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Peace, value, penalty, difference is not a small thing in the knowledge of life, it is understood very carefully. If there is even the slightest bit of understanding, then people take out its negative meaning

Peace, value, penalty, difference 

This is a miracle of using power cleverly 

If you see this in reality, then in today's time, something has definitely gone home in everyone's mind. Some have less and some have more than their power and might.

This is not a small thing in the knowledge of life

It is understood very carefully. If there is even the slightest bit of understanding, then people take out its negative meaning. By the way, it is known only by reading this that if all these four are together, then surely they are wrong. But it is not so. understand it properly.

Peace means associated with peace 

Often people everything is fine. If there is no discrimination, then people take the way out of the rising thoughts peacefully. Then it is generally considered the best.

Value does not mean here the value of an item

There is an intuitive sense here. How much can you bear in yourself? It's good if everything is going well by forgiving someone.

Even if it is not talked about then it is real

Punishment for self-immolation is also mandatory. Making knowledge of the subject matter and making them realize what is the consequence of deviating from the importance of the subject is the punishment. It also has many criteria.

If too much obstinate and stubborn still does not talk to him

It is wisdom to shun him. Make a distance from him. End the relationship. It should be understood that now he is not according to his category. But take this path in yourself and not by expressing it.

This is a gift to those friends in the wisdom of life. Who actually observes his knowledge from time to time.

Enthusiasm has as much importance for life as it affects karma. Karma is that unit of life which can be measured only by self-reliance

Zeal of action in the ideology of life


Enthusiasm has as much importance for life as it affects karma. Karma is that unit of life which can be measured only by self-reliance. Karma has nothing for itself. Karma comes only for the benefit and favour of others. Humanity is not complete until it does some work selflessly. If such a building is not coming to life, then somewhere there is some or the other very big deficiency which is either not known or is not being exposed properly. Everything is there if you think and do it for yourself, but if you do it for others, then real life is felt. Everyone knows and everyone does, yet it is never understood that what is real life? To live for yourself is the biggest act. Unless a man does it for himself, how can he do it for others? The first use of knowledge is only on oneself, then whatever is earned from it, then goes to family relationships and acquaintances, even if there is not a small fraction. Only after being capable of himself, a person is able to do something for others, that is the reason for enthusiasm.


Enthusiasm is above self-reliance

In which when a person becomes proficient after studying every aspect of life, then the effect of knowledge also falls on others, by his words or by his actions, those who understand him and try to read it. True knowledge does not remain hidden anywhere, it keeps on being revealed in some form or the other, this is the definition of real knowledge. When things are good, everyone likes and praises them. Positive emotion emanating from knowledge, which contains something for everyone, then it inspires. When doing something for someone, it should be exposed with the feeling of due and not with the sense of selfishness, otherwise he will not come under the realm of karma and self-reliance will go away. Where while doing nothing for oneself, when something happens with the aim of upliftment and well-being of others, then the mind gets real peace.


To try life, you can test yourself.

If an unknown person is hungry, if he is saying that "i am sick, i want food", if there is a feeling of gratitude in the mind, then he will definitely get him food. If you think that what will I get by feeding it, then doing that favour or not doing both will be the same, even if you give food to him with this feeling, then bringing such a feeling will have to fall further from the level of oneself. If without thinking, if the mind is saying that give it food and feed them with love with a clean mind, then after looking at your mind with that feeling, some happiness is hidden from that feeling somewhere or the other. Will see look into that happiness and see that it will be much higher than real happiness. In that sense, along with happiness, there will be enthusiasm, such enthusiasm is found only through selfless deeds, when everything is balanced according to the country, time and letter, then there is incomparable happiness in life. The balance in the happiness of life comes from the feeling of due rather than indulgence.  

There is a big difference between happiness and real happiness. 

Good and knowledgeable information of life is filled. through this medium, the effect of darkness can be reduced by enlightening light in the darkness surrounded by life

Life of man  is a blank book. Day-to-day activities and their effects are being recorded in this daily book


Which people remember from time to time and experience happiness and sorrow. What has been recorded in it can never be erased. One may wish for a million, but no one can erase that written phrase. Every aspect of life's ups and downs is being recorded on every single page of the mind. No matter how good or strong the time may be, but the secrets and memories of the mind always shake the mind.


In summary, understanding should be used to understand the house of sorrow and move forward. 

It should never happen that the mind is stuck in those deaf pages due to confusion. Let those things remain in the page, whenever that page comes in the mind, then leaving it, it should reach that page quickly. Where there are some good and informative things, then only one can come out of the dark society. In loneliness, such pages are often entangled in the mind and come to the fore again and again. Therefore, it is better to understand the mind in loneliness than to take the help of some external book. In which good and knowledgeable information of life is filled. Through this medium, the effect of darkness can be reduced by enlightening light in the darkness surrounded by life.

