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Friday, November 5, 2021

Action one does but does not do anything to belittle anyone or out of a sense of harm, otherwise one has to be made an object of further condemnation. Never hurt anyone's heart

Time is good when everything is fine

Life is there is always sorrow and happiness in it

Sometimes progress and sometimes decline, it does not mean that you should lose yourself. This is where the struggles of life begin. To achieve that which is not there in life, efforts are made to achieve it by working tirelessly day and night. So that life ahead goes well.


Upliftment of life and to run the work system properly 

One has to be committed to his rule. Whatever you are doing, it has to be kept in the middle of the people by law. You have to show your skills to the people. You will also have to be alert and aware of your honesty and behavior. Only then can you win the trust of others.


Honesty in the role of your work and a sense of interest towards others

Only then people will be attracted towards you. whatever you are doing. Do it legally. Try to show every aspect of your work so that your quality is known to the people.


Self-conscious and Moral feeling increases attraction 

Moral feeling is action. Which we get the successful result. Be alert and active and stay in the midst of people with the spirit of karma.

Anything to belittle anyone or out of a sense of harm 

Whatever action one does, but does not do anything to belittle anyone or out of a sense of harm, otherwise one has to be made an object of further condemnation. Never hurt anyone's heart.


Running the establishment

Then observe it yourself and not get it done by someone else. Try that you yourself should be present there before everyone reaches. Assess the work and arrangement yourself. Your presence brings dynamism to your work system. If you yourself are active then everything will be active.


Cheating and negligence then arise

When the spirit of karma disappears. Activity ends. Laziness and avarice increases. Everything happens in work and order, but the mind of the person working there is not positive. Therefore, do not allow such negative feelings to arise. Always avoiding it.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Biggest pillar in the imagination of human life knowledge is necessary at every stage in life along with the development of intelligence knowledge

Knowledge is the biggest pillar in the imagination of human life knowledge is necessary at every stage in life along with the development of intelligence knowledge is very necessary for balance and ease in life

How powerful is the wheel of time? Everyone knows about the cycle of time. 

Today there is happiness, tomorrow there is sadness again, happiness and then sadness is such a life cycle. What happens with this? This is the real cycle of life. Which everyone has to believe. One has to understand the cycle of time. The child is born. Then in childhood. Then goes into adolescence. Later comes puberty. Then after that it goes into superstition. Then going into old age, attains its final stage of death. That is the life cycle. In this, man enjoys good and bad happiness and sorrow. Sometimes alone and sometimes lives together. Living with mother's address in childhood. After that he lives a long life living with his wife. Then later spends time on his own with children and grandchildren. In the end, after attaining death, he goes to that house. Where did he come to get knowledge. Now the question is arising that what is human life? What is its existence? There is a great existence. If understood, the same life cycle connects one to the other. Everyone is connected to each other. So that the knowledge of one is passed on to the other who is unknown. Knowledge is not hidden anywhere. In logic, knowledge does arise. He defines everyone in the collection of knowledge and behaviour by connecting man to man. There is a living. By acquiring knowledge, every human being will reach the same place one day or the other. From where did you come here? Why don't we make good use of this time. support each other. We get good knowledge from them. Give them your good knowledge. This will make everyone's time better. This is the ocean of knowledge and this is the way of life. In the rest of the supreme knowledge, what is left from birth to death and after death. Only knowledge remains.

Knowledge is the biggest pillar in the imagination of human life

The biggest pillar in the imagination of human life is knowledge. Knowledge is necessary at every stage of life. Along with the development of intelligence, knowledge is very important for balance and ease in life. Otherwise, the incompleteness of knowledge can also bring turmoil in life. Generally, the development of knowledge should start from childhood itself. By which the ability to understand, the ability to think is acquired. In the future, one has to overcome the difficulties that come in life. To overcome the obstacles of life, a person has to work very hard with intelligence. In the ups and downs of life, whether it is work, business, service, worldliness, getting up in the society, there is a great need for wisdom, discretion and understanding everywhere in the family. That's why knowledge is very important in life. Knowledge maintains balance in the life cycle. 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Discretion intelligence is the positive aspect of the mind. When the mind is positive, it becomes calm. Concentrated mind has positive thoughts, due to which positive waves go to the mind. The brain is the field of energy which increases positive energy.

Effect of feelings

Time is passing day by day, children are born, they grow up, now we are all getting old, many times we think that the way the day is passing

Time is passing day by day. Children are born. grows up. Now we are all getting old. Many times we think that the way in which the day is passing by. In such dynamic times it seems. If you think something, something else happens. What you think does not come to fruition. It seems like all the thinking is going in vain. We are often saddened to see that thought not being fulfilled. What is the reason for all this? Those who think That doesn't happen. That would have happened. Which you don't think about. Feeling of sorrow because of all these from above. So what will be the way out?

