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Strong desire live happily for a prosperous life an ocean of happiness and sorrow events of life for the development

Heart desire very important to live happily for a prosperous life

Desire to the life is an ocean of happiness and sorrow. In this, many pearls are spread in this ocean. 

Strong desire meaning some bright, some faint, some black and some yellow ocean keeps everyone alive. Everything flourishes and flourishes in it. Similarly, there is an ocean of happiness and sorrow in the life of a human being. Like human life is caught between birth and death. Similarly, happiness and sorrow are also engaged in life. Sometimes life goes on in the form of happiness and sometimes sorrow.


Desire to know about something events of life are for the development of man. 

Desire for taking knowledge from your failure and walking on the path of success is the struggle of life. It is the development of a human being to stop sometimes like day and night. Like steps sometimes forward and backward. Similarly, the development of life reaches its highest point. It is better to learn from your mistakes than to be disappointed by the hindrance of development and not to repeat them. Due to this, it starts increasing. Like a drowning gets a straw. Similarly, the source of development should be understood and identified and caught.


Desire your meaning instead of wanting in life, one should be engrossed in one's karma. 

With the worldly desires the mind starts getting satisfaction. Real satisfaction comes from your actions in life. When the desire starts to end the enthusiasm of the mind. If desire is related to karma then it is fine. But there is only desire and no action is active for it, so that desire becomes the cause of sorrow one day. Like the bottom is never played with one hand. Similarly, to fulfill the desire, one has to do karma too. The world is known. With effort, something is definitely achieved. That's why the world of life has reached here till today.


Meaning of desire should never be for an immoral purpose. 

Desire and compete for something may be that if it is not fulfilled, then the conscience of the intellect can also be bad. Wrong desire can also lead to anger and condemnation of others. This can also end the friendly feeling. Then he will not even feel like talking to anyone. Loneliness with one's own desire in solitude can force one to hate even oneself.


Desire look the real happiness in life is that which comes from giving happiness to others. 

My heart's desire meaning due to this, the seed of horse and enthusiasm flourishes in the mind. which gives positive results. Do not nurture anything in one's own desire that will cause any trouble to others, otherwise it becomes a cause of sorrow for itself one day.

Discreet intellect is the basic knowledge increases development of knowledge in the mind thinking right doing right keeping the protest positive

Prudent Intelligence is Successful Life

Every work done with prudent intelligence is successful take the mind towards the positive aspect and if only positive then every work will be successful


Discreet intellect is the basic knowledge 

Which increases with the development of knowledge in the mind, thinking right, doing right, keeping the protest positive, keeping a sense of service in the mind, taking care of respect and interest for others, then the mind becomes positive. A positive mind raises positive waves in the brain, which makes the brain calm and active.


That is why every work done with discreet intelligence becomes successful.


Fresh breath in the morning With new thoughts and new concepts, good thinking always gives achievement

With fresh breath in the morning

With new thoughts and new concepts, good thinking always gives achievement, by taking out the waste lying in the mind which is of no use, it satisfies the mind and soul.

With the beginning of a new day

A new freshness brings joy, as if the knowledge of life is an ocean of joy, basically with a fresh breath, the new energy flows with positive energy, which removes wasted feelings and thoughts, suppressed After eliminating the feelings, the heart with freshness fills the activity in the mind, due to which the mind becomes calm and active.

First of all the energy of positive 

Knowledge increases our basic knowledge, so that the positive energy increases for the work which is necessary.

Active imagination nature of the mind also seems to be the same. Due to this the mind gets engaged in the work according to the imagination

Active imagination

Active imagination is very important in life for development of knowledge and fame

Active imagination has great importance in life. Especially for such a person who is positive. The person who has gained his fame in many fields due to his special nature and personality. Their thinking, understanding, discretion, intelligence, nature are friendly and aware. Such persons do a lot in their life for the development of knowledge and fame. 

Active imagination necessary to activate the mind well and be positive and balance

In order to have an active imagination, the mind should be well activated and remain concentrated. Mind, thinking, understanding, intelligence, conscience must be positive and balanced. So that in the course of your thinking, there can be a clear depiction in the imagination. That's when imagination starts to ease. As you imagine. The nature of the mind also seems to be the same. Due to this the mind gets engaged in the work according to the imagination. The work gets done quickly and accurately. For such an active imagination one has to make repeated efforts. As long as the mind does not imagine in a comfortable sense. However, not everyone gets success in this endeavor. Only those who make constant efforts to concentrate for active imagination get success in active imagination.

