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Knowledge of subject with a calm mind understand every aspect of thing but what is needed? Knowledge helps in making the right choice

Knowledge management

Knowledge is surrounded by innumerable expressions in the life of man.

It is appropriate to use the knowledge according to the condition of the time. With the knowledge of studies and writing, further achievement is achieved. Use only as much energy as is necessary for your daily work. Too much thinking also destroys your knowledge. It is only appropriate to give air to the thoughts related to the work which is active. So that the knowledge is used properly. When you are eating, do not think about any work. And when you are doing some work, do not think about food, it leads to loss of knowledge as well as lack of concentration.


The point of view of knowledge if you are talking to someone, then first of all understand the whole thing spoken by him properly.

This is not any knowledge, listening to half-hearted things and answering in the middle also destroys your knowledge. Maybe he is right and what he is trying to say, his statement will be understood in the end. It is clear from this that how much is lacking in his own knowledge. Although the dimension of knowledge is unlimited, it is not knowledge to limit one's mind with it. Only then the importance of knowledge remains. When the work or idea related to the subject is exposed. Using your too much knowledge can also create a letter of condemnation among the people. Only the use of knowledge in harmony at the right time makes people feel good and gives achievement.


Through knowledge to be successful in your work and business

The knowledge of the subject with a calm mind, Understand every aspect of thing but what is needed? Knowledge helps in making the right choice. Thoughts are good and effective in a calm mind. It is the right knowledge to use it in your life. Never try to do any work quickly and do not let your normal speed slow down. There can also be a hindrance in this. Knowledge has a melody and a rhythm. Lack or increase in it leads to loss of knowledge. Then there is an increased chance of a decrease in the result.


The chain of knowledge  in relationship and friendship are very important in the chain of knowledge.

According to knowledge even after forgetting, the relationship should not be broken by unwanted things. Not only one person, but the whole family is bound by a relationship. relations has the feeling of a whole family. In the series of relations, there is knowledge of birth after birth. Friendship is important only if a friend has a feeling for himself, then only that friend can last for a long time with intimacy. Otherwise, having any kind of feeling for a selfish friend is harmful for oneself. Friendship friend, these are all external knowledge, their existence or not makes no difference, but if it is worth it, then the one who stands by himself in trouble and trouble is called a true friend.

Concert stage is music associated with classical singing, keeping that theme in mind, the subject matter is decorated on the mach. Proper arrangement

Concert stage

The importance of concert stage is the same where people are fond of music 

Concert stage volunteers organize a program in the festival. In which special people are invited to the concert after seeing a special invitation. The importance of such a program is publicity and dissemination. Voluntary organizations put up posters of their work and their details. The visiting elite enjoy the pleasure of music along with reading his work and glory.


Concert stage is no dearth of people who are fond of music work 

In today's time everyone likes to listen to some music. In view of this spirit, good decoration is done at the place where concerts are held. The stage is set according to the modern or mythological civilization.


Concert stage is music associated with classical singing 

Keeping concert theme in mind, the subject matter is decorated on the mach. Proper arrangement of mattresses and pillows are made on the mach as per the convenience and convenience of the singer and the performer accompanying his music to keep his furnishings in place. This is done when the style of music is spiritual bhajan and kirtan in classical singing where the singer and his associates sit together. Apart from this, if there is only a song in classical music, then the singers are either sitting or standing, then for all the singers, high arrangements are made for them on a stage, chair for the supporting artist and the arrangement of tables or tables for the decorations. Is done. So that they can be comfortable in playing music in the program.


Concert stage selected sound systems are placed on the concert stage 

Good and melodious music after playing which the audience can enjoy the good music and the music director's suggestion on the mixing system for mixing the sound of  mick is well known, which can follow the suggestion of the director.

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