Monday, July 5, 2021

The things are small or big or light, when something is needed yet little things too has to be made available

The little things in work

Whether things are small or big or light, it does not matter. 

Whenever something is needed. So it has to be made available. When someone is busy with some important work. Even after all the things are available, when something or the other remains. Then that time and stage doesn't matter. Then the meaning remains the same little thing. No matter how important that task may be. The importance of that thing. which is missing from there. The reason remains the same. The work was not completed, everything went wrong. Work is important. Whether things are small or big, attention should be paid to them. If the attention is equal then there will be no question of forgetting anything. Then the work will be completed in its own time.

The little things in communication

Whether it's small or big, it's good. So everyone feels good. That's when the important thing happens. When things become as important as a small thing, when people like it. Then there is a lot of applause. Then everyone likes that person. Honour gives respect. When something bad happens to a person, even if it is a small thing. Then that little thing starts pecking like a sharp straw in the heart of the reciter. If there is a good thing in today's time, then everyone feels good. But even a small bad thing of someone makes people feel bad. And that thing spreads like poison in people. As a result, the person speaking that thing has to suffer. It should be that the mind accepts good things. If it's a bad thing. So it should never be put in your mind. It's better to react to someone's bad words. That being a good citizen should be explained. That such a thing makes people feel bad. The talk should be cordial. Which everyone likes.


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