There will be no way out for this, it is not going to come out, leave the time which is left behind completely, 

Brother, there will be no way out of this. And it's not going to come out. The time that has been left behind. Leave him completely. Only then will there be happiness in life again. The time we have got ahead. At least make good use of it. And put the old things out of your mind. Then happiness will start joining us like this. We know it. It is only when we get happiness that we also get strength. Happiness gives us energy. So why don't we run towards happiness? And leave the old things behind and move forward. Nothing is going to match what has passed. The more you think about the past, nothing is going to add up except sorrow.

Past memories have the effect of feelings, the habit of the mind has been made

There is an effect of feelings in past memories. The habit of the mind remains the same. Good things come out. Because there is an effect of emotions in it. That's the good stuff. In which there is no feeling. There is only a feeling of happiness. He doesn't stop. Going forward makes others happy. It's for everyone. Feelings really belong to him. which is in our mind. It stings like a sharp nail. So what is the meaning of keeping such a sentiment? The one who gives sorrow.

Therefore, stay away from such meaningless feelings. So that's the best. Forget what has passed. Live a happy life ahead. Move towards the light of new life. What can we get in that? Take a step towards that. Go on a new road. Where there is no box of past memories. Where there should not be any past feeling.

Time is running day by day, keep moving forward considering every moment as happiness, accept good things

Time is running day by day. Keep moving forward with happiness in every moment. Take good things. In which there is no trouble, no sorrow or any disturbance. So crossing it. reached his destination. Keep the doubts out of your mind. A lot comes in life. A lot goes. Taking knowledge from them, keep moving forward. Be happy, be happy, be happy.

There is no confusion, there is confusion of the mind, with the right understanding

There is nothing wrong. There is an illusion of the mind. If you do your work wisely with the right understanding, then every obstacle keeps getting removed. Keep calm. Do not let any kind of dispute dominate your mind. Keep calm in mind and use your intellect. You will get success in every work.

Discretion intelligence is the positive aspect of the mind

Discreet intelligence is the positive aspect of the mind. When the mind is positive. So it calms down. Concentrates. Concentrated mind has positive thoughts. Due to which positive waves go to the mind. The mind is a field of energy. Which increases positive energy. Discreet intelligence is positive from this. If the discursive intelligence is not positive then it is considered neurotic. There is a wandering in the mind of a deranged creature. Very fast thoughts are flying in his mind. which can never be accomplished. When there is constant thought, thought, activity in the brain, the activity starts ending. Who is not tired. Active positive thinking only helps in completing the task. By which the mind remains calm. Helps in essential work. The task is completed.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Continuous effort in mind becomes calm and concentrated in which happiness, cheerfulness, courage, courage, ability to strive for any work, firm determination, ability to work continuously

Nothing is bigger than action, only action is great and it is spirituality, it is the way of living that is true happiness and that is humanity


Effect of karma on mind

Karma is the religion of man, which is very necessary for the spiritual progress of life. Spirituality is the art of living the life of man. Life is the art of learning of high ideals. Here the mention of spirituality in the form of three knowledge is sattvik, majestic and tamasic, whatever may be the mental state. A tamasic person who walks on the path of knowledge in the right way can make progress in his spiritual upliftment. It can be known that a lot has to be done to change the mind, that is the medium, doing karma convinces the mind a million, but he does not believe that there is a change in the mind only by doing good deeds, the mind of those who do good deeds are filled with joy and gaiety. It happens that happiness is established through giving happiness to others.


Mind is transformed by karma

Suppose if we do any bad work, then our mind gets disturbed by it, when instead of doing bad work, we do good work for the good or service of whom, then the mind becomes happy, no matter how bad we are or When we say chili, it seems spicy when sugar seems sweet, similarly, doing good deeds on good service by a bad person makes that bad person happy for some time or for a few moments, so with selfless service. The mind becomes more cheerful as it does something good for the society or a particular person, but it should not be imaginative to achieve any subject matter inside the mind, then selfless service definitely results.


With continuous effort, the mind becomes calm and concentrated in which happiness, cheerfulness, courage, courage, ability to strive for any work, firm determination, ability to work continuously

The mind is swelled up slowly, this effort should be continuous, by talking to the children, they are pleased with the blossoming of something sweet, even if one's mind is pleased by seeing a lovely child. Service, by completing one's work on time, laziness is removed, to remove laziness one has to work continuously, which creates a feeling of loneliness, which gives the ability to maintain any work or service for a long time. It is attained which eliminates laziness completely. The virtue of firm determination develops. Spiritual progress increases through selfless service, due to which happiness, cheerfulness increases in the mind, which gets real happiness in the mind, negative feelings start ending, positive energy spreads in life, selfless work, service gets progress in life. Recognition increases in people, fame and work is achieved, due to which that person becomes great. That is what is actually called a human being.

