Friday, July 9, 2021

Imagination is the expansion of one's desire in life, it is called imagination, after organizing the desire and collecting deep thoughts on it

Imagination meaning

Fantasy meaning

The importance of expanding one's desire in life is called imagination. Collecting deep positive thoughts in the mind by organizing the desire. To go in the direction of fulfilling the desire of the mind. Fulfilments of desire is the meaning of imagination. It is not just about imagining. It takes hard work to make a creative imagination come true. Positive thinking fulfils creative imagination. Positive desires of the mind are fulfilled. The main purpose of imagination is to organize positive desire and work in a positive direction to fulfil the desire in the mind. Arise mind move in the direction of fulfilling your positive desire. The mind is activated. It doesn't take much to fulfil a positive desire. The imagination is balanced by the positive will. Those who are appropriate according to the time, eligibility and merit. When the sense of imagination is positive and balanced, positive desire becomes active in the mind. There is no interruption or interference. The spirit of karma moves in the direction of fulfilling a positive desire. Desire in imagination should be different from good deeds. The feeling of real mind is only positive. One cannot trust every kind of desire that runs in the mind. Desire is the imprint of the external mind. Hence desire can be positive, negative or even mixed. Imagination for an active mind means to activate the desire in the mind with the spirit of the mind.


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