Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Wisdom is the positive wisdom of the simple person Sometimes it also happens that in some cases it is better to remain silent

Wise people become silent because of their understanding The fool thinks that he has become silent because of my rate


Wisdom is the positive wisdom of the simple person 

Sometimes it also happens that in some cases it is better to remain silent. Even if you are harming yourself by keeping quiet, there is no need to worry. A wise person can earn it again. But it is never right to get involved in any subject matter with a sly person. Knowledge promotes positivity. Ignorance leads to darkness. It is not so easy to get out of it.


Knowledge is partnership, and understanding is knowledge 

They are related to each other like this. As if these two were made for each other only. Those who have wisdom in them. He is also a wise man. This should be understood. Wisdom never says be foolish. The work that can be done peacefully. There is no need to get confused in it. This should also be the limit of a person. There is no point in arguing about the work that can be done by conciliation. Debating is a test of strength. Abuse of power is not good at all. Instead, there should be a positive use of power. So that the mind gets peace and the reconciliation is successful. Even if something goes in reconciliation, it doesn't matter. If you have power, it can be regained. But it is not right at all to argue with a rascal for a trivial thing.


Even if that sly person thinks that I have won 

The person in front has lost at my rate. Even then it doesn't matter. The world is known that people with negative tendencies have more power. His powers are also activated. But it cannot be for anyone's benefit. Not at all for the good. Usually such people win. A good person never makes a mistake. He has immense tolerance. He gains a lot even after losing something. This only increases his knowledge. Above all, his heart has room for happiness and enthusiasm. Which he can never do bad.


On the contrary, the sly person is heartless, angry, in whose mind there is a building to take and snatch from others. Which keeps increasing day by day.


If possible, always disrespect such rascals 

Keep a distance from it. Don't get bogged down in it in any way. Don't care about such people. If it is capable of punishing or getting such people, then definitely do so. This will also lead to social welfare. Slowly the evil will also start decreasing.

True mind can be explained by that thread in which there is no knot The mind becomes calm and enthusiastic only when it is very simple

Only those who have a clean mind live in the heart, the same thread enters the needle, in which there is no knot.

True mind can be explained by that thread in which there is no knot 

The mind becomes calm and enthusiastic only when it is very simple and simple. Which anyone starts liking at a glance. He rules over the hearts of all. It's a big deal to be honest and simple.


There is also an interpretation of the name of God in the mind and the knife beside it 

For those people, what happens is something else, but seeing is something else. Such people neither quickly settle in anyone's heart nor do they understand. When will they be doing what? Such people have immense power. But they are never for the positive side. Always keep doing something or the other. It is better if you are avoiding such people.


Loss of mind and victories won by mind

Those who do not get anything from anyone are happy and even if they get something, a happy, balanced person is simple and easy. Whatever they do, whether there is any benefit in it or not, but if it comes in mind, then they go through it. This gives a feeling of peace and enthusiasm to the mind. Those who do good live only for good. Whatever you do, it is only for good. That's why such a simple person sits in someone's heart as a bride. Whose praise and mention is always being made.

One who values ​​the relationship is resentment between them too, but it does not last long. After reconciliation

Importance of relationship


Friends should not be angry with anyone for a long time 

This disturbs his own mind as well. It doesn't matter whether people are their own or strangers. If you know or recognize someone, then you are definitely connected with intimacy somewhere. Only then does he always remember him. When someone gets angry with himself or a stranger, he always remembers. The memory of such people always remains in the mind, who are angry. Anger is a negative quality that is more active than a positive quality. Even if you are angry with him, but his memory will always be in your mind. That's why resentment is fine, but so much that that resentment does not sit in your mind. Due to this, his own mind also starts getting affected. So leave resentment with everyone and live together.


Clapping with both hands keep this in mind also 

Never have a one sided relationship. You can help if you want, but only as much as is appropriate and there is no loss of any kind. So far it's fine. When the person in front is not giving you any importance. So it doesn't make sense to be mean to him at all. Such a person should be thrown out of his heart. This is harmful. You are going to help. If he is not worthy of you in any way, then what is the use of that help. Forcing a relationship is never okay. Whether it is with yourself or with a stranger, the relationship should be equal and ideal on both sides, then only that relationship matters.


One who values ​​the relationship 

There is resentment between them too, but it does not last long. After reconciliation, they become alike again. This thing is equally true, as where there are many utensils, they also collide with each other. So is the relationship. Sometimes there is happiness and sometimes displeasure but that displeasure is not a change of understanding and nothing happens.  


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