Activity increases in completing task mind works according to the task by which that work would be completed imagination is more important than knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Whatever knowledge you get in life

Imagination become an expert of many kinds. Do higher studies for your work. All this knowledge only gives us support for our work. Certificates of knowledge are competences in knowledge.


Imagination knowledge then encounters reality 

Imaginations something has to be done through this knowledge. Then that job requires special experience. Until you will not pay attention to your work in full. Will not meditate. Then nothing can happen. No matter how much knowledge you have. Knowledge is only the means to accomplish that task. Which provides suitable means to do the work. Unless you try yourself. How will something happen? To do some work, when the work is taken in its responsibility. So many difficulties related to it, obstacles and difficulties also come. For this one has to contemplate on one subject. To go deep into that work, one has to imagine in the mind. To imagine it is necessary to concentrate. There is positive work pressure in active work done. It gives full support of concentration. To contemplate in the mind, bookish knowledge is there in the mind. Until you think about that task. Till then how will the knowledge related to it emerge in the mind. Therefore, in order to do our work, one has to contemplate on one subject. By great doing, the mind becomes fit for work. By concentrating on that task in the imagination and thinking about the appropriate means related to the work, the activity in completing that task increases. Then the mind works according to the task. By which that work is completed. Therefore, imagination is more important than knowledge.

Imagination of true mind identifies existence and introduces reality the imagination of the true mind is automatic

Imagination of the true mind identifies existence and introduces reality.


Imagination of the true mind is automatic 

There is no force in it, it comes to light when the mind is calm, concentrated, there is no feeling of any turmoil, gives priority to action, is self-supporting, is hardworking. , Be idealistic, the mind of a person is pure, there is impartiality in their understanding, so such persons never go out of their realm, whether in reality or imagination, whatever they think or are is not beyond reality, That's why their imagination becomes true after thinking, which is also fulfilled later.


Identity of existence is for a limited person who does what he thinks

Thinking or imagination is up to that which can be accomplished, by this he gets complete knowledge of his life, in the life of such a person, there is a lot of work capacity, By which they keep their present carefully, such person does not conceive of the future in any way, to keep the present right, they have balanced conscience, so that they keep their mind under control and balance themselves and live contentedly. , therefore their existence continues to be recognized.


To get acquainted with reality it is necessary to have a balanced life 

A balanced person knows that everything depends on thinking and understanding. Certainly, one gets to know the reality only by performing the necessary activities.


Real Life Knowledge of full life self improvement of self realisation self knowledge school life, hole living life

Knowledge of life

Self knowledge school of life

Knowledge of Life Changes that take place from time to time and its effects affect the lives of people. Defines knowledge of life. Yesterday we were all in childhood. Today we are young. And tomorrow we will be old. Your life is stuck in the middle. All this education, play in childhood, fun and above all, the life spent between toys takes new forms by moving forward. Day by day there is some development going on in our life. This is the wisdom of life. We all keep moving forward with the knowledge of life. Live in a positive way in real life personal thinking.

Personal thinking of real life in positive manner

Sacred Ways of Knowledge Source of Life enlightenment

The sources of knowledge of life also have many forms. Sometimes laughing, sometimes joking, sad, sometimes crying, running away crying, all these environments pass our childhood. In the sacred ways of knowledge school life, self knowledge we all get from our parents and teachers. The rest gain knowledge from school and college. We get education to read and write. It is through this knowledge that one develops himself. In this way gradually comes out of the cage of childhood.

Self-knowledge is obtained from school in life after childhood

There is usually such a time in your life. In which we all make mistakes again and again. Gain knowledge in life. Until adolescence makes mistakes. Until then the reality is not realized. That's why parents and teachers ignore their mistakes. Usually in most cases those children are also punished by their parents and teachers. But they are punished for being wrong on their right. But that too in school or at home only for the development of self-knowledge. So that you may be aware of this. Mistake is punished. This increases the understanding of right and wrong. In fact the mind wins. This is a time full of dilemmas in a way. The mind thinks of something else. Something else happens. Self-knowledge develops thinking and understanding in the school of life. So that right thinking and understanding is formed and what is right. idea can be implemented. This is the time to fully reveal the knowledge. Due to which adolescence attains enlightenment. Enters puberty in his new life.

