Sunday, November 7, 2021

River Ganges mysteriously flowing 4 km away from its original place 1800 years ago

Is the river Ganges mysteriously flowing 4 km away from its original place in 1800 years?


This is absolutely true in Garhmukteswar

The Ganga temple situated here, which is almost as old, is said to have been there once when the river Ganga used to flow near the ladder of the Ganges temple. Aja Ganga river flows about four kilometers away from it.


Why is there the sound of mysterious water? When a stone falls on ladder.

If you throw stones at 80 feet high ladder adjoining the Ganga temple in Garhmukteshwar, located near Hapur, then the stone is falling in the Ganges river, due to which the sound of water prints rises. who are musical. No one has been able to find anything about this secret of architecture so far. Presently 84 ladder are present in the temple. Earlier there were more than 100 but only this is left in land filling and road construction.


Does a mysterious stone change its form in a year and some parts of it increase?

Divya herself is a miraculous mystical stone in the Ganges temple located in Garhmukteswar, Uttar Pradesh, which is also called Shivling. In the form of white color, this stone is seated on a small throne. Every year one bud bursts from it. One who is in the form of a deity or a deity. The secret of this mysterious miraculous stone has not been revealed yet. Many researches have been done.


Mukteshwar Temple This temple is located in the mythical Khandvi forest, 

located some distance away from the Ganga temple. Here Shiva's gun got freedom from the curse of Durvasa Rishi. This is the temple of Parshuram ji where he had done severe penance during his time.


Garhmukteshwar Bajraghat is also called Garganga river 

Ganga flows from here. People come here from Delhi and other states for holy bath. This is the nearest holy Ganges Ghat from Delhi. This is also the Tapobhoomi of Durvasa Muni.


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