Inspirational quotes for a successful life, it is very important to have active intelligence and discretion along with hard work

Inspirational quotes


1. For a successful life, it is very important to have active intelligence and discretion along with hard work.

2. Human religion itself be happy and happy, let others also live happily and peacefully.

3. Be each other's support, live and let live.

4. Get up early in the morning, but don't sleep late at night.

5. Monitor yourself, don't look into the mind of others.

6. Speak less, listen more.

7. Believe in yourself, never ignore others.

8. Respect the woman, clear your mind.

9. Don't be discouraged, bring simplicity in life.

10. Life is inspired by knowledge, understand yourself then explain it to others.

Reality is beyond imagination living in life is faced with reality grope ourselves that doing and the warp knitted fantasy wire becomes wire

Color of life is definitely in the imagination

Life is an ocean full of imagination small happiness to immense joy.

Everything is in the imagination at the time of gaiety. Small happiness should be in every moment of life, it is all in the imagination. Do not know how many stories have been made in the loneliness of the bygone time. Everyone's unity is only in the imagination. All the purpose of dream is in imagination while searching for happiness while sleeping. Finding a way to recover your life by living is just a fantasy. Do not know how many dreams are in the imagination. Every moment of life is in imagination.


Reality is beyond imagination

When living in life is faced with reality. Then we grope ourselves that we have said. What are you doing. And what were you thinking? Then all the warp knitted fantasy wire becomes wire. Desire can be anything. But life has to go through the phase of struggles to fulfill the wish. Hard work, smooth system, active intellect, prudence, balance in desire, being active towards imagination, balance in life, effective thoughts, respect for the people who meet friends are such a positive aspect. Which can be achieved after following it with a sincere heart.

Thinks of man that have to do good deeds doing something good will be the only support helping the sad day has erased the craving

Karma is important in the life of  human being

Karma (Moral) is everything by action 

Without action there is nothing, in the dimension of life, there is a great achievement of karma, service of parents, service of elders, help in society, support to the poor and unhappy. All these are the means of karma, to do one's own work, to be busy in oneself, this is man's work, business and employment, it gives satisfaction to the mind, it should be like this, if the mind is positive and does its work, it is good. Because karma is attained only by the achievement of the work business, by rising above which thinking man does the work.

Thinks of man that we have to do good deeds 

Doing something good will be the only support, helping the sad day has erased the craving, due to which the mind of man remains calm, helping in the society increases the dimension as if something bad is happening in the society. Yes, if one class is disregarding another class, then by making them aware through knowledge, they should consider all the classes as equal and motivate the people so that all remain the same, service to elders is a very successful deed. It happens that by supporting those whose journey is about to end, the mind feels wonderful peace and happiness, if able, then those children should also be supported who have no one, who are orphans, by supporting them. Achievement is achieved, there is a name in the society, all this work which is done selflessly is called karma.


Through intuitive understanding sacraments are usually found at home most important is the sacraments to be reunited with the parents a part from this, the rites are given to the child from the childhood, from the very elders in such a house

What has someone said, only sacraments can stop crime, not the government.


The sacraments are usually found at home 

The most important is the sacraments to be reunited with the parents. Apart from this, the rites are given to the child from the childhood, from the very elders in such a house. Respect the elders, do not quarrel, do not speak bad to anyone, do not steal, childhood is always the time to make mistakes, through which everyone in the family, through their own means, makes the child aware of his mistake. In the form of knowledge acquired from childhood, it is the sacraments that shows him the right path ahead. Who has the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in his future.


It takes no time for anyone to take the wrong path 

But ignoring his mistake from childhood and letting him follow his own path only encourages the mistake. That's why rituals are very important.


If any child is doing something wrong 

Do not do this by making him realize his mistake that it is not right, it does not happen in one go, you have to do knowledge again and again.


Children are innocent, they should never be given any knowledge by beating them

By doing this, he can also become stubborn. There is a sense of knowledge which comes only through intuitive understanding. If you are uncomfortable, your knowledge will remain incomplete. The responsibility of the parents increases with the birth of the child. That's why the child has to understand the same thing many times. Only then does the child realize the knowledge.


The child acquires good and progressive knowledge of education 

In school and college only by the knowledge and rites received from the family. Reading, writing, remembering, writing by remembering, all these are the medium of knowledge. Sacraments is a positive knowledge, which increases the reality and struggles in life. As the child moves from his lower grade to the next higher grade, knowledge and the world also increase in the same way.


Whose knowledge remains incomplete. 

If there is a difference between the reality and the feeling of the mind, if someone follows his mind, takes the wrong path and commits some mistake. Which is not good for the people and the society. Then through government governance and administration, knowledge is imparted by getting punishment. But by doing this his mind is restrained, it becomes difficult to divert his mind from crime. Therefore, in order to curb the increasing crime by the government and administration, that criminal is put in jail for some time or years.