In youth the medium of self-knowledge increases even more

Until we reach puberty. What is right? And what's wrong? It starts to be felt. This life is full of responsibility. Sahaj, simple, full of concentration, life, death, progress, downfall, sorrow, joy. The time of marriage comes. Youth develops. In which such a life partner is found who is a companion of happiness and sorrow. It plays a huge role in the upbringing and settlement of the family. With whom to spend the rest of life. in which there is a responsibility to work. How do you sit in society? How do you talk to whom? All this information is present in this youth. To develop self-knowledge of life. Maturity develops. In the self-knowledge of life, the responsibility of running and taking care of the family increases. The child teaches his child the knowledge of living his own life from the parents and knowledge from the teacher. Then he gives that knowledge to his children and develops them.

In such enlightenment of life after puberty

The marriage of the child, Teej festivals take place from time to time. Everybody comes together. Along with the family, the responsibility towards society and people also increases. At such times all responsibility and existence have to be handled together. Sometimes in such a life we ​​also have to face grief. It is only one color of life. Which comes in everyone's life at some point. It may be that at such a time the elders of the house are fulfilling their time. After completing the time, he returns to his residence. His passing affects the whole family of the person. At that time, taking care of all the members of the house, one has to move ahead. Crossing all these units one has to move forward. Time is spent living in life and superstition. Self-knowledge of life is above all those facts.

One such experience of enlightenment of life is overcome by the battle of life

When the one who leaves by giving all the responsibility to his dependents slowly moves towards that abode. from where he came. For him the means of life is only devotion to God. Then there is no responsibility. If there is a sense of karma, then there is karma. which is in his vehicle. They return to their abode after developing their true knowledge after imparting the knowledge of their life to the dependents and their relatives. Like an innocent child, for some time the intellect becomes prudence. After attaining Mahapranayam after old age, he leaves his physical body and goes to his world. death is attained.

It is an ideal of life, self-knowledge of life.

Childhood Adolescence Youth Age Youth Age Youngest Age Old Age is the Knowledge of a Complete Life

In thinking about small things in life or in imagination, there is always some small things in thinking about it

The little things

Little things are very important in life 

Little things are very important in life, little things can never be ignored. Suppose you are doing some work. or making any equipment. Many of which seem similar. If any small things are left out of it, then that work is not completed.

Matter of making an undertaking

It's not just about making tools. There are many such tasks in the house on a daily basis as well. Whose little things are many. By combining them one by one, that work is accomplished. If any object or small things are left out of it, then the mind gets spoiled. All the work done goes in vain. If it is very important, then because of small things for him, that work gets spoiled. If you are in job or service, then there is a danger of losing your job due to small things. Because their business is related to it.

Thinking about small things

In thinking about the small things in life or in the imagination, there is always some small thing in thinking about it. That's why the matter is taken care of even in the imagination. Don't miss any important little things, be it big things or small things. Even in the imagination, small things hold a very important place. Because he imagines like a human. It works accordingly. Correctly stated. As one thinks, so is his behavior. And the same thing happens. The product of a positive mind promotes positive knowledge. Which makes life worthwhile. There should not be any experience of any spread everywhere in the work and let's take. Be it small things or big things related to it. This should be taken care of.

Meaning of imagination in imaginative positive or negative in human life attitude does not stay in one place

Meaning of imagination

Imagination has a great importance in the ups and downs of life

What is the reason for any failure in life, first of all think what is missing, but what had to be done and what has happened, when we do the same thinking. So it is called imagination, no matter whether man is at any level, whether he is in business, business, living in the midst of society, thinking about the matter, studying, writing, sports, progress, degradation, in every field, a person thinks something for development. That thinking is called imagination.


The most profound thinking imagination occurs when someone suffers a great loss

But at that time, due to the loss of conscience and intelligence, people become imaginative, who have weak morale or lack of concentration. People also think negatively or there is a negative feeling in the imagination, the main reason for this is the weakening of morale, which disturbs the concentration, the mind should really be such that it should not be discouraged in sorrow and not excited in happiness. Yes, by being even in both the situations, stability is created in life, discretion, intelligence is activated, simplicity and ease comes in life, which makes a person fearless, strengthens self-confidence and morale.


There are often two types of effect on the mind, one is positive, the other is negative 

People with positive influence are good, they have knowledge, their thinking, thoughts, imagination are all balanced, they are never imaginative, the way of thinking of a positive person is gentle. Which is good for everyone.