Karma: Good worship, Positive work of life without any profit, thinks which do for people good service without any gain or The good and bad deeds of the individual in this and previous state of existence. 

Sattvik: Moral
Rajasi: Majestic, Causing Great, Admiration, Respect
Tamasic:  Darkness of life, Evil mind effect, Bad manner effect, Negative mind effects. 

Achievements of life happen the person who strives continuously while doing good to others and throwing light on every aspect of the society keeps moving forward

Tell about some such achievements of life

We tell about some such achievements of life. 

Which we all know. And is also included in everyone's life. A person who makes constant efforts goes ahead while doing good to others and throwing light on every aspect of the society. In fact, he is actually called a human being. Who is known for the good of all. That is the real person. On whom the infinite grace of God rests.


Knowledge is gained by meeting or socializing with truth person

The knowledge that is gained by meeting or socializing with such a person. It is called peace and tranquillity. Going near to which the soul feels relaxed. Such people are rare in the world. Only when we meet such people anywhere, we get a lot of happiness too. Because he keeps on sharing happiness. Their happiness never ends in their lap. The happiness he gives. Happiness goes on increasing. Such a person is only our mother in his house. There are grandparents too. There can also be elders in the society. Those who have true knowledge. Who has seen every aspect of life. Such a person must be respected. Apart from this, there are other such things as well. Those who get respect in the society or outside the society also. Whom people go to see or meet. Who ever comes to his area or city. Everything shines through his light. Everyone is affected by whose spoken word. Those virtues are virtues. Whom he also wants to respect. Who has no greed in his heart. There is no mental feeling. There is no sense of humour. There is no sense of greed. Those who do not run after money. They have only the feeling of karma. Such a person is very close to God. They are only human beings in the form of God. That's why such a person must be respected.


Imagination of life giving respect to someone  taking respect

In the imagination of life, giving respect to someone or taking respect from someone is a very big thing. The person who manages his life with understanding. One who understands positive attitude. Knows the true spirit of the individual. While being active in his life, he develops in the field of his work or service. Gives true knowledge to the people. In whom the code of humanity is filled. One who is aware of the subject matter. He is a good person. In which there is unlimited knowledge and education. Who is active. Such a person must be respected.


Want to move ahead in imagination of life

If you want to move ahead in the imagination of life. So one should definitely take inspiration from such a knowledgeable person. The main goal of a knowledgeable person may be in the field of work or the area of ​​service. Their aim is to propagate and spread correct and positive knowledge everywhere. Due to which they get fame. One must contemplate in this way in the imagination.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Capable of relationships. One who always supports you in happiness or sorrow. That's when a true relationship is recognized. When someone supports you in your sorrow

Those who give respect after seeing your time, they can never be your own. Seeing the time, the meanings are fulfilled, relationships cannot be maintained.


Time doesn't always stay the same. Sometimes happiness and sometimes sorrow

The knowledge of life. According to the time people meet and also get separated. Some help and some take advantage of helplessness. Selfish people often take advantage of the bad times of a good person and try to straighten their boob from him. After taking advantage of it as much as possible, they leave. This is the work of a selfish person. Such people often keep looking for those people. Whom always met something or the other. They do not have any behavior except for their own benefit. He always supports in the moments of happiness. They are not ashamed to even make them slaves. Their karma is always to take advantage of misfortunes.


When selfish people see that now their bad time has come 

So they disappear as if the horn from the donkey's head does not make any sense to them. There is no importance of their kindness and help.


Debtors are far to understand, they do not call them thanks 

Taking advantage of the weakness of the helper, they keep robbing them. Such people always keep a relationship, only for their own benefit.


Those people are capable of relationships 

One who always supports you in happiness or sorrow. That's when a true relationship is recognized. When someone supports you in your sorrow. Only then the relationship becomes effective and true. True people not only maintain a relationship but also keep searching for each other from time to time.


Even if you are in a distant country 

but when you make phone calls in your mind, you keep running. He appreciates a real relationship. How is the relationship done? He knows every aspect. Be it happiness or sorrow, they never leave you.


The son can break the relationship with his mother at one time 

Such people have also been seen. But there will be hardly any mother who does not care for her son. Son may forget his mother but mother never forgets her son. Be it happiness or sorrow, a mother is always worried about her son, wherever he may be.


The mother whose son cares about his mother in happiness or sorrow 

Keeps track of their every trouble. Even if he lives far away from his mother. This makes his mother very happy. In the house where there is such relationship, then that family is successful. And being a mother is called success. This is the hallmark of a true relationship.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Problems related to the integration of knowledge? knowledge may be positive or negative but it is knowledge

Additional Knowledge

What is the importance of knowledge? Knowledge is endless. 

In which so much is immersed, the less it is. It doesn't matter that someone has less knowledge and someone has more knowledge. Knowledge has no meaning. Knowledge is that we speak, hear, understand, taste, see, feel. This is all physical knowledge. Mental knowledge, emotion, attachment, attraction, repulsion, happiness and sorrow is also knowledge. More than this, the information that can be obtained in the development of life is knowledge. To think, to imagine, to be inspired, are forms of knowledge.


What is additional knowledge called?

Any kind of information is called knowledge. A person with less knowledge lives by balancing his life. He gives importance to the same subject matter in his life which is necessary for the sustenance of life. More than this, which has good information and specialties. He lives his life freely. They have the specialty of removing all kinds of hindrances and obstructions. Which makes them multidimensional. With which people discuss their complicated questions or problems in their thoughts. Such people are also thinkers. Due to the good knowledge of knowledge in their work and system, they are also very successful. According to the time and specialty, they lead their work and follow the people in the work. This is also called additional knowledge. 

There is no end to knowledge. 

It is the higher knowledge that also becomes the expert. Stuffing quality in the manufacture of something is a big deal. All this happens only because of higher knowledge. They contain special and important information. They are also inventors.


What are the problems related to the integration of knowledge?

Knowledge may be positive or negative but it is knowledge. There is a difference of understanding in this. There are many human beings in the world. When which knowledge is transmitted by a good scholar, then the views of the people are not necessarily the same. The reason behind this is people's own understanding. Because of this problems arise in the integration of knowledge.

According to the time and situation of knowledgeable wants. 

The knowledgeable and knowledgeable wants change from time to time. New options are given to the people to reduce the problem arising. So that everyone's life is accessible. But what happens? Not everyone's understanding is the same. This is the nature of the mind. Due to which people act or react on that idea according to their own. Some people like it and some people don't like it. All these problems arise in the integration of knowledge.


Bright ideas to improve knowledge

The understanding of knowledge is different for each person. Must be someone telling some thing or idea without understanding it, do not react. If you do not believe, then it does not matter, but do not inspire others to not believe. The dimension of knowledge is unlimited. It is based on the understanding of the people that how they understand it. In this multidimensional world, the feelings of the people are also different. If any scholar, thinker or wise presents any idea, then understand first. Refine your understanding with that understanding. Believe it or not, people have their own opinion. The suggested thing should never inspire others to not accept the idea.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Perceptual speed intelligence example Concept is such an emotion of the mind that by making a place in the mind of the enchanted thing, it tries hard to see it in reality

The moral of the story is the victory of wisdom over might

Moral character makes man spontaneous and alert. 

Being simple makes a lot easier. That's why one should remain simple. Simplicity breeds simplicity. In a simple sense, happiness and sorrow do not have that much effect on a person. As much as it gets in the mental sense. Being psychic is never good. Sometimes mentality can also spoil the work and system. The feeling of moving the mind is the cause of sorrow somewhere. Therefore the mind should never be allowed to be unbridled. He distances man from reality. The intellect is strengthened by spontaneity and alertness. And helps to make the mind simple. When the mind can also do might. Moral character wins over might.


Perceptual speed intelligence example

Concept is such an emotion of the mind that by making a place in the mind of the enchanted thing, it tries hard to see it in reality. This can be in everyone's mind. Despite having the knowledge of right, he does not deter himself from the actions of his mind. Knowing that nothing like this can happen, still keeps fueling those concepts in the mind. This is also a form of imagination. But this protest is absolutely wrong. This is the reason that in human life the unconscious is 90 percent and the active mind is only 10 percent conscious. Considering the knowledge to be correct, people often do not tell such things to anyone. Because it is on their mind. This is the reason that the perceptual motion remains the intelligence in the mind itself. For example, immoral desire, misdemeanor, crime which continues in the mind continuously. Less in some and more in some, such a concept flourishes in everyone's mind according to the situation and condition. The mind of the one who walks on the right path does not stay for long. And who is the primal of these concepts. takes the wrong path.


What rewards for intelligence?

Being intelligent is a great reward in itself. Everything is possible with an intellect that is positive and intuitive. There are struggles in rare and difficult work, but according to the time and on the background of the struggles, the intelligence comes true. Wisdom is active knowledge. A good experience comes from staying positive. There is immense energy in a positive mind which gives air to the intellect. Therefore being intelligent is the highest reward in itself.


Two types of meditation for both types of meditation to happen automatically a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically

Meditation of the divine Meditation is done in many ways  Meditation is tried in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically. Me...