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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Parents are pillars of life the cornerstone of life, parents are the foster parents of children, even if there is some difference in worldly knowledge, then it can be resolved through their parents, elders and teachers also help, knowledge is never hidden

Life a struggle

Pillars of life

Parents are the cornerstone of life. The parents are the foster parents of the children. Even if there is some difference of opinion in worldly knowledge. He can be resolved through his parents. Elders and teachers also help. Knowledge is never hidden. If the environment is like this, people learn even by deceit. Therefore life itself is a struggle.


Education by parents

Children are the darlings of parents from birth. They are maintained by their parents. This is world famous. Not only to feed them, but also to take care of them from small to big. Home education, then education in school is everywhere under the supervision of parents. Even if the teacher is the medium of knowledge of the school, the role is that of the parents. Later on, to complete the high school education. Until a job is found somewhere. Till then, the care of the parents in every way is only.


Parental struggle for children

What happens in the life of a struggling mother? By which road? All these wishes are fulfilled by the parents. Sometimes such situations also happen. Whose children do not let their children interfere in any kind of education and knowledge. He bears every bad situation on himself. Do not let your children suffer even a single bit. What is all this? The struggle is there. Everyone has to struggle to live life.


The struggle of a promising child

The struggle is even for that promising child. He is a wise and intelligent child. With the knowledge given by parents, their self-knowledge increases their self-confidence. Due to which, after working hard day and night in their studies, they move forward. This only increases the knowledge. Concentration of the mind is created. Concentration of mind helps a lot in making life simple and easy. The main door to the simplicity and ease of life is concentration. Gets through living in any one medium. Concentration for struggle is very important in life. Concentration should be established in life. So no matter how much trouble or trouble life comes. There is no flutter in the mentality of that person. He keeps on walking consciously on his purpose. He continues to live his life. This is the hallmark of a life full of struggle.


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