Mind of such a person, who has a negative attitude does not stay in one place, his mind remains distracted 

Such a person runs after his mind and runs as he does, there is no control over the mind of such a person. The reason is to remain mostly unimaginative, which can never be completed, thinking more and thinking about that subject or task, this weakens the intellect, there is always a turmoil in the mind, such a person argues more, it is natural than more reasoning. Unnecessary work can also be spoiled, to reach success or result in any work, accurate thinking is required, when any work is not completed even after doing it with understanding, then it is natural that arguments will arise, hence negative attitude in the mind sometimes. Shouldn't be


Thinking or imagining too much is also not appropriate

It causes a lot in the mood of the mind, even if all the thinking is positive. There is also a lot of effect on the mind, due to which healthy can also be spoiled, this happens when due to deliberate action or decision on any subject, all that gets spoiled, which becomes the cause of ruin. Everything is put at stake, when the reason behind this waste is something else, at that time nothing is known in the thinking or imagination, even after thinking a lot, no answer can be found, then people also took some wrong steps. Those whose morale is weak, those who have strong self confidence and morale, do not have any kind of effect on their mind.


Master is respected

Master is the one who shows the path of attainment of God

There is no one greater than the Master and the Master is the one who shows the path of attainment of God, therefore one should always summon the Master, he is the richest of all knowledge, he is the one who earns work, business and business, even in whatever field. Master is respected

Sorrow what is sadness? we try to rectify our mistake, then we get the right information, so why should we make any mistake?

Sorrow in the future, something that will have to face 

What is sadness? that's nothing 

If you do not do something that will have to face sorrow in future. So why would there be sorrow? People think a lot. But never think of anything that will lead to trouble ahead. when it's a good time. So at that time also do something like this. which is not to be done. Don't even think about what they are doing. Still doing it. when its result turns out to be false. Then they get into thinking that why was it done like this. which was never to be done. When the bad times come. So try to rectify your mistake. Then you get correct information. So why make a mistake?


If you understand the matter of real knowledge 

Then everything is understandable. As long as a man does not make a mistake. Till then real knowledge is not attained. That alone is called lack of knowledge. Knowledge has many dimensions. The whole life of man is for knowledge only. Even until there is real knowledge. Till then man does not even know by earning anything. Knowledge is necessary everywhere in life. Man suffers from any subject matter only till then. Until we face reality. While walking on his path, man also does struggles. Man works hard. Man also makes use of his conscience. Man thinks too. Man understands. Man keeps on moving forward on his life path, opening the layers of his dimension one by one. Slowly adding the curry of knowledge to his life, he moves towards maturity. As knowledge increases. In the same way, all lack goes away. Sorrow goes away. The mistake ends. Then man matures. He is knowledgeable. That's why sorrow is nothing but lack of knowledge.

Imagination of life think for improvement remembering the past imagining the future

Imagination of life, we think only about our work, which makes the financial condition strong the family is happy there are many such industries in the development of life 

Marketing and selling of goods, business and business service is the main importance in this business.

It is said that only good words should be spoken at any time. Even if unknown to anyone, why not? Must be clear. Do you know when who will be helpful with you? Life is not always the same. The ups and downs keep happening. If it is clear to speak its own words, then anyone will support it. Whether known or unknown, everyone likes good words. It is possible. May he always be helpful with you in your bad times. One more thing is that when your spoken word will be right. Whether there is happiness or sorrow, you will not realize yourself. Well spoken words also give knowledge to themselves

Imagination of life all think for improvement

In the imagination of life, everyone thinks for his own improvement. Sometimes remembers the past. So sometimes imagine the future. Often doing this only when your brain is developed. The knowledge of thinking begins to be understood. So to figure out the way forward, imagine the future. Which is the main objective. To develop life

Concentration in the mind, which removes the fear of the mind, due to which the idea is simple, easy and attractive, which attracts the customers

In the imagination of life, he thinks about his business. Due to which the economic condition becomes strong. Happy family life. There are many such industries in the development of life. Such as the marketing and sales of goods, industry, business and business service. The main importance in this business is how to attract the customer. Increases the volume of purchases and sales of goods. In the business of marketing, the way to speak your mind plays a role in increasing your business. Due to which the sales volume of the goods increases. Necessity is the art of talking. In life, one's inspiration can be taken for the art of thought and knowledge. One has to have complete faith in self-knowledge. By peeping into his own mind, he has to remove all kinds of filth. In the course of imagination, the idea that gets stuck in the thinking comes. By cleaning it, positive thoughts are increased. Efforts are made to keep the mind simple and easy. One should never waste free time in the business of marketing. One should continue to do some work even in free time. Due to which the mind remains active. Concentration should always be kept in mind. Due to which the fear of the mind is removed. The idea is simple, intuitive and attractive. Customers are attracted.

