Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Capable of relationships. One who always supports you in happiness or sorrow. That's when a true relationship is recognized. When someone supports you in your sorrow

Those who give respect after seeing your time, they can never be your own. Seeing the time, the meanings are fulfilled, relationships cannot be maintained.


Time doesn't always stay the same. Sometimes happiness and sometimes sorrow

The knowledge of life. According to the time people meet and also get separated. Some help and some take advantage of helplessness. Selfish people often take advantage of the bad times of a good person and try to straighten their boob from him. After taking advantage of it as much as possible, they leave. This is the work of a selfish person. Such people often keep looking for those people. Whom always met something or the other. They do not have any behavior except for their own benefit. He always supports in the moments of happiness. They are not ashamed to even make them slaves. Their karma is always to take advantage of misfortunes.


When selfish people see that now their bad time has come 

So they disappear as if the horn from the donkey's head does not make any sense to them. There is no importance of their kindness and help.


Debtors are far to understand, they do not call them thanks 

Taking advantage of the weakness of the helper, they keep robbing them. Such people always keep a relationship, only for their own benefit.


Those people are capable of relationships 

One who always supports you in happiness or sorrow. That's when a true relationship is recognized. When someone supports you in your sorrow. Only then the relationship becomes effective and true. True people not only maintain a relationship but also keep searching for each other from time to time.


Even if you are in a distant country 

but when you make phone calls in your mind, you keep running. He appreciates a real relationship. How is the relationship done? He knows every aspect. Be it happiness or sorrow, they never leave you.


The son can break the relationship with his mother at one time 

Such people have also been seen. But there will be hardly any mother who does not care for her son. Son may forget his mother but mother never forgets her son. Be it happiness or sorrow, a mother is always worried about her son, wherever he may be.


The mother whose son cares about his mother in happiness or sorrow 

Keeps track of their every trouble. Even if he lives far away from his mother. This makes his mother very happy. In the house where there is such relationship, then that family is successful. And being a mother is called success. This is the hallmark of a true relationship.

Every problem has its own solution By understanding the subject properly, success is achieved in the work done with understanding

The solution of your problem is with you only, others have only suggestions to give.


What is the problem? 

Getting stuck on some work or subject and there is no way out how to complete that work. In spite of having knowledge and experience, when everything remains grounded and there is no development. In such a situation, there is bound to be a problem.


Where does the problem come from? 

One, the problem arises due to lack of proper use of knowledge. Experience is a big thing, even if the experience is not used properly, then the problem arises. Problems arise due to not understanding the specifics of the subject properly. Wrong understanding also creates problems. Many times the concentration is disturbed due to lack of mind in some work and also due to wandering here and there. Even more problem arises.


Every problem has its own solution 

By understanding the subject properly, success is achieved in the work done with understanding. It is very important to put the mind in any work or subject. This increases concentration. Which is a sign of success. Due to this, the mind does not wander here and there away from the subject. The job is successful. Completing a complex task or subject requires hard work and decent experience. Throughout life, a person keeps on learning something or the other from the experience of himself and others every day. One who creates new creation by becoming experience.


It is not necessary that the given work should be done by only one method

if it is completed by other means or knowledge, then new experience is born. This is also a sign of progress. Due to this the work is completed easily and in less time. Which acts as an inspiration to others. If one way is closing, then somewhere the other way starts opening itself. If knowledge and experience is working properly, then another path opens itself.


In a given situation, someone else or a well-wisher can tell the way to himself or give a good idea. 

That work has to be done by oneself. In the opposite situation, others have only suggestions to give. Which gives a route display. The work has to be done by oneself.


Two types of meditation for both types of meditation to happen automatically a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically

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