Monday, January 10, 2022

Factual knowledge and characteristics dimension of knowledge is related to some fact or the other

Factual knowledge and characteristics


The dimension of knowledge is related to some fact or the other. Until the understanding of knowledge is meaningful, its fact is not revealed.

If one understands the fact of knowledge, then as one is doing some work, there is some fact attached to it everywhere in the activity which is completed by completing that task. To complete the task, many types of knowledge are required. The dimension that is created by the combination of all knowledge, that task is completed. Although the work is completed by human beings, but unless the proper dimension of knowledge is not practiced, then that work can stop somewhere and there is a problem in moving forward, due to the lack of proper use of knowledge. There are many types of facts in the knowledge engaged in completing a task, each has its own specialty. Due to the deterioration of everyone's order and discipline, there is a disturbance in the work. The order of facts should never be changed. Knowledge is also related to that.


Fact has its own discipline from which knowledge emerges.


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