Therefore, the crime happening 

Can be stopped only by the culture given from childhood, and not by the reins imposed by the government government and administration.     

Competitive exams test your knowledge this is true acquire knowledge from school and college School and college knowledge helps us to acquire other's knowledge

Do competitive exams test your knowledge?

Competitive exams test your knowledge. This is true. We acquire knowledge from school and college. School and college knowledge helps us to acquire other's knowledge. By what means do we acquire other knowledge by acquiring knowledge from school and college. It is based on this. How aware are we of knowledge? Any knowledge becomes a medium to acquire other knowledge. Like reading newspaper daily, reading magazine, reading book, what knowledge do you gain from activities happening in society. What do we get from watching TV? TV can be the greatest medium of knowledge. It includes everything. Now you have to understand yourself. What is our mind learning from TV? Knowledge is based on this. In TV, all the news of the country and the world are found through news. A lot of knowledge is gained through the program. The drama of TB is a medium of knowledge or else they can understand themselves. TV drama is the epitome of versatility. The greatest wisdom of life is also in the TV drama. Inspirational wisdom abounds in TV dramas. The thing is, from where do we get knowledge. If you look in the letter or key of competitive examinations, then you will know that all this is based on general knowledge. Which happens in daily life in the society or in the country. There are question papers of competitive examinations on the knowledge of the past and present of the country and the world. Therefore, what knowledge do we get from the past and present news of the country and the world? Together how strong is our math? What we learn in school and college. How do we understand mathematics with our knowledge. How much time do you answer? How much time do we take to answer the general knowledge question? All this is based on our own knowledge. That's why competitive exams also test your knowledge.

Continuous effort in mind becomes calm and concentrated in which happiness, cheerfulness, courage, courage, ability to strive for any work, firm determination, ability to work continuously

Nothing is bigger than action, only action is great and it is spirituality, it is the way of living that is true happiness and that is humanity


Effect of karma on mind

Karma is the religion of man, which is very necessary for the spiritual progress of life. Spirituality is the art of living the life of man. Life is the art of learning of high ideals. Here the mention of spirituality in the form of three knowledge is sattvik, majestic and tamasic, whatever may be the mental state. A tamasic person who walks on the path of knowledge in the right way can make progress in his spiritual upliftment. It can be known that a lot has to be done to change the mind, that is the medium, doing karma convinces the mind a million, but he does not believe that there is a change in the mind only by doing good deeds, the mind of those who do good deeds are filled with joy and gaiety. It happens that happiness is established through giving happiness to others.


Mind is transformed by karma

Suppose if we do any bad work, then our mind gets disturbed by it, when instead of doing bad work, we do good work for the good or service of whom, then the mind becomes happy, no matter how bad we are or When we say chili, it seems spicy when sugar seems sweet, similarly, doing good deeds on good service by a bad person makes that bad person happy for some time or for a few moments, so with selfless service. The mind becomes more cheerful as it does something good for the society or a particular person, but it should not be imaginative to achieve any subject matter inside the mind, then selfless service definitely results.


With continuous effort, the mind becomes calm and concentrated in which happiness, cheerfulness, courage, courage, ability to strive for any work, firm determination, ability to work continuously

The mind is swelled up slowly, this effort should be continuous, by talking to the children, they are pleased with the blossoming of something sweet, even if one's mind is pleased by seeing a lovely child. Service, by completing one's work on time, laziness is removed, to remove laziness one has to work continuously, which creates a feeling of loneliness, which gives the ability to maintain any work or service for a long time. It is attained which eliminates laziness completely. The virtue of firm determination develops. Spiritual progress increases through selfless service, due to which happiness, cheerfulness increases in the mind, which gets real happiness in the mind, negative feelings start ending, positive energy spreads in life, selfless work, service gets progress in life. Recognition increases in people, fame and work is achieved, due to which that person becomes great. That is what is actually called a human being.

Karma: Good worship, Positive work of life without any profit, thinks which do for people good service without any gain or The good and bad deeds of the individual in this and previous state of existence. 

Sattvik: Moral
Rajasi: Majestic, Causing Great, Admiration, Respect
Tamasic:  Darkness of life, Evil mind effect, Bad manner effect, Negative mind effects. 

Achievements of life happen the person who strives continuously while doing good to others and throwing light on every aspect of the society keeps moving forward

Tell about some such achievements of life

We tell about some such achievements of life. 

Which we all know. And is also included in everyone's life. A person who makes constant efforts goes ahead while doing good to others and throwing light on every aspect of the society. In fact, he is actually called a human being. Who is known for the good of all. That is the real person. On whom the infinite grace of God rests.


Knowledge is gained by meeting or socializing with truth person

The knowledge that is gained by meeting or socializing with such a person. It is called peace and tranquillity. Going near to which the soul feels relaxed. Such people are rare in the world. Only when we meet such people anywhere, we get a lot of