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Tulsi plant was a girl in the previous birth whose name was Vrinda, she was born in the demon clan

Who was Tulsi?

Tulsi plant past life was a girl in the previous birth name Vrinda

whose name was Vrinda, she was born in the demon clan, she was a devotee of Lord Vishnu since childhood. She used to worship, serve God with great love.  When she grew up, she got married to the demon king Jalandhar in the evil clan.  Jalandhar was born from the ocean. Vrinda was a very pious woman, always used to serve her husband.

Tulsi workship once there was a war between the gods and the demons 

When Jalandhar started going to war, Vrinda said. Lord, you are going to war, as long as you are in war, I will sit in worship and perform rituals for your victory, and till you come back, I will take my pledge

Tulsi won't leave  Jalandhar went to war 

Vrinda took the vow of fast and sat in worship, due to the effect of her fast, even the gods could not win Jalandhar, when all the gods started losing, they went to Vishnu. When everyone prayed to God, then God started saying that Vrinda is my supreme devotee, I cannot deceive her.

Power of Tulsi then the deity said  God, there is no other way 

now only you can help us. God took the form of Jalandhar and reached Vrinda's palace as if as soon as Vrinda saw her husband, she immediately got up from worship and touched his feet.  I fell when Vrinda saw that my husband's head was severed, then who is this who is standing in front of me?

History of Tulsi he asked who are you, whom I touched 

then God came in his form but he could not say anything, Vrinda understood the whole thing, he cursed God, you become of stone, and God immediately became of stone. All the deities started crying and Laxmi ji started crying and praying, when Vrinda ji did the same thing back to God and taking her husband's head, she Sati happened. 

Mystery of Tulsi vivah when a plant emerged from his ashes 

Lord Vishnu said from today His name is Tulsi, and one of my forms will remain in the form of this stone, which will be worshiped along with Tulsi ji in the name of Shaligram. Bhog without Tulsi ji I will not accept.  Since then everyone started worshiping Tulsi ji.  And Tulsi ji marriage with Shaligram ji in the month of Kartik. is done. On the day of Dev Uthavani Ekadashi it is celebrated as Tulsi Vivah

Knowledge power is better to pretend in the feelings of the mind to run towards that knowledge which is contained within oneself

Knowledge is power

Power of knowledge even in the midst of hidden feelings in your mind. 

Knowledge power is better to pretend in the feelings of the mind to run towards that knowledge which is contained within oneself. It can only be achieved with long-term hard work. When you are active in the direction of increasing your knowledge with a strong mind, then the spirit of the mind also starts working through the medium of will. To convert the desire to achieve something in the mind, day and night, hard work and lonely thoughts strengthen our will. Knowledge is power in itself. Along with this, lonely thinking also gives power to one's will. It does not take long to understand the work thought through with determination. The flow of the mind also works in that direction.


In order to positive mind understand the power of knowledge. 

Power Knowledge of thinking must stand on a strong point. First of all it has to be positive. There is no task in the world that cannot be completed. Everyone's way of doing and responsibility is different. Understanding knowledge in a way and moving forward in that direction, even then willpower is power of knowledge helps in accomplishing that task by complementing success. One should work hard for this with sincere heart. The scattered mind should be energized in one direction. Results do come true. Any lack of responsibility and honesty is enough to dilute or worsen the outcome. 

The power of knowledge is called the power of knowledge by which man makes his existence in his life.

Knowledge and power may be different words, but power grows only through knowledge. The dimension of knowledge is created by the free thought of the mind, through which a person realizes the power of his life. The creature is based on the life force itself. If there is no power, then this life itself ends. The power of knowledge is necessary to run and handle in life.


Man's life is full of mystery in the power of knowledge.

If you understand the definition of the mind with the power of knowledge, then many thoughts in the mind keep disturbing the life of a person, to avoid this man should have the knowledge of right. The darkness of ignorance makes life beyond real thinking, the darkness of life should be dispelled by the light of knowledge.


The power of knowledge is necessary to maintain work and order.

The power of knowledge inspires the inner mind, which gives a glimpse of what is good and what is bad in the knowledge of life. The dignity and tolerance a person gets only through the power of knowledge. Patience power can get a man out of the biggest trouble. The way of communication between people is obtained through knowledge and experience through power. The respect and respect of the elders and the consideration of the younger is this knowledge which should have its power in the mind and understanding of the human being.


To become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the power of knowledge.

