Sunday, December 12, 2021

Rid of the dilemma of the mind? To get rid of the dilemma of the mind, it is very important to keep the mind balanced.

How can I get rid of diĺlema of mind?



Mind is the ocean of many emotions. The mind is also a whirlwind of desire and unwillingness. The mind keeps getting inspired between right and wrong thinking. The effect of happiness and sorrow falls on the mind itself. Due to the balance of the mind, the intellect remains active, whereas due to the imbalance of the mind, there can also be disturbance in the intellect. That's why the mind is mostly visible in the midst of dilemma.


Get rid of the dilemma of the mind, it is very important to keep the mind balanced.


Keep the mind balanced, first of all reluctance should be avoided. Desire should always be kept right and balanced. One should only imagine what one can achieve in life, being beyond imagination, there is a rift between desire and unwillingness, due to which the balance of the mind starts deteriorating. Therefore, it is very important to control the imagination inside the mind, as long as the imagination is not balanced and in the right direction, the whirlwind will continue to run in the mind.


Avoid the dilemma of the mind, by increasing your right thinking, try to reduce the wrong thinking that raises in your mind.


Effect of right and wrong thinking also falls in the imagination of the mind. Right and wrong thinking increases the thoughts in the imagination, the questions and answers also increase, due to which the imagination is not balanced but it also starts being beyond imagination. Imagination is a base point, with the help of which we move forward to achieve a subject matter, we try by awakening enthusiasm for the attainment of that thing in the mind, if the imagination itself is not correct, then the whirlwind is sure to come in the mind. Therefore, never allow negative thoughts or wrong thoughts to flourish in your thinking, try hard to stop it, for this keep your thinking in the right direction and only right thinking can save you from dilemma.


Get rid of the dilemma of the mind in the midst of happiness and sorrow.


Happiness and sorrow are the companions of life, one comes and one goes. This does not mean that the burden of both should be carried throughout life. For this, try to make your mind simple, so that easy feeling comes in life. The mind should be such that if there is a similar feeling in the mind in happiness and sorrow, then life can go on in the right way. Too much happiness also makes people mentally weak, due to which the weak link in life is still not understood, a person forgets for his happiness that something is going wrong in his life and also allows it to deteriorate. Everyone is familiar with sorrow, even the things that look good in it become sensitive. In sorrow, every weakness becomes known. In fact, happiness and sorrow is a great knowledge of understanding of life. Therefore, the effort of a person to be simple and comfortable in happiness and sorrow can save the person from all kinds of troubles of the mind.


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