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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Parents are pillars of life the cornerstone of life, parents are the foster parents of children, even if there is some difference in worldly knowledge, then it can be resolved through their parents, elders and teachers also help, knowledge is never hidden

Life a struggle

Pillars of life

Parents are the cornerstone of life. The parents are the foster parents of the children. Even if there is some difference of opinion in worldly knowledge. He can be resolved through his parents. Elders and teachers also help. Knowledge is never hidden. If the environment is like this, people learn even by deceit. Therefore life itself is a struggle.


Education by parents

Children are the darlings of parents from birth. They are maintained by their parents. This is world famous. Not only to feed them, but also to take care of them from small to big. Home education, then education in school is everywhere under the supervision of parents. Even if the teacher is the medium of knowledge of the school, the role is that of the parents. Later on, to complete the high school education. Until a job is found somewhere. Till then, the care of the parents in every way is only.


Parental struggle for children

What happens in the life of a struggling mother? By which road? All these wishes are fulfilled by the parents. Sometimes such situations also happen. Whose children do not let their children interfere in any kind of education and knowledge. He bears every bad situation on himself. Do not let your children suffer even a single bit. What is all this? The struggle is there. Everyone has to struggle to live life.


The struggle of a promising child

The struggle is even for that promising child. He is a wise and intelligent child. With the knowledge given by parents, their self-knowledge increases their self-confidence. Due to which, after working hard day and night in their studies, they move forward. This only increases the knowledge. Concentration of the mind is created. Concentration of mind helps a lot in making life simple and easy. The main door to the simplicity and ease of life is concentration. Gets through living in any one medium. Concentration for struggle is very important in life. Concentration should be established in life. So no matter how much trouble or trouble life comes. There is no flutter in the mentality of that person. He keeps on walking consciously on his purpose. He continues to live his life. This is the hallmark of a life full of struggle.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Uneducated women are still many such families in the city or village

Education is very important for girls


The beloved daughter of the parents 

Today's time is progressing step by step with men in every field. There is no such area left where women are less than men. In many fields, women are even ahead of men. Especially women are moving ahead in the school-studying process. Whether it is a private school or children's coaching classes, now women are sitting everywhere.


woman education in modern times along with men is very important for a woman 

External knowledge so that she can protect herself and a housewife sitting at home should also have complete knowledge of the outside world in her life. The government has opened avenues to encourage women in every field. So that the woman can get all kinds of information and freedom.


Woman to be self-respecting In today's time is very important. 

Customary tradition has kept women locked in the house. The work of women like Mano should be the only responsibility of cooking at home and raising the family. Now women have to stand on their own feet. The shackles of orthodox tradition have to be broken. Only then will you get the external knowledge of the world.


Uneducated women are still many such families in the city or village 

Not allow women to be raised by cherishing the ancient tradition. There are many such families which do not allow women to take them out of the house. There are even hundreds of such families who do not send their daughters to school especially in the rural areas in their childhood.


Times are changing today is scientific time 

It's time to try something. There is some specialty in everyone. To mature your specialty, it is very important to see the world with your own eyes. It is very important to hone your talent. The country is walking on the path of progress. The world is looking for a knowledgeable person who can have a good time ahead.


Education of daughters is necessary from childhood 

Been seen for many years. Daughter is coming first in secondary and higher secondary education. With good name of himself is also making letters of respect to his mother. Achieving the highest level of education.


Saturday, October 23, 2021

Life real knowledge means familiarity with reality which is essential in life. what is good? what is bad?

Knowledge information in English

Knowledge information in English from which there is any experience that answers the questions that arise in life. The importance of English is from the language. The language of World is mainly spoken in English. Knowledge is quality. Running towards knowledge is activity. Language English is a colloquial language.


Answer to the raising of the question

The answer to the raising of the question of knowledge is found through knowledge. Every question raised from time to time can be solved by knowledge only. Therefore knowledge is very important.


Knowledge Synonyms

Knowledge Synonyms Virtue, knowledge, teaching, education, study, erudition, introduction, scholarship, discretion, enlightenment, study, written, good speaking, good listening, goodness, understanding, instinct, equanimity, intelligence, sense, spirituality.


Knowledge means

Knowledge means familiarity with reality which is essential in life. what is good? what is bad? The experience of a single emotion which is a symbol of goodness. Divert your way to that side. Moving forward understanding every possible reality.


What is knowledge?