From the point of view of knowledge of profit and loss, both of these are the fruit of man's actions. Business flourishes or gets destroyed only on the basis of profit and loss in business. Good values ​​and mutual friendship promotes solidarity, which increases knowledge in the life and mind of man, which has an effect on the intelligence of man. Positive knowledge experience is the benefit for man, which shows his enthusiasm in his business, due to which the dimension of his business increases with effect. On the contrary, lack of knowledge and power leads to the first experience of laziness in a person's life, which should always be avoided. Negligence and hopeless thoughts, all this is experienced only due to lack of power of knowledge, which results in loss to man.

Best of my knowledge of thought with detailed explanation is knowledge is power thought is realized according to the thinking and imagination of the mind

Thought is a mind-boggling action 

Thoughts elicits some action or reaction about every possible subject matter. 

The right and wrong thoughts raised in the mind can also be called thoughts. The expression of the mind is also called thought. The things that arise in the mind are also called thoughts. The mind remembers someone, that too becomes a medium of thought. The question and answer that raises in the mind all the time, which keeps on going on continuously in its own mind is the thought itself. A word to raise in one's own mind or a word that raises in one's mind about others is also a thought.


To the best of my knowledge thought  with detailed explanation is knowledge is power.

Thought is realized according to the thinking and imagination of the mind. According to what the person thinks, he imagines in the mind towards his duty or work. Thinking comes from the outer mind. As the mind accepts the worldly feeling. who wants to achieve in life. By imagining that worldly feeling in the inner mind, it renews itself in the mind. So that the subject matter can be established in life so that a new way of life can be found. Thought is reflected according to that imagination. Thought also teaches a lot. If a person becomes aware of his thought, then he exposes the result of the subject matter created by imagination. 

Thought positive thinks of mind.

Talking about the external mind, what is right and what is wrong, the tongue speaks as the external mind. Do not understand, after the result something different comes out, then thoughts also start coming in the result. Be aware of that thought too, jai, whatever is going wrong or has been spoiled. He finds a way to fix it. Consider that some negative thought is arising, then think about where the negativity has arisen. Thought gives knowledge. Sometimes the mind will be like that why are the thoughts coming? I do not want that such a thought comes, then the mind wants to get rid of that thought. Do not run away from thought, find the answer to the question that has arisen in thought. The result will then be something that the mind is trying to achieve. What problem is going to arise in that? It shows. Positive work and duty can be accomplished by working hard, hard work. By activating negative work, negative perception, unrestrained work, the mind can also have a stroke. The result of which can remain in the thoughts of the mind for a long time. Due to which it can be very difficult to steal, so the thought should always be positive.


Thought humans prefer penance over thinking? 

If you do something thoughtfully then it is fine. If the thinking is too much, then the imagination will also be more, it is natural. Through imagination, the inner mind is inspired to act and do the work according to the thinking. Thinking is too much and if the work is not doing anything, then the imagination will continue to be meaningless. Thinking is a gift of the outer mind, imagination is in the inner mind. At present the thinking is very active. Because there is a competition going on in making the work system active. Everyone is trying to outdo each other. It is natural that in the era of competition, not everyone will go ahead in the same way. Somebody will definitely be behind. It may be that such a person is simple, he does not like worldly activities, but if he is not successful in business, service, work arrangement, then it seems appropriate for him to make some changes in his life. Not everyone is the same in the world. It is not necessary that everyone gets the same success in the effort. Success is achieved by a mixture of thinking, understanding, intelligence, discretion, mind, imagination, sometimes cleverness, material, price, punishment, distinction. The principled person does not follow every path. They will follow the path which is right for them.

Thought theoretical person pays more attention to the result less to the thinking. 

Penance yoga is meditation. Walking on the path of karma is also a penance. There is continual karma for life in which everything is included. One who is detached from life, may have mixed thinking. Karma is austerity to follow the principle of one's life. Such a person prefers to do good deeds than to think. Karma is selfless. Such persons take care not only for themselves but also for the interests of the people associated with them. In their happiness, he considers his happiness. That's why such people like penance more than thinking.

Thought knowledge is power generally, if a person does penance in the form of moral, then even if nothing happens in life, but inner happiness is found 

By looking into one's own mind, one can get rid of the troubles of life. Happiness is not just getting everything in life. Human beings forget the real color of life in the luxury of worldly pleasures. Despite everything in life, people sometimes run away from real happiness. The happiness of the inner mind is the real happiness. Therefore, the principled people prefer austerity over thinking.


Thought how do you recognize if someone is thinking in a biased or static way how do you influence change?

When thinking is related to a particular person and keeping his interest in mind, work is being done, even if it is an immoral act, it comes under the purview of partiality. The work that is done with a stable way of thinking takes care of the interests of the people associated with them as well as themselves. The work which does not harm anyone, then it is called stable thinking. To effect change in life, definitely think about the interest of the people associated with you. If you do any work, then definitely take care of the honour and respect of the people. Never criticize anyone. Be happy yourself, let others be happy too. Even if some work is done selflessly, it can affect the change in life.