Many desires which keep on changing in a moment in a moment another desire in another moment wishes keep changing in a moment

Man has many desires which keep on changing in a moment in a moment another desire in another moment 

Man has many desires wishes keep changing in a moment

In one moment one desire arises and in another moment another desire arises. When a wish comes. So the second desire goes. Is this all ok? Man like Mano is the kingdom of desires. Whenever you wish. What has happened? Brother, think whatever you want. What happens to the other? Everyone has their own will. Why brother is it your choice? Nothing goes in this. So the question is, for what is the desire created again? Then all this is pointless. This is of no use. No brother it is not like that. There should be no will power. So that everyone sticks to his will and does not let it go in vain. He does everything. Without desire, man is nothing. control desire. work in that direction. That is positive desire.

Things should have good thinking in which no one is harmed in any way

Only then is desire effective. No one thinks or does anything, it is not like that. Never have any wrong desire at all. He won't be able to last. Can't even go that way. Because you have knowledge. Let's say what you are doing. work or do some good work. The mind also feels good. Successfully completes the active work. This is positive will power.


Willpower is a very important knowledge 

Willpower is very important knowledge. Man has to move forward on his life path. Willpower is not so easily achieved. By adopting many desires and making one wish after another, no work will be done. In order to fulfill the desire, principles have to be made in life. You have to control your desires. So that the positive desire can think, imagine, think, imagine, by mixing many desires, the conscience will not reach any possible result. You will not feel like completing any work. You will not get success in work. There may be positive desire and negative desire among many other desires. In the whirlwind of desires, there can also be a disorder in the brain. Due to which neuroticism can spread in the mind. Which is not good at all.


Make a picture in imagination of mind which everything is balanced and organized 

Make a picture in your mind's imagination. In which everything should be balanced and organized. It is very important to have a positive feeling of mind. Negative emotion generates reluctance. Anger and craving ride in the mind due to negative influence. The idea is not effective. Therefore the desire of the mind should be positive.

There should not be any kind of negative emotion during the imagination. 

Thinking should not be beyond imagination. It may also happen that the imagination cannot be fulfilled. This can also lead to brain disorders. Which has a direct effect on the heart and mind. Even in such condition, you will not be able to do anything. The mind becomes a horse without imagination. It is very difficult to control oneself. Such people can become lazy later on.


By having thinking, understanding and imagination in the mind, the intellect remains organized 

Having positive thinking, understanding and imagination in the mind keeps the conscience organized. which is an essential subject. The focus remains on him. Here also there should be complete control over the mind. Keep the potential subject matter constantly positive in the mind's imagination. The mind continued to do positive work in that subject and work also. Due to this, the mind will remain engaged in its positive work. Only then will the imagination of the desire made in the mind become positive and become will power. You will get success in that work or subject.

Desire will improve then can do better than what are doing now, if will power should be right then what else want it is good can do better imagination

Desire look will power is positive indulge in pride and keep a lot of 

Desire in mind due to which reluctance is seen in future

Secret desire meaning what do we know about ourselves? Have we ever wondered what we are? Where are we? Why are we so proud of ourselves? What are you proud of? We are here! We are like that! We can do that! We can do it all! Even we can do whatever we want! Why so proud after all? It should not happen. If we think so. The world is huge. We haven't even seen the world that much. We don't even have that much time. The whole world can see and understand. Remember that we were born. One day we also have to die. Once this thing is done in our mind, then our desire will improve. What we are doing now. Can do better than that. Our will power should be right. We can do whatever we want and do the best we can.

My desire meaning imagine is fulfilled which is effective in whatever desire there is a sense of karma

A desire willpower is positive. We, being intoxicated by our arrogance, keep many desires in our mind. Which only shows reluctance in the future. Because all wishes are not fulfilled. The wish is fulfilled which is effective. The desire in which there is a feeling of karma. Desire that is positive. The desire in which there is no wrong building for someone else. No desire is hurting the honour and dignity of others. Such a desire is called a positive desire. Which is definitely fulfilled. The work that is done with the spirit of selfless service. Which is of no use to itself. Doing such a thing makes the mind happy. Due to which work efficiency and resolution power increases. To complete any work or service, having positive will power is a big contribution. Will power increases only with positive will power.


