Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Knowledge of the mind increases by talking to each other, thoughts and understanding

Knowledge sharing


Medium of knowledge

Knowledge passes from one person to another. Knowledge reaches the people through newspaper propaganda or social propaganda. By which the dimension of new knowledge is exposed, it reaches the people. This spreads awareness among the people. The knowledge of governance and administration reaches the people through newspapers.


Knowledge of mind

The knowledge of the mind increases by talking to each other, thoughts and understanding. The knowledge of the mind increases with the association of the scholar and the books written by him. The knowledge of the mind also increases through discourses, speeches and inspirational thoughts spread in the society. For the knowledge of the mind, with peace, mind and good thinking, the curiosity of the mind moves towards knowledge. Most of the mind gets from reading books.


Knowledge about the Society

Knowledge about good and evil prevailing in the society is known by talking to each other. Walking in the morning and evening and meeting people also shows the spread of instant news of your area. Who is good and who is bad, everyone gets to hear in the morning and evening at the tea stall. People who argue and argue are more present in such a place. Whose purpose is to propagate and spread the good and evil prevailing among the people. Sociable and aware people get good knowledge about the society. The knowledge of how they live in the society is obtained from the elders. One gets to understand the sense of social respect from parents. Having good friendship among friends makes sense of social reconciliation. Social knowledge comes from intelligence.

Purpose of knowledge

Knowledge of human can remove the social discrimination of the people and spread awareness so that people can get the right knowledge of education and solidarity among the people. Inspirational example from the context of the textbook spreads curiosity in the person towards school, social, spiritual, industrial, economic knowledge. Due to knowledge about the evil prevailing in the society, awareness spreads among the people. Knowledge is necessary for every subject matter for a person. The effects of happiness and sorrow in life, incident and accident can be controlled through knowledge. Historical knowledge is necessary to enable people and to be active towards life.


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