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Study nature of disciplinary knowledge and the role of life in the dimension of life

Nature and role of disciplinary knowledge in school subject in hindi

Importance of disciplinary knowledge in the student through the nature and role of disciplinary knowledge about the school subject

Concept of disciplinary knowledge, disciplinary knowledge definition

Subjects of the school are for the development of the knowledge of the children, so that the intellect becomes active and the mind is engaged to do any work with concentration. The secrets of the achievement of life are hidden in the knowledge of the subject. The singing of life also increases by reading it and understanding it from the teacher. Along with the learning of the language about hindi, english and regional languages, the knowledge of life's ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, progress and decline is taught through the story. How does one survive in any type of environment? All the words are taught in childhood to the child through the book of language. Due to which the knowledge of how to live in the troubles and sorrows that will come in the future life is made by the teacher from the book of the language itself.


What is disciplinary knowledge nature of disciplinary knowledge and the role of life have a great contribution to the knowledge of life.

Since childhood, awareness of discipline in children is practiced by parents, elders and teachers. Which the child's mind should not be engaged in any other inappropriate subject. To highlight all these things, the book of the child's language is selected and designed and published by the education department according to the age and class of the child. At what age, which knowledge is necessary, it is selected only by the expert, who is putting the child's mind in the book of the language. The lessons of right and wrong are printed in the book of the language through cartoons to young children, which by reading, writing and remembering develops the knowledge of right and wrong. As children grow older, there is also progress in the classroom. According to this, by increasing the dimension of knowledge and the scope of understanding in the language book, children are given knowledge by increasing the scope of education by exposing each and every aspect of life in the children.


What is disciplinary knowledge in education study of the nature of disciplinary knowledge and the role of life in the dimension of life.

Role of disciplinary knowledge as the children move to higher c lasses, as per the increasing dimensions of age, in the selection of subjects as per the requirement in education, mathematics is developed in which various methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are developed, so that the children are also smart in the matter of accounting. And the intellectuals are made to practice to measure and understand the subject matter through numerical maths and line maths. So that the children do not make any mistake in their measurement method in any kind of purchase and can understand the accounting correctly. The understanding and knowledge of the subject matter is made through such science and its three parts biology, zoology, physics and chemistry. The knowledge of the subject matter increases the dimension of understanding in the children. The study of properties, nature, nature, living and non-living nature also happens in this subject. The knowledge of the creature is understood by it. Which animals are dangerous and which are beneficial? Its nature and nature are explained. What is happening in such society? What is the difference between mythological and present? What have the distinguished people done? What is the geographical nature? This understanding is explained in the scriptures.

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