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Monday, November 1, 2021

Real knowledge of peace of life how much peace is there in life? The more knowledge increases in your life then enjoy life

Knowledge of peace life


Knowledge of peace of life

Peace is there in life how much ? The more knowledge increases in your life. Then enjoy life. Due to this everyone lives happily in their family. Keep spreading happiness on everyone. Which everyone likes. The knowledge of peace life seems to be spread in the family.

With family peace everyone is connected to his family 

Family members like it very much. Our son is very good. We grandson is very nice. Our brother is very nice. Our nephew is very nice. Keeping peace in the house proves to be the biggest ability for our family members. How can anyone think to disturb this peace? He is our home and family.

Real life knowledge in the same way there is more peace in our society

Real life peace in our society between people, in business, in friends. There people are intimately connected to each other. Due to which everyone's thoughts are the same. Everyone is organized. People of calm nature have a lot of knowledge. Meet people from all walks of life. Thinking about the matter. There is some trouble in them. So people show the way out of trouble. Knowledge of people of calm nature is good for everyone.

Sense of ego in many cases 

Real life creates trouble in the unity of the people. Somebody speaks. I am so somebody speaks. I am like that there is no peace here again. One does not keep collecting. There is no sense of peace there at all. Wow everything is falling apart. Seems to break. Is this all a trick? Not at all. This should not happen at all. Why don't we understand that a gathering gives us a lot. Makes your organization stronger.

Humanity should be such that there should be friendship 

Real life humanity in the house, family, understanding. Let everyone work. Wherever everyone was. Everyone is getting together. Knowledge increases through interaction. What is lacking in each other. Gets away with the help of the organization. Those who lack any knowledge. Others get to know by gesture. What does he need? People do not even know how to speak among themselves. Don't know your shortcomings. In such an environment, fierce friends help him and remove his dilemma. Lack of information increases. With the information received in the society, the needy removes the dilemma. Knowing the knowledgeable people in the society, other common people get happiness and peace.

Organization strengthens its curry 

Real life strengthens its curry at home or outside. Whether in society or among people. Everywhere organization proves to be a strong point. Suppose if someone in the house is in trouble, what will happen? If there is no organization. So there will be no unity. Then no one will support anyone. That poor man will break. The same thing can happen among people in the society as well. Why don't we understand how important organization, unity is. Youth is meant for learning knowledge. Nothing happens without knowledge. No matter what the stage, everything happens for the sake of knowledge. The greatest wisdom is the unity and integrity of the organization. As far as i want. If the organization is established, we will get to learn a lot. Removing mutual differences will open the doors of progress. There will be a new development in the society and the world. Civilizations will change. The culture will increase. Negative energy will work. There will be many such benefits. All this will only spread peace in the world.

Ral life self knowledge of life

Real life knowledge of real life first comes from the parents in the family. By their loving caress, we get the knowledge to respect everyone. The knowledge of the mind increases. The view of the big and the little ones starts to be understood. The knowledge to work hard comes from your hardworking fellow mentor. There is an increase in culture in life. Later on, knowledge comes from school. After that we get knowledge in the society. The best knowledge is the knowledge of peace.


Real self knowledge school of life

Real self-knowledge is the most we get in school. Reads books. Full of all kinds of knowledge. Knowledge is obtained from the well-told thoughts of masters through the medium of poetry, story and drama. The medium of all knowledge is only for the development of life. Knowledge is the only way to maintain peace in life.


Real knowledge of life

Real life knowledge of life, one has to develop one's own self, peace in life, with respect in society and peace and harmony in life.


Self knowledge life school

School of life, harmony, peace, unity, respect, respect, respect for big and small, to maintain intimacy among the people of the society. To help the suffering, to help the needy. To do good work in the society. Learning has to be done in the school of life.


School of life self knowledge

Very important to be proactive towards the happenings in life. Knowing the difference between good and bad, be aware of goodness. Respect is given with respect. To think kindly. Peacefully remove the confusion of every problem. Keep peace in your life and in others. The school of life is self-knowledge.


Sacred ways of knowledge source of life

Sacred way of knowledge which is the source of life. Respect, increased respect for the small, respect, dignity, helping the needy in the society. To help the afflicted. Talk respectfully between people.


Family peace life wisdom

Serving parents is the best religion and responsibility. To make the support of the family members at home. Talking respectfully to everyone in the house. Talking to children with love. Live happily at home.


Knowledge of peace life

Always keep your mind calm. Take care of the interests of others. To serve selflessly.


Peace of mind

Keep your mind calm. Using wisdom. Keep the mind focused

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Thinks of man that have to do good deeds doing something good will be the only support helping the sad day has erased the craving

Karma is important in the life of  human being

Karma (Moral) is everything by action 

Without action there is nothing, in the dimension of life, there is a great achievement of karma, service of parents, service of elders, help in society, support to the poor and unhappy. All these are the means of karma, to do one's own work, to be busy in oneself, this is man's work, business and employment, it gives satisfaction to the mind, it should be like this, if the mind is positive and does its work, it is good. Because karma is attained only by the achievement of the work business, by rising above which thinking man does the work.

Thinks of man that we have to do good deeds 

Doing something good will be the only support, helping the sad day has erased the craving, due to which the mind of man remains calm, helping in the society increases the dimension as if something bad is happening in the society. Yes, if one class is disregarding another class, then by making them aware through knowledge, they should consider all the classes as equal and motivate the people so that all remain the same, service to elders is a very successful deed. It happens that by supporting those whose journey is about to end, the mind feels wonderful peace and happiness, if able, then those children should also be supported who have no one, who are orphans, by supporting them. Achievement is achieved, there is a name in the society, all this work which is done selflessly is called karma.



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