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Imagine is being imaginative a positive or a negative quality tools of imagination is the modern way of imagination should be the same sense of concentration in the way of

Imagination meaning necessary for life

Imagination is essential for the upliftment of life and to fulfil 

The basic need and to establish one's desire in life. Hobbies, desires are conceived by concentrating the mind by including them in thought. Imagination is to establish hobby, desire in the inner mind through imagination. One can imagine the forecast of a work arrangement. An arrangement in which the work can be estimated in the imagination. Life can be observed in imagination. The dream of life can be seen in imagination. The desire of the mind can be thought of in imagination. He can imagine for every subject that he needs in the future. You can imagine the evolution of life. You can imagine the progress of the work system.

Is being imaginative a positive or a negative quality? 

Imagination is a positive quality or can be guessed by thinking negatively. Every subject matter which is necessary along with being useful for life. Can imagine positive. If you are imagining to do something selflessly for the purpose of karma in the society, then it is a positive imagination. For the spiritual development of life, only positive imagination should be done. The idea of ​​doing something for the poor poor is positive imagination. Imagination that happens to maintain balance in life is a positive imagery. Theoretical people give importance to positive imagination. Immoral imagination is only negative. Imagination done for self-interest is negative. For this reason imaginative is both a positive or a negative quality depending on the time and the character.


Tools of imagination

Imagination is a phenomenon occurring in the inner mind. Concentration is the use of mind and intellect for imagination to happen. This can be given as an example of a tool of imagination. For example, one can listen to melodious music. For concentration which is helpful in imagination. But music during the imagination can also create a hindrance to the imagination. Concentration is the main tool. The mind and intellect are helpful for the imagination to happen.


What is the modern way of imagination?

Imagination happens according to time and character. As the external mind will be the sense of the intellect. Imagine that it would happen. In the modern era, imagination will also occur for the attainment of modern subject matter. Concentration means having a similar feeling. There should be a similar sense of concentration in the way of modern imagination. Then the fantasy will happen. Everything will be positive.


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