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Friday, November 12, 2021

Benefits of buying a property in the park of Knowledge In the enjoyment of knowledge the property is real that it should be pleasant

What are the benefits of purchasing property in knowledge park?


The benefits of buying a property in the Park of Knowledge

In the enjoyment of knowledge, the property is real that it should be pleasant. The park of knowledge. So Palace should also be attractive to the mind. If it is in a garden of flowers, it should also be fragrant. If you are in the orchard of fruits, then even sweet juicy fruits should be mixed with food. It is imperative to have trees and plants in the garden. To look beautiful even from a distance, the show should be good. There should also be a gardener in the garden.

Everything is available in the park of knowledge. If we look at life from the point of view of knowledge 

in order to look good, first of all one must be positive in mind, deed and words. If the mind is cool and seductive, it will automatically become fragrant. To cool the mind, throw out all the garbage that is in the mind. Otherwise, this will become a tree and a rudder. Therefore, always keep cleaning the tree and the hull. So that trees and plants can grow properly in the park of knowledge. Coolness of mind teaches knowledge. Which makes the mind attractive. Like a fragrant flower, it becomes the center of attraction among everyone. The knowledge that comes out of such a person's knowledge, thinking, understanding, wisdom is only suitable and beneficial like a sweet juicy fruit. The gardeners of the park of such knowledge are loyal people.

Life should be for the good. Everything in the world can be bought. 

You can never buy a natural gift. Knowledge, imagination, thinking, understanding, intellect, conscience, all these are the gifts of nature. It is established in life through awareness, spontaneity, humility, nature. Put any price in the world on it and buy the natural quality. If there is anyone like this, please let us know. We are also very curious. These qualities of knowledge are now available in the market. So there is no question in my view of buying a property in the Park of Knowledge. But you can establish wealth in your life in the park of knowledge.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Vivid imagination not imaginative It should be because all these come only in the realm of living vivid imagination they are very active they affect the heart and mind at a very fast pace

Vivid imagination

Imagination of a happy life

When man comes into his existence. Make some plan for the development of your life. What's going on at present. How was the time spent? What will the future be like? How to progress, progress and develop? When a person thinks about something like this. Wishing you happiness for future life. A man should have a living imagination. Unless a person thinks, the feeling of doing something will not awaken. Thinking and imagining do not work on the basis of any construction.

The subject or task on which it is active. for the success of the work. When you are active you think. A living imagination. One must imagine alive.

Living vivid imagination meaning 

People often have lively imaginations in their youth. For attractiveness in life, especially for such young people who have a girlfriend, young people imagine alive for a happy mind. However, let's look at it from the point of view of imagination. So that's not appropriate. In thinking, understanding and imagination, as much as a human being will be simple and comfortable, he will imagine balanced. Equally good. Entertaining the mind in a living imagination. As long as that's fine. Just imagine that. It should not be imaginative. Because all these come only in the realm of living imagination. Are very active. It affects the heart and mind at a very fast rate.

Vivid imagination is best. Do it for the development and balance of your mind, heart, mind, prudence, intellect, thinking, understanding. So lively imagination is useful.



Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Wisdom is the positive wisdom of the simple person Sometimes it also happens that in some cases it is better to remain silent

Wise people become silent because of their understanding The fool thinks that he has become silent because of my rate


Wisdom is the positive wisdom of the simple person 

Sometimes it also happens that in some cases it is better to remain silent. Even if you are harming yourself by keeping quiet, there is no need to worry. A wise person can earn it again. But it is never right to get involved in any subject matter with a sly person. Knowledge promotes positivity. Ignorance leads to darkness. It is not so easy to get out of it.


Knowledge is partnership, and understanding is knowledge 

They are related to each other like this. As if these two were made for each other only. Those who have wisdom in them. He is also a wise man. This should be understood. Wisdom never says be foolish. The work that can be done peacefully. There is no need to get confused in it. This should also be the limit of a person. There is no point in arguing about the work that can be done by conciliation. Debating is a test of strength. Abuse of power is not good at all. Instead, there should be a positive use of power. So that the mind gets peace and the reconciliation is successful. Even if something goes in reconciliation, it doesn't matter. If you have power, it can be regained. But it is not right at all to argue with a rascal for a trivial thing.


Even if that sly person thinks that I have won 

The person in front has lost at my rate. Even then it doesn't matter. The world is known that people with negative tendencies have more power. His powers are also activated. But it cannot be for anyone's benefit. Not at all for the good. Usually such people win. A good person never makes a mistake. He has immense tolerance. He gains a lot even after losing something. This only increases his knowledge. Above all, his heart has room for happiness and enthusiasm. Which he can never do bad.


On the contrary, the sly person is heartless, angry, in whose mind there is a building to take and snatch from others. Which keeps increasing day by day.


If possible, always disrespect such rascals 

Keep a distance from it. Don't get bogged down in it in any way. Don't care about such people. If it is capable of punishing or getting such people, then definitely do so. This will also lead to social welfare. Slowly the evil will also start decreasing.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Subjects are helpful for people's imagination is as important in life as people want to progress imagination is the background for the creation of a subject matter


What subjects are helpful for people's imagination?

Imagination is as important in life as people want to progress. Imagination is the background for the creation of a subject matter. The one on whom we discuss is the same imagination in itself. Before thinking about the subject matter and doing anything, the rules that create that thinking are also a fantasy. Which helps in making your work and order. There can be no greater subject for imagination than positive thinking. Apart from this, thinking about the work that you are doing or the busy work should be done in free time. Thoughts generate thoughts. The depth of thought is perceived by imagination. In fact the external mind is affected by thinking and thinking. Imagination penetrates deep into the inner mind. Thought is the essence of thought.


What is the Numerology of Kalpana name?

Zodiac birth chart is a part. Those who are seen in the moon horoscope. Ascendant is seen in Sun Chart (Surya Kundli). By the way, luck is seen in the moon horoscope. By which you get to know about your future. And we see our karma in the Sun Chart (lagna kundli), what is our karma according to the zodiac, which is the result of life's karma. If seen, seeing the Ascendant in the Zodiac gives the knowledge of one's life. Optimistic people look at the moon horoscope who are confident in their destiny. There are two types of people in the world for whom Moon chart (Chandra Kundli) and Sun Chart (Surya Kundli) have been made. Those who have faith in their karma, they do not worry about the future. Keep busy in your work. by which they progress. They do not consider it necessary to see the horoscope. People who worry about future and fortune search every aspect of their horoscope. For whom the astrologer consults.

The zodiac sign for the name Kalpana is Gemini.


Tools of imagination

No equipment is needed for imagination or for imagination. Imagination is based on qualities like intelligence, prudence, thinking, understanding, awareness, good knowledge, positive attitude. Imagination is a product of mind and mind. This is not a tool. This is the quality of man.


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