Heart desire meaning immoral desire leads to man's anger which is not at all fair usually the immoral desires of people are not fulfilled

Desire and compete for something immoral desire is never fulfilled. Immoral desire leads to man's anger. Which is not fair at all. Usually the immoral desires of the people are not fulfilled. who have such feelings. Their intellects and consciences do not remain strong. There is a feeling of anger, craving, greed, cheating in every thought of his. Many times people take such decisions in pride and confidence of their power. In which there are such negative feelings. Due to which there is a rate of disorder in the brain. Due to which the intellect starts to become depraved. Anger resides in the mind. Anger can go a long way. Affects memory power. Which leads to a loss of positive knowledge. The will power gets weakened and ends. The person falls from low to low. Therefore such feelings should not be allowed to dominate the mind.

Imagination of the future everyone gets a chance to live life according to their own accord someone's time comes today

Imagine the future

Imagination of the future everyone gets a chance to live life according to their own accord someone's time comes today

In Imagination everyone gets a chance to live life according to their own way

Somebody's time comes today. So someone comes later. But good times are definitely destined in everyone's life. This is the rule of life in this world. Yes, sometimes a person has to face sorrow according to his own accord. Whether it is his fault or not. It is not necessary that we are doing well. So good will always be with us. But something bad happens in life. So there is the law of the world in that too. Until man passes through that phase. Till then his knowledge remains incomplete. When man goes through the opposite phase. He has better knowledge and experience. The imagination of life is only for all kinds of knowledge. Human life is surrounded by happiness and sorrow. Living life in the mix of happiness and sorrow. Who reaches his destination. What is this? This is knowledge. The person who faces happiness and sorrow moves ahead in his life. He is the true charioteer of life. If everyone talks about their own time, then everyone gets their own time. Then later to others who have the same knowledge. As you climb into the ranks of knowledge. Gets stronger. That's why one should never think like that. My time has not come. Not everyone gets everything. Because what will he do after getting it? One day he has to reach his destination. Who avoids it. Goes to his dependents. Which he enjoys. Who gets it from his ancestor. Often he doesn't know how to do anything. Because he has everything. In which the one who did not bear the burden of life. What knowledge would he have? Knowledge comes with time and status. Because happiness and sorrow have to be experienced by him too. Because there is no feeling in happiness. In grief, there is a feeling of one experience. This is the wisdom of the young. In this the path of knowledge of life continues to emerge. Keep gaining knowledge in the imagination of life.

Karma will be the support help of the unhappy day is erased which keeps the mind of man calm

Karma is important in life of a human               

Karma is important in the life of a human being. 

Everything is only through karma, nothing without karma, there is a great achievement of karma in the dimension of life, service of parents, service of elders, help in society, support the poor and unhappy. All is the medium of karma, to do one's work, to be busy in oneself, this is the work, business and employment of human beings, it gives satisfaction to the mind, it should be so that if the mind does its work professionally by being positive, then it is good, Because karma is attained only by the achievement of business, from which above all human does karma.

Human a groom should think that we have to do karma 

karma will be the support, the help of the unhappy day is erased, which keeps the mind of man calm, helping in the society increases the dimension as if something bad happens in the society If one class is disregarding the other, then by making them aware through knowledge, they consider all the class as one and inspire the people so that everyone remains the same, the service of the elders is very successful. Karma is the end of the journey, by supporting those who feel wonderful peace and happiness, if there is success, then also support those children who are not orphans, to support those who are orphans. Achievement from this is the name in the society, all this work which is done selflessly is called Karma.

Some people have also been seen in the world who do their own work by giving up everything because they are born only for karma

Their difference is only for soul of karma, whose part of selfless service for others. There is a feeling, people with such service are very wonderful, by joining them, living with them gives peace to their thoughts. There are many forms of karma, in fact, karma is the same, which is done with selflessness, that is the actual karma, the wonderful peace that comes from doing it is the achievement of karma.

Imagination is necessary for forms of knowledge result of imagination will not be good because neither will be able to pay attention to work

Imagine of knowledge

Forms of knowledge

Knowledge has many forms, knowledge can be acquired in many ways. Some get knowledge through a book, some get knowledge through a guru, then some also get knowledge through what is heard. But they are true connoisseurs, who get knowledge from what they hear. Whoever is living in the middle of the right sacraments. If his conduct is good, then his test is good. Does he know what is right? what is wrong? His depth of knowledge is very good.