What is knowledge? PDF Knowledge is an experience. A PDF is a version of a computer in which a group of pictures or lines of handwriting are added one by one. The computer shows it all in turn in one page together in PDF or whatever is necessary. You can see it through this page. Similarly, in the PDF of life, there should be good words and good knowledge collection in knowledge. According to the knowledge that is needed, that knowledge should be understood and used.


How to pronounce wisdom?

How to pronounce wisdom? Pronounce with ease, humility, respect, carefully, happily, happily.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Knowledge of language is very important for the writer, at least the regional language, the language of the state, the language of the country, and good knowledge of international

Criteria for selecting a textbook as a source of knowledge


Knowledge can be obtained from any book. Scholars write only and only for the sake of knowledge so that whatever knowledge is there in them. He met for another. Knowledge is also meant for exchange. It is not that the knowledge is with oneself and if it is not given to others, then that knowledge is of no use. Until the knowledge is not exposed, neither we nor others will benefit. Suppose we have the knowledge to do or make something. And we have saved it from others. So that others do not know what we can do. Then that knowledge will not be of any use to you. You have knowledge and are not using it at all. Then what would that be of use? He will not mature even after having good knowledge. If you keep any knowledge hidden with you, then it will neither be useful in the manufacture of any object, nor will anyone know about its use. Therefore, if you have any knowledge, then you should definitely use it.


Spiritual book, religious book, inspirational book for education and knowledge, in which thoughts and knowledge of great scholars are written which increases education and knowledge.


Law book for policy rules, Constitutional Book, Historical Book, in which the great king and his thinker get a chance to understand the thoughts and knowledge, which reveals about its scope and policy rules.


The books of chemistry, physics, biology and zoology are very useful for those working in the field of science or to gain knowledge.


Knowledge of language is very important for the writer, at least the regional language, the language of the state, the language of the country, and good knowledge of international is necessary, only then the writer can choose all the words. Policy rules, knowledge, good thoughts, way of talking and politeness are very important. For this, the study of proper books is very important. There must be respect and admiration for writing in any language.


For writing and knowledge of account, good knowledge of economics, commerce, library, secretary studies and mathematics is very important. Due to which the work of writing and every type of knowledge related to it is obtained from the books of these subjects and the knowledge increases.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thought provoking questions for children's day speech what are the opportunities to develop different types of thinking

Thought types of thinking

Thoughts In life, knowledge is based on the thoughts, understanding, feelings of the subject, object. 

Thought arises from thought. Thinking is influenced by thought. Thinking thoughtfully, it is very helpful to get the knowledge to move forward in any field. Because by doing this, concentration develops in the mind. Concentration of mind gives a lot in life. Which is positive for life. The idea can be understood from many aspects.


Thought and knowledge an introduction to critical thinking provoking questions for children's day speech

On Children's Day, children should first be told about Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji. Who was born on 05 September 1888 in Tiruttani. He died on 17 April 1977 in Chennai. The main topic that should be mentioned on Children's Day. Why is Children's Day celebrated? What is the importance of Children's Day? Who was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan? Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji, being a teacher, how did he become the President of India? What is the importance of education and knowledge? What is the importance of education and knowledge in life? What is the importance of knowledge of education in every aspect of life? Why is education and knowledge necessary for life? What is the importance of culture with education and knowledge in life? Why should parents, elders, teachers be respected? By taking education and knowledge from the past, what should be the change in the present and how should we lay the foundation for the future? What will be the level of education and knowledge in future? How does education and knowledge increase the solidarity of man? How did people become great through education and knowledge? What is the importance of education and knowledge in the field of work management?


Knowledge consciousness and the politics of empowerment opportunities to develop different types of thinking

Reason for every success in life is some or the other failure. The person tries. Effort provides opportunity. Unless a person makes efforts, there will be neither opportunity nor success. Effort is the key to success and opportunity. No subject or object can be achieved by trying only once. There may be no failure in the beginning, but failure also gives an opportunity to think for success again, that the striving person may be successful in the future. If you want to develop thinking, then try for every task about which you have some understanding. If you want to be successful in life, then do your work and duty responsibly. Efforts to do any work increase thinking. It is natural that when we do something, we make some outline about it. Some think, some understand, then some reach the decision. Then move on to do something. Unless you try something new, thinking will not get a new opportunity. Therefore, to develop different types of thinking gives opportunity only through effort.


Uneducated women are still many such families in the city or village

   Education is very important for girls The beloved daughter of the parents. Women education  today's time is progressing step by step ...