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Monday, November 1, 2021

Thought seen In today's time man runs after beauty a lot the dress should be good the dress should be the best there should be a high level of show

Thoughtfully seen

Look carefully. In today's time man runs after beauty a lot. Clothing should be good. The costumes should be great. From top to bottom there should be a high level of pretence. There is a lot of trend among women for the beauty of clothes. And there should be. Personality shines through beautifully. In today's time, there is a lot of beauty in society life. People show off their clothes. How important is your ability? Personality shines through dress and dress. Recognition in a logo is good. People start joining. Famous people also spend a lot of money on appearances. 

So think that 

The business of those people who think in the era of dress and beauty flourishes. Those who are involved in the business of dress and beauty. Their families also go somewhere on their clothes and appearances. For this, big shops are opened in the city. Lakhs are spent in the decoration of the shop. With this the household of those workers and artisans runs the family. Those who make a living in the business of such a decorator. Many times I think that if all this had not happened, then how many other people would have problems. Unemployment is also like this according to the time. People are making a living through this medium. If seen somewhere or the other, all are connected to each other. It is only the medium of employment of each other. 

Think why people don't understand?

Sometimes the mind thinks. Why don't people understand all these things? Why don't people connect with each other and live in harmony? This will only make everyone happy. There will be new construction. New industries will flourish. The medium of employment of the people will also open. people who are unemployed. They will also get some business. They too have the right to be happy in the world. The world is there for them too. 

I would like to say this in my mind 

I would like to say this from my mind. Like, we have definitely supported people in employment in the hope of telling ourselves good through outward appearances. Thank you very much for this. To all those who are supporting in the medium of employment somewhere. Thanks to all of them. 

I will say the same thing about the mind thinking 

This is what I would say about the mind. The way we all decorate. Exterior show off. To make myself look good. Similarly, whatever is in your mind is filth. What we can't tell anyone. We accept. There is definitely something inside us too. Which should be thrown out one by one. Then we will all be connected to each other. Why not make a little effort in this direction as well. I am saying this for everyone. I'm just trying You have to support me in success. Then there will be no problem, no hassle, no unemployment. Then everyone will be happy. Because then the filth will not remain inside anyone. Everyone's mind will become clear. Then everyone will feel good, will it not?


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