Thinks of knowledge  

The person who takes knowledge through the book. Their thinking is limited. A person who acquires knowledge through a guru. His thinking is limitless. Because in his every thought, there is the knowledge of the Guru. Guru is helpful everywhere. If that person gets stuck somewhere. So that in leaving with the help of Guru or in taking decision. Guru helps everywhere. This thing is not only related to education. We need knowledge at every turn of life. So that we are not trapped or scattered somewhere. These rules happen everyday. In family, in business, in society, in friends, in acquaintance, in any behavior, on the road, there are many such occasions, where knowledge is needed everywhere. Imagine what would happen if there was no knowledge? Without knowledge we would be stuck everywhere, without knowledge we would keep getting into trouble. That's why knowledge is very important. We have to decide after thinking that what kind of knowledge we have to take.

Use of knowledge think

Knowledge can also be used according to the need, it is not necessary that every person needs all kinds of knowledge, if this happens then he will get stuck, but if he uses the same knowledge as is necessary, then everything will be fine. Take that we do some hard work in our business, if we think that if we sit in the office and do some work and run after that knowledge, then what will happen, the result of imagination will not be good, because then neither will be able to pay attention to our work. And the mind will constantly run towards new work, where we are not able to give time, then neither it will happen nor it will happen, then there will be fear of losing concentration, and in the end both the work will get spoiled.

Imagination is necessary for knowledge 

Knowledge can also be used according to the need, it is necessary that every person should have all kinds of knowledge. If it doesn't happen, it will get stuck everywhere. Where knowledge is necessary. If you use it the same way then everything will be fine. Now suppose that we are doing some hard work in our business. If you think that sitting in the office, do some work and run after that knowledge, then what will happen. The result of imagination will not be good. Because then he will not be able to concentrate on his work with his mind, nor will the mind be able to pay attention to new work continuously. Where he is not even able to give time. Then it will not happen. Neither will he. Then there will be the fear of losing concentration. And in the end both things will go bad.

Knowledge is necessary 

The side where your mind is inclined, the side where your mind is feeling well, thinking and imagination should be good. If you run after that knowledge then everything is good. For this, think in your mind what the mind is really trying to imagine. If the voice of the mind is able to be heard. understanding its reality. So definitely go that way. Success awaits you.

Definition of knowledge

The definition of good knowledge brings great achievement in the life of man. Success is achieved everywhere through the same knowledge. There is guidance on every road. He has an answer for everything. He is the true wise man.

Good things accepted talk and take good ideas among people good principle arises which increases the good the worst happens

Thinks about talk and take good ideas among people then that good principle arises which increases the good the worst happens

To move towards the good in life, good things should be accepted 

The people you meet. Good to hear about. feels good. This also makes your heart very happy. It is said that living with goodness increases goodness. Where people talk and experience good thoughts among people. So a very good theory is born. One who grows good. The worst happens then. Where people talk to each other. And by catching the weaknesses of the other, take advantage of them. And damage the front. This is not a good thing. This should not be done, doing so is also a crime. often happens. While talking to someone, he also gets angry on him. Then it is not known. What are you doing? What are you not doing? What is the plan. During anger all knowledge disappears from the mind. Then only anger remains. That's why it should never be done. By doing this already, there is a rate of ending everything. It only causes harm in the future due to neuroticism. To do so is tantamount to destruction. That's why it should never be done. It should happen that even if the person in front says something. 

Even if something bad comes out of his mouth 

So maybe he lacks knowledge. Because of this, something bad must have been said. So it is best to forgive him. By this he will also know that hey I have made a mistake. Suppose someone is giving you something. And you are not accepting it. So will he take it back and go away? If someone speaks a bad thing, then there is no need for us to accept it and say bad thing. This will only spoil our energy. which is dangerous. It's better than that. Speak best of all. Be good stay well Keep spreading the good. Everything will be fine with this.

Moral imagination of life mind will start to find definition of knowledge possible until the feeling of compassion

Definition of knowledge is also like this, until our mind is not calm, we will not get peace

Moral imagination today's time people know nothing to do for each other. 

Somewhere there is a feeling of jealousy with each other. It seems like. That everyone in this world has forgotten each other's dignity in the course of getting ahead of each other in the era of competition.