Knowledge and understanding human should understand his through often called humans should understand their knowledge understand man through knowledge

Specialized knowledge says that through knowledge understand a person what is his mind

Tacit understanding knowledge often said that man should not understand his knowledge 

Personal knowledge management of human often called. Humans should not understand their knowledge. We say that understand man through knowledge. What's on his mind? What is special is that he is the greatest of all. What is the significance of that? Why is he so dear to everyone? Why is everyone attracted to him? His free thought is thought. Attracts everyone towards him. It doesn't matter whether he is rich or poor. This also doesn't matter. Is he small or big. Even we are saying It also doesn't matter whether it's yours or yours. What matters is what he is talking about. Are we following the knowledge from them? If his words touch our heart. We like our hearts. Which makes us feel happy. In fact he is wise. Who has attracted everyone. That's why they are great. We should never judge such a person by his physical condition. Such a person should be approached by knowledge. Who really wants to understand everyone through knowledge. Because he gives us only and only knowledge. We should also follow them. Somewhere on some way or the other, they often meet. We do not understand them out of ignorance. There is regret later.

Power of knowledge never give an answer immediately to any unknown person or anyone you meet

Open knowledge for unknown person therefore, whenever you meet any unknown person or anyone, wherever you are. Do not answer them immediately. Until he reveals himself completely. What is their intention? After talking to you after sometime, he will start understanding us. It would be beneficial whether he is a wise person or a cunning one. Somewhere he is not trapping us in his trap. This would be another advantage. They will not know about themselves. And we will begin to understand their words. What is that really. If you have any doubts, avoid them. If you like something good about them, then listen more. Any man will meet himself. If he is talking greedy things. So stay away from them. And keep going on your way. Many times this happens. People lose a lot by falling into their trap.

Spot answers knowledge are true only where we know each other very well

The exact answer is example of knowledge is true only where we know each other well. About which we are fully aware. And we only use the answers available to entertain each other. We also have to understand a lot in order to understand the necessary thinking. What is right. What is wrong. We all know this.

Football game along with entertainment also gives good performance to the players play football, the player has to do exercise and yoga regularly

Playing football is essential for good health and staying fit


Playing football helps a lot in balancing the person's second gland which is called sacral gland 

Football one-third of the sacral gland energy goes to the brain and two-thirds of the energy goes to both the legs. This chakra represents the water element. In order to keep the body's water balanced, it is necessary to strengthen the feet along with the brain. By playing football, along with the exercise of the body, the feet also get a good massage. Any type of exercise and yoga has a deep and good effect on the brain. The brain is the center of energy from where energy flows throughout the body, unless there is good exercise, the energy will not flow throughout the body.


Football game along with entertainment also gives good performance to the players

Play football player has to do exercise and yoga regularly so that the body remains fit. A fit body helps a lot in fighting diseases. Due to this, the amount of oxygen in the body also remains balanced. Due to feeling thirsty during exercise, there is never any shortage of water in the body by drinking proper amount of water. Science also says that a person should drink 3.5 to 4 liters of water in a day. The body gets tired in any sport. It is necessary to drink water for instant energy.


Football thirst compels a person with physical exertion and exhaustion to drink water

Football has a steady body and does not work hard does not feel thirsty quickly. He also feels hot. As always the mind and body remain tired. To avoid this, they prefer to stay under the fan or in a cold air-conditioned area. Due to this thirst feels negligible. Maybe they drink water only when they eat. Shouldn't do this. In such a situation, even 2 liters of water is not able to drink in a day. After getting old, they have to face many types of diseases and diseases. High blood pressure, sugar disease often occur. Due to not taking care of the body in the beginning, one has to face disease in the fourth and fifth phase.


Football is easily available at any sports equipment shop or online

Football need of the hour is to start from today itself. Make the body agile by working hard. All kinds of exercises and workouts are done by playing football. If you cannot do this, then definitely do some sports or exercise. If you want to do less than that, then at least half an hour in the morning before sunrise, after doing daily work, try to travel at medium speed. So that the thirst is always felt in the right amount and the breath also goes well with the exhaustion of the body in an open environment, which is also considered a good yoga. Man's life is only by breath. Therefore the breath should be clear. Sadness, mind and laziness move in the body in very less amount, which further encourages laziness and disease. Laziness kills the mind in life. In which there is only negative emotion. Due to the continuous decline in the ability to think positively, the mind becomes lethargic. It should not happen.

By playing football if you cannot do this then definitely do some sports or exercise


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