sound level pressure.

VMAI sound bar delivers heavy-bass performance.

Offers wide midrange.

Lets move on to crisp treble and beyond. 

One can enjoy all the details of music and movies.

The 2.1 channel immersive sound experience is great.

The 120W sound bar delivers much better sound than your TV alone.

Sound bar is available with advanced technologies.

With Bluetooth connectivity you can play your favourite music anytime, anywhere.

We've carefully crafted a custom sound bar

Provides true 3D stereo premium sound. Bluetooth 5.0, provides excellent sound quality.

The latest sound bar delivers fast transmission speed over long distances with low consumption.

Uses Bluetooth 5.0 and DSP technology for stable connectivity, and smooth transmission.

Conveniently located on the right side of the sound bar, along with additional volume and power controls.

It's easy to adjust the four different sound modes Music, Movie, News and 3D mode using the included remote control.

The remote provides the ability to increase or decrease the treble and bass depending on the preference.

Wired connections are also available, including HDMI ARC, optical, USB (flash drive only), and AUX inputs.

Compatible with TVs, projectors, computers, Blu-ray players, tablets, PS5s, amplifiers and more.

The package has been upgraded to include premium 5 ft optical cable and 5 ft RCA to 3.5 mm cable.

One of the latest feature Bluetooth 5.0from smart phones, tablets, PCs and other Bluetooth enabled devices plus multiple input options is easy set up.

VMAI Sound Bar comes with a mount bracket in the package.

There is a facility to mount this beautiful sound bar on the living room.

Each VMAI sound bar goes through a strict quality testing process before being shipped.

Provides 12 months (one year) warranty.

An industrious design and 12 months warranty makes it amazing.

VMAI designed the sound bar to be almost impossibly slim at less than 2.5 inches high and a jet-black surface.

Available with luxury touch-button design.

You can easily control the power or volume on the side.

Latest sound bar delivers fast transmission speed over long distances with low consumption

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Two types of meditation for both types of meditation to happen automatically a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically

Meditation of the divine Meditation is done in many ways  Meditation is tried in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically. Me...