Moral imagination in reality it should not happen that if you do something with a feeling of stability and compassion in the mind

It really shouldn't be like that. Do something with a sense of calmness and compassion in the mind. Then you will definitely get success. The world is for everyone. Everyone has equal rights. Yes someone makes little progress. No more but it shouldn't matter. If people lived in harmony with each other. give to each other. those who are weak. They can get some help.


All this is not possible until the feeling of compassion and compassion is awakened in us

Until the feeling of compassion and compassion is awakened in us. Till now all this is not possible. The mind gets infinite peace only through mercy and compassion. After which the man runs. Until people don't start thinking for each other. Till then there will be no peace in life. The day this feeling will wake up. From that day onwards the feeling of peace will start. Because peace is a feeling. Peace is a voice. No one can buy peace with any amount of wealth. It comes automatically.


The definition of knowledge is also like this, until our mind is not calm we will not get peace 

The definition of knowledge is also similar. Until our mind and mind will not calm down. Till then there will be no peace. Until we do not connect with each other intimately. Till then the idea will not be granted. When you don't think for each other. Till then nothing is possible. This is the reason for the main unrest. not understanding each other properly. The day we will start understanding each other properly. Peace will begin to meet by itself.


From the day the mind will start to find peace in the imagination 

From the day one will start getting peace in the imagination and understanding of the mind. Then there will be no debate or dispute. There will be neither quarrel nor fight. Because by then everyone will be connected to each other. Like a complete family. Where there is a whole family. There people are alert and knowledgeable too. That's when the family runs. makes a mistake. So the elders help him to rectify his mistake by helping him. By which his knowledge increases. Makes progress. The day we ourselves will start feeling peace. Will start to feel good. From that day everyone will start feeling peace. Everything will look good. This is the real knowledge.


Moral imagination should be peace in the imagination of life, the mind should make full use of intelligence in thinking of the mind

There should be peace and happiness in the imagination of life. In the thinking and understanding of the mind, full use of the intellect should be made. In which there should be dignity for all. Have complete control over your own mind. whichever is necessary. Necessary subject and work should be done so that the mind, intellect and discretion are activated.

Knowledge of great importance small knowledge definition thing small or big work

Knowledge of any work imagination is big thing

Any work or knowledge of work is not a small thing. 

Whether the work is small or big. The work should be of less profit or more profit. The experience of understanding that work does not diminish. The work involved in the experience. The more he deserves his grace, the less he deserves. If any experience reaches its depth, then the understanding and experience of the knowledge of the work increases more. The only drawback is that there is a right guide. or less. Or no one knows how to access them. In fact, if anyone can find the right guide. And by following their footsteps, relying on their understanding and knowledge, keep learning. Then there will be no dearth of information.


Understanding the nuances of any work is of great importance

Understanding the nuances of any work is great importance. If you do any work with your heart, do it under the guidance of knowing. So by going deep into it, you can give a new look to the color. This will increase your knowledge even more. As long as you put your mind to some work. And when the mind is really engaged, it starts working. This develops the concentration of the mind. The power of thinking increases. Due to which the body never gets tired. It is not hindered by any external conversation. The mind is constantly busy with its work. This increases your knowledge further. Later on the mind would get used to doing work.


This is not a small knowledge definition of a very big karma

This is no small knowledge. The definition of great karma. The path on which everyone attains his merit. In the society, in the house, in the family, in the country.


Now the thing is whether the work is small or big 

Now the matter is whether the work is small or big. It matters whether there is much benefit in it or not, it is also important. A sweeper sweeps the road throughout the day by sweeping it. He also has the same knowledge. Who did his work diligently. So clean up happens quickly. And whoever does not put his mind, then there is no quick cleaning. Everything seems to be scattered. Seeing cleanliness, one feels equally good about himself. As much as the cleaning worker because it is his job. It is his karma. And he also takes his heart in that work. That's why everyone likes him. And that is when everything remains scattered and scattered. Then no one likes it.


Similarly, when a very famous person does his work in a good way

Similarly, when a very famous person does his work in a good manner. So all that proves to be very beneficial for the welfare of the people and life. On the other hand, if they do something wrong. In which the mind is not well engaged. So its result is reversed. Due to which there is a big loss to the people. Society also suffers. The brunt of which all those associated with him have to bear the brunt. All these are forms of karma.

Whenever one should do any work do it thoughtfully

So do any work anytime. Do it thoughtfully. In the event of a mistake, take help from someone or the other. So that there is no trace of error. Do a good job Do it diligently. The work done diligently proves to be successful. Which makes everyone feel good. 


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