Saturday, November 27, 2021

Research by the great psychologist Edward Thorndike there are three types Tangible intelligence, intangible intelligence, social intelligence

How many types of intelligence are given by Edward Thorndike?

According to the research done by the great psychologist Edward Thorndike, there are three types of intelligence.


Tangible intelligence which is known as the intelligence of the outer world.

In the external intellect, there is a mention of action, mobility, behavior, hard work etc. On the strength of your intellect, you have to build something and build something. Tangible intelligence is also called practical intelligence. The importance of behavior and action is in this.


The intangible intelligence which is inside the mind in the inner world is called inner intelligence.

Everything that happens in the inner world happens through imagination and mind. Research, invention, writing, all these happen in the mind through imagination which is created by the thoughts of the mind which is actively generated. The knowledge of the doctor, the knowledge of the book, learning something by reading is not of action but of mind and imagination. Such persons are lonely, do not talk much to anyone, remain silent in themselves.


Social intelligence is rich in versatility.

Social intelligence is also called multifaceted intelligence. In this, there is an importance of reconciliation between people, establishing relationships, making leaders, making mischievous things etc. Such persons meet people from house to house. They have dominance in the society and among the people.

According to Edward Thorndike, intellect is based on the nature of the mind, which is more visible in its nature, from this it can be inferred that the person belongs to which nature.


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