Monday, November 1, 2021

Attitude of life is very important to be positive, in fact there is a place for one's own desire in positive thinking, if one thinks something for himself, then greed also comes in the spirit of thinking or imagination

The things I hate about you


When you look into your mind

When you look in your mind a lot starts to make sense. Most of the time, negative feelings of time are seen in the mind. Few things are good. Things that are positive. He wants to remember them again and again. The things that do not please the mind. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to shrug off those things. Then the anger comes in the same way. When some old thing shakes the mind. Then only negative things start rising in the mind. Such is the nature of the mind.

Often there is a work place for positive things in the dimension of life 

Often there is less room for positive things in the dimension of life. The reason behind this is that the feeling of the people who mix more is associated with some desire or the other. Most of the people's desires are negative. Which affects the mind of both. Due to which there is an effect of negative desire on the mind of both the speaker and the talker. Therefore, during the imagination or for a particular task, one thinks something. So the feeling attached to it is realized. When such negative things are raised in the mind. So there is a lot of anger too. Together it affects your thinking and imagination.

The attitude of life is very important to be positive

It is very important to have a positive attitude in life. In fact, positive thinking has no place for self-will. If you think for yourself. Greed also comes in the spirit of thinking or in the imagination. Which is a low trend. Due to which thinking or imagining something of one's own will is not entirely meaningful. Therefore want to achieve something in thinking or imagination. So what are you thinking about in the imagination? The inclination of the mind should be on that subject matter. So that there will be complete success in the work of that subject matter. When that task is successful. Then the result of that work is beneficial. That is the real success. Therefore, one should never allow one's desire to be exposed in thinking and imagination.

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