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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Imagination of life think for improvement remembering the past imagining the future

Imagination of life, we think only about our work, which makes the financial condition strong the family is happy there are many such industries in the development of life 

Marketing and selling of goods, business and business service is the main importance in this business.

It is said that only good words should be spoken at any time. Even if unknown to anyone, why not? Must be clear. Do you know when who will be helpful with you? Life is not always the same. The ups and downs keep happening. If it is clear to speak its own words, then anyone will support it. Whether known or unknown, everyone likes good words. It is possible. May he always be helpful with you in your bad times. One more thing is that when your spoken word will be right. Whether there is happiness or sorrow, you will not realize yourself. Well spoken words also give knowledge to themselves

Imagination of life all think for improvement

In the imagination of life, everyone thinks for his own improvement. Sometimes remembers the past. So sometimes imagine the future. Often doing this only when your brain is developed. The knowledge of thinking begins to be understood. So to figure out the way forward, imagine the future. Which is the main objective. To develop life

Concentration in the mind, which removes the fear of the mind, due to which the idea is simple, easy and attractive, which attracts the customers

In the imagination of life, he thinks about his business. Due to which the economic condition becomes strong. Happy family life. There are many such industries in the development of life. Such as the marketing and sales of goods, industry, business and business service. The main importance in this business is how to attract the customer. Increases the volume of purchases and sales of goods. In the business of marketing, the way to speak your mind plays a role in increasing your business. Due to which the sales volume of the goods increases. Necessity is the art of talking. In life, one's inspiration can be taken for the art of thought and knowledge. One has to have complete faith in self-knowledge. By peeping into his own mind, he has to remove all kinds of filth. In the course of imagination, the idea that gets stuck in the thinking comes. By cleaning it, positive thoughts are increased. Efforts are made to keep the mind simple and easy. One should never waste free time in the business of marketing. One should continue to do some work even in free time. Due to which the mind remains active. Concentration should always be kept in mind. Due to which the fear of the mind is removed. The idea is simple, intuitive and attractive. Customers are attracted.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Biggest pillar in the imagination of human life knowledge is necessary at every stage in life along with the development of intelligence knowledge

Knowledge is the biggest pillar in the imagination of human life knowledge is necessary at every stage in life along with the development of intelligence knowledge is very necessary for balance and ease in life

How powerful is the wheel of time? Everyone knows about the cycle of time. 

Today there is happiness, tomorrow there is sadness again, happiness and then sadness is such a life cycle. What happens with this? This is the real cycle of life. Which everyone has to believe. One has to understand the cycle of time. The child is born. Then in childhood. Then goes into adolescence. Later comes puberty. Then after that it goes into superstition. Then going into old age, attains its final stage of death. That is the life cycle. In this, man enjoys good and bad happiness and sorrow. Sometimes alone and sometimes lives together. Living with mother's address in childhood. After that he lives a long life living with his wife. Then later spends time on his own with children and grandchildren. In the end, after attaining death, he goes to that house. Where did he come to get knowledge. Now the question is arising that what is human life? What is its existence? There is a great existence. If understood, the same life cycle connects one to the other. Everyone is connected to each other. So that the knowledge of one is passed on to the other who is unknown. Knowledge is not hidden anywhere. In logic, knowledge does arise. He defines everyone in the collection of knowledge and behaviour by connecting man to man. There is a living. By acquiring knowledge, every human being will reach the same place one day or the other. From where did you come here? Why don't we make good use of this time. support each other. We get good knowledge from them. Give them your good knowledge. This will make everyone's time better. This is the ocean of knowledge and this is the way of life. In the rest of the supreme knowledge, what is left from birth to death and after death. Only knowledge remains.

Knowledge is the biggest pillar in the imagination of human life

The biggest pillar in the imagination of human life is knowledge. Knowledge is necessary at every stage of life. Along with the development of intelligence, knowledge is very important for balance and ease in life. Otherwise, the incompleteness of knowledge can also bring turmoil in life. Generally, the development of knowledge should start from childhood itself. By which the ability to understand, the ability to think is acquired. In the future, one has to overcome the difficulties that come in life. To overcome the obstacles of life, a person has to work very hard with intelligence. In the ups and downs of life, whether it is work, business, service, worldliness, getting up in the society, there is a great need for wisdom, discretion and understanding everywhere in the family. That's why knowledge is very important in life. Knowledge maintains balance in the life cycle. 

Thought seen In today's time man runs after beauty a lot the dress should be good the dress should be the best there should be a high level of show

Thoughtfully seen

Look carefully. In today's time man runs after beauty a lot. Clothing should be good. The costumes should be great. From top to bottom there should be a high level of pretence. There is a lot of trend among women for the beauty of clothes. And there should be. Personality shines through beautifully. In today's time, there is a lot of beauty in society life. People show off their clothes. How important is your ability? Personality shines through dress and dress. Recognition in a logo is good. People start joining. Famous people also spend a lot of money on appearances. 

So think that 

The business of those people who think in the era of dress and beauty flourishes. Those who are involved in the business of dress and beauty. Their families also go somewhere on their clothes and appearances. For this, big shops are opened in the city. Lakhs are spent in the decoration of the shop. With this the household of those workers and artisans runs the family. Those who make a living in the business of such a decorator. Many times I think that if all this had not happened, then how many other people would have problems. Unemployment is also like this according to the time. People are making a living through this medium. If seen somewhere or the other, all are connected to each other. It is only the medium of employment of each other. 

Think why people don't understand?

Sometimes the mind thinks. Why don't people understand all these things? Why don't people connect with each other and live in harmony? This will only make everyone happy. There will be new construction. New industries will flourish. The medium of employment of the people will also open. people who are unemployed. They will also get some business. They too have the right to be happy in the world. The world is there for them too. 

I would like to say this in my mind 

I would like to say this from my mind. Like, we have definitely supported people in employment in the hope of telling ourselves good through outward appearances. Thank you very much for this. To all those who are supporting in the medium of employment somewhere. Thanks to all of them. 

I will say the same thing about the mind thinking 

This is what I would say about the mind. The way we all decorate. Exterior show off. To make myself look good. Similarly, whatever is in your mind is filth. What we can't tell anyone. We accept. There is definitely something inside us too. Which should be thrown out one by one. Then we will all be connected to each other. Why not make a little effort in this direction as well. I am saying this for everyone. I'm just trying You have to support me in success. Then there will be no problem, no hassle, no unemployment. Then everyone will be happy. Because then the filth will not remain inside anyone. Everyone's mind will become clear. Then everyone will feel good, will it not?


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