Saturday, November 6, 2021

Mysterious phenomena occur parameters mental qualities concentration, tolerance, curiosity, activeness, responsibility, diligence, charity, forgiveness, awareness etc

Knowledge is not possible without curiosity


Elements lying in the earth and sky

Which are not visible even if they live in front of them in visible and invisible state. When there is a rush of some power or knowledge, then it is felt that there is something around you. There is a feeling that as if someone is standing behind or next to you, it is not visible when you see it.


Sometimes while walking, one stops at a time like someone is calling 

Calling your name. It may also happen that while walking, it may collide with such an object. The object which you could not understand earlier, appeared after the collision. Oh it hit it.


See in dreams is beyond our real life

Fewer dreams are of real life. The character has nothing to do with his life. The characters may be identifiable but the subject matter is completely different. Which has nothing to do with your life.


Possible to sleep early in the night and even after wanting to wake up in the morning on its own time 

it cannot happen. When you pick it up in the morning. Either the sleep will open before that and you will have to sleep again or after a long time, to wake up on time, you will have to set an alarm in the clock. This happens even when we go somewhere. Arrives either earlier or later.


Happiness and sadness come in life 

No one could understand. When does a very happy moment in life sign it. And when does the time of sorrow come? No one has been able to know this till date.


No one can tell the exact time of birth and death

Medical science can only tell the approximate day of birth of the child. In which there is also a difference of 2 or 3 days. Whose information they come to know from sonography and the time of the child's stay.


Seen from the point of view of curiosity 

Then such incidents keep happening in life. There is no solution for this either. These are all accidental events. Before which the information is not mixed to anyone.

Perception of the mind

There is a perception of the mind. Very few people have this realization before the time but before the event itself.


Seen from the point of view of knowledge 

Then human life is far behind in the matter of such mysterious knowledge. It is the knowledge of material life and activities that keeps man attached to the subject matter. Which is essential in the sustenance of his life.


Mysterious phenomena occur only for the parameters of mental qualities 

Like concentration, tolerance, curiosity, activeness, responsibility, diligence, charity, forgiveness, awareness etc. of human life. Which is related only with your mind. It has no effect in the real physical world.


Purpose of knowledge, the mind also has its own positive and negative qualities

By which the physical world operates. To live in the material world, both positive and negative knowledge are related to each other. In this, promoting positivity by reducing negativity leads to progress in life. Accordingly you get the result. Along with this, there is also a sense of mystical knowledge. That's how strong your mind is.


Mystical knowledge actively tests his mind to be able to live in his life.

Busy people city of Mumbai advantage house empty minded devil not seen here in the working people

Mumbai's Bizarre Flirtation

Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in the world. 

Here people from every corner of India come in search of work and jobs. In a city that is situated in the middle of a dense population, one definitely gets any work. By which arrangements are made for his food and drink. People from all walks of life in India live here.


The city of Mumbai is also known by the name of Unity in Diversity

People of every caste religion live together here. From a small shell to a high-rise building, people live peacefully with harmony of all religions. Most of the people are busy in their work and business. Here the city is full of busyness. There is less time to meet people and friends. Busy people work 12 hours 15 hours a day. Mixing of people with each other is negligible. This keeps peace.


Light of knowledge ability and skill busy as people are in the city of Mumbai

One advantage of Mumbai is that the house of an empty minded devil is not seen here in the working people. By which peace remains forever. The people of Mumbai understand that unless they earn by working hard in this expensive city, the house will not run and the children will not be fed. Busyness in life also leads to progress. Unless a man is fully engaged in himself, he cannot do anything for himself.


People in Mumbai have earned a name on the strength of knowledge and skills

Taking the responsibility of his family, many people did not know, while struggling, they reached the younger than Eddie. All this is born. How many struggles he did in the city of Mumbai, leaving home at 6 in the morning, at 5 in the morning after doing his work and returning home till late at night. Then today he has achieved that position. Not only this, for the upliftment of his life, he displayed knowledge, skill and art very well. By which he attained the highest position of his life.


Mumbai is believed to be the city of money people, but money comes only from knowledge ability and skill 

In Mumbai man rises above his determination, hard work, tolerance and liberal role. Like a deer, after staying in coal for millions of years, it becomes bright and bright. So is human life. The more you ignite yourself in the light of knowledge, the more knowledge and ability will increase. The city of Mumbai is just a stage where talent dances like a puppet, some ahead and some behind. When one comes on this stage, the other goes.


Human life in Mumbai is also full of journey 

The people working in the bus travel by train and go to their establishment. Sometimes due to the distance, one has to travel for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening in a crowded city. It becomes so uniform that the body does not need any exercise or exercise again. When people come home from mental hard work and physical exhaustion, there is no time to take care of anyone and no time to meet their children. Mano's busy life has become a lonely life. Sometimes it happens as if the only goal is to run the house and settle down.


In the life of struggle in Mumbai, mind and physical hard work and tiring journey

Doing all these daily, likewise calms and activates the human mind. Due to which its working efficiency increases. Continuous effort and responsibility becomes the concern of the people. Such a person never goes on the path of progress.


Uneducated women are still many such families in the city or village

   Education is very important for girls The beloved daughter of the parents. Women education  today's time is progressing step by step ...