Thursday, December 9, 2021

Narrow mind is the first step of creative thinking is it true or false It is absolutely wrong that

A narrow mind is the first step to creative thinking, true or false


Absolutely wrong that a narrow mind is the first step to creative thinking.

Narrow minded people have limited thinking, they live in a creative understanding of self-made pomp. Which is not compatible with any other. By being repeatedly in the creative imagination itself, the scope of their thinking is only in the imagination, which has no correspondence with the reality. He imposes a lot of restrictions on himself, due to which he keeps thinking about seeing creativity only in imagination and being in reality. It is believed that they also have creative thinking, but in reality if they happen, then it is an impossible thing.


Turn the creative thinking born in the narrow mind into reality.

Understanding is negligible from where to start. Thinking is right on which it should be worked and if it is brought to perfection with creative minds, then it is fine, but in the mind of a narrow-minded person, many types of fear and fear prevail in the mind, which never starts in the direction of implementing his thinking. Tax know. By creating creative thinking in his own imagination, he remains happy or frustrated in himself. It is never known about the obstruction in his mind. Due to which in reality a lot of loss and failure is found in life. If you stay away from narrow thinking then it is very good.   

Skills where understanding knowing and thinking are the main determinants of successful performance

Skills where knowing and understanding are key determinants of successful performance



Skill is a very important thing to create and handle the subject matter. 

When the mind is filled with the skills of its work, there is positive energy in the mind. Such a person can live anywhere by finding work for himself. With the experience of skill, thinking and understanding are also sharp and brilliant. There is no problem in announcing about your skills. When asked about kisses, the answer is received from the stream and in reciting it to the person in front, due to which the person who narrates is attracted, is fascinated by hearing the skill of his work and awakens the desire in the mind to get it.


Unleashing the new creation with your skills and experience increases the criteria of success in life. 

That's why a person with experienced skills always keeps on creating new ones in the enthusiasm of doing something. Engineers and scientists always work with enthusiasm in their research and new techniques. Organized thinking obstructs the dimension of life and fame is gained by the new construction done by the experience of skill. Continuous effort and hard work enhances our thinking and understanding, due to which the mind is always happy and blissful. Moving towards new creation and annoyance doubles the enthusiasm. With the attainment of skill and experience in life, many types of obstacles are removed like this. Whether it is the skill of talking or the skill of creating the subject matter, the mind is always happy.    

Mental disorder where child creates a hypothetical world

Mental disorder where child creates a hypothetical world in his mind than chase to bring that in real life even if it is difficult to bring life to it?


Accurately understood the nature of mind and brain. Even though the psychotherapist has removed its parameters, but it is definitely far from the accuracy of the understanding of the mind. What is going on in whose mind it is only those people whose mind is going on. According to his intellect and mind from his external nature, he was successful in understanding his abilities. No one has the power to look into someone's mind and read their thoughts. It is said that the enlightened ones read the mind, but such evidence has not been seen in the present.


Definition of a child's mind is much more complex than the definition of an adult's mind. Knowledge increases with the change of understanding in old age. The child is now learning. is making a mistake. Understanding knowledge by making mistakes. Unless the child makes a mistake, his understanding will not grow. That's why it can never be called a mental disorder. There are three types of intelligence. Inner intelligence, external intelligence and social intelligence, a child living in his mind and imagination can be of inner intelligence, till the development of intelligence in his brain, he cannot be called a disorder. Wisdom increases with understanding, this is knowledge. The child is still innocent, when his brain develops, which area he goes to, it is completely based on his mind.


Inner intellect live in their mind and move in imagination. There is concentration in them. Even though worldly knowledge is less, but understanding does not decrease. People have less tendency to live together. Behavior is less but both respect and disrespect are same. He does not let anyone walk in front of his insistence. It cannot be called a disorder, it is its nature. Scientists, doctors, writers, inventors are all those with inner intelligence who create in a new dimension.

Is it possible that two people have a mind with totally same thinking if I give everything equal treatment to both of them?

Is it possible that two people have a mind with totally same thinking if I give everything equal treatment to both of them?

It is not possible to have the same mind at all, even if a person with the same behavior is treated in the same way, it is possible that the thoughts and thinking arising in both of them will definitely be different. Maybe the thinking of both is positive, but the understanding of both will never be the same, some will be less and some will definitely be more. Even after the birth of a twin child, the questions and answers raised in the mind of both of them are also different. There is a slight difference in the physical body even though both look alike. The assessment of mind and brain has never been so accurate that when the understanding of the mind of two people is the same, then the mixed answer will also be the same. The balance can be positive. Thoughts can be found, but all thoughts can never be the same. The answer to the behavior done on both of them can definitely be found positive, but there is definitely a difference in its evidence.


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