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Friday, November 12, 2021

Real life mind do not give wind to the desire of the mind by thinking what should spread more legs than the number of sheets

Real Life Mind

Real life I try to understand the mind. 

Question arises upon question. The mind sometimes thinks like this! The mind sometimes thinks like that! As much as I try to get into my mind. I get confused. Thinking about what is necessary and what is not necessary. The mind is faster than I am not. I do not chase my mind thinking that I will not be able to win with it. When I am not able to complete my required activities. What I think doesn't happen and what I don't think is happening. Will I then be able to live up to my expectation by following this mind? I wake up in the morning to complete my routine. My daily karma and work work have not been completed on time till date. So can I ever fulfil the desire of the mind? Whatever I think that I should complete today, something or the other remains. So it is completed by going on the second day itself. And it takes several days to complete something less. So when will I fulfil the desire of the mind? I do not give wind to the desire of the mind by thinking that what should spread more legs than the number of sheets. If something becomes high and low, then I will get stuck somewhere if I hit my heart. I would never want the bull to kill me like this. I follow my mind as far as it is justified. I do what I have full knowledge and knowledge about. I try my best to keep learning something new everyday. I like to read good informative books. By not wasting wasted time, I pay more attention to my work and duty. I try to fulfil my responsibility. That's why I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy.



How many months are required to get super conscious mind?

Real life to attain super conscious mind, concentration not time is required. To attain the super conscious mind, one has to first purify the mind. One has to be aware of every incident. So that the effect of any kind of emotion does not even affect the mind and the mind should always remain simple and alert in any situation or situation. Make the mind such that neither sorrow is felt in sorrow and neither happiness is felt in happiness, then super conscious mind can move forward for success. When the feeling of the mind becomes easy while being alert. Then the mind becomes cheerful and filled with joy and gaiety. Then no matter how much happiness or sorrow such a person feels, then there is no feeling. There is no hope of any kind of change in the mood of the mind. To attain super conscious mind, yoga meditation with complete control over the mind, intellect, thinking is very important. After attaining a comfortable state in meditation, it is progressed through the subconscious mind to attain the super conscious mind. By looking into one's own mind, whatever is lying inside the mind, everything is removed and the mind is purified. So that there is no effect of any external emotion in the mind. Then the seeker resides in his soul not in the mind. Then there is no feeling in the pure state. Like the mind has died. Then there is no attachment in the seeker even for his own body. The mind gets power only after the attachment is over. Then there is no mind, there is power of the mind. There is no desire, there is will power. Then the seeker makes his new creation through the power of the mind. In which there is no place for any negative subject matter. If you make such efforts for the purpose of welfare in the world, you can get success. The hope of success is very less if you aim for the attainment of any subject matter. The attainment of the finished subject matter is the feeling of the mind. By attaining the super conscious mind the mind is exhausted. Only the power of the mind remains. Desire ends. Only the will power remains. When you bring the spirit of the mind again, all the power starts to drain. Due to this there is a fear of corrupting the intellect. Can go crazy too. Never try alone to attain the super conscious mind through meditation. Knowing it worthy, try this only under the supervision of a self-knowledge and real life knowledge.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Feelings and thoughts run through your mind at the end of your journey? at the end of the journey, the mind wanders continuously in search of peace and tranquility

Mind about body and sprit for super conscious mind


Essay on Coordination between Mind, Body and Spirit

The outer form of the soul is the mind. The inner nature of the mind is the soul. The body is the garment of the soul. At the end of its time, the soul takes on another body. The body is made up of a mixture of five elements. Soil, water, fire, air and sky are the 5 elements of the body. The abode of the soul is in the fourth element, the air element. By inhaling oxygen positive energy gets to the soul and by exhaling carbon dioxide negative energy comes out.

If the nature of the mind is external, 

Then the action of the world is affected by the mind. Due to which happiness and sorrow arise. This is called a disturbed mind. When the mind is calm, the mind becomes internally in the soul, that is, in itself. Often in sleep the mind is inside, so nothing is known due to lack of awareness of the outside world. Then the mind becomes completely calm.

Spirit is violet energy. There is a light. Which has many colours. 

The positive light is the light. Negative light is the dark color pouring art. Also there is the set and color of the soul. The red color symbolizes the earth element. Orange color is the symbol of water element. Yellow color symbolizes the element of fire. Green color is the symbol of air element. The dark green color symbolizes the sky element. Blue color symbolizes the soul. Violet color is a symbol of God. In the outer world the soul resides in the sense of the mind. In the inner world the soul is in the self or in the divine. Where he builds himself in contact with the divine. By staying in the five elements, the sense of self decreases. Living in the inner mind creates a sense of self. From where one contacts with the outside world or God.


What feelings and thoughts run through your mind at the end of your journey?

At the end of the journey, the mind wanders continuously in search of peace and tranquility. Just as childhood is innocuous, old age is also a conscious childhood. In search of peace, the mind starts sacrificing every one of its buildings. Whether the wish is fulfilled or not does not make any difference. The mind still generates desire, but the mind itself inspires to live in the worldly world. As long as there is a feeling of the mind, the final journey cannot even begin. Whenever it seems that the soul's time is getting fulfilled, then the mind generates desire to stay in the worldly sense so that the soul stays. Desire is also a worldly feeling. When the real time is over, the mind renounces its every emotion. In the end, after ending attachment with the body, he goes to the world from where he had come. Then the body of the five elements starts deteriorating. Then the last rites are performed by the relatives according to the customs. Prayers are offered by the relatives for the peace of the soul of the deceased. After death, only the self-light goes, the mind, living in this world, fulfills or ends one of its objectives, for which purpose it comes to acquire knowledge in this world. After acquiring knowledge, one merges in the world. Its effect goes to the soul. Then he takes birth again and walks on the path of new knowledge. The soul comes into the world only to gain knowledge.


How many months are required to get super conscious mind?

There is no such scheduling. It takes 21 days in a regular manner. For this, it is necessary to have a true guide with you. Never try yourself through the book of knowledge. This happens only by following the right path given by the Priest. The super conscious mind is not for the worldly man. There is a super conscious mind for the purpose of welfare of the world and the welfare of others.


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