Thursday, November 25, 2021

Change life knowledge situation is not under its control becomes difficult to solve the problem, on the other hand, if the people related to their work and system are not properly maintained

Life changing knowledge


Why did life have to change in knowledge?

Time and circumstance forces man to change lane in his life. The deteriorating condition of the situation brings turmoil in the life of a person, due to which it is necessary to make some changes in life to run the house and family. At present, in the last two years, the corona virus has forced a change in the lives of many people, all the businesses were closed, it was becoming difficult to run the house, earlier people used to do their work, now they have to go to work. And the way of thinking changed. If you do not do this, then you will not be able to feed your family.


Why change life knowledge?

When the situation is not under its control, then it becomes difficult to solve the problem, on the other hand, if the people related to their work and system are not properly maintained, then it is necessary to bring changes in life. What people used to like earlier, now their preferences have changed in their place, then the subject matter related to it is of no value again. The change in the preferences of the people from time to time has brought the world today in the field of progress. Earlier most of the people were farmer, lived in rural place, it was the era of cheap, they were living by doing agriculture. In today's era, till the time no one from the rural family comes to earn in the city due to inflation, then the whole year cannot be lived by doing agriculture alone. If seen, diesel, petrol were rs.3 and rs.5 in father's time, today diesel and petrol have become rs.90 and rs.100 in son's time. One generation changed but inflation increased 10 times. With the passage of time, the hobby of the people also increased. Earlier there used to be a couple of televisions and a phone in the village where everyone used to go and come to see and talk. In today's time, led and lcd tv have been installed in the house, now the child has a mobile phone in his hand. Even air-conditioned devices have been installed in many houses, which earlier was not available to anyone in rural areas. At present, there have been expensive computers and laptops in the house, which were not previously known. Inflation and hobbies of people forced to change the life of man.


Malnutrition and inflation made people migrate from village to city to change their lives knowledge.

To meet the expenses of growing family and their maintenance in the house, the man and the head of the house were forced to earn money by going to the city. Due to unemployment in their area, the league started migrating to the city where they could easily get two times bread and money for the family's livelihood. Today this is also becoming difficult in the current situation. The demand for time is being lost every moment. The scarcity of resources and the growing population made the city denser than human life. In order to live the people, where there used to be a single house of their own, in today's time, hundreds of families live in the result built in a big skyscraper. A small house has become like a bird's nest, in deteriorating condition people keep on changing their lives from time to time in their changing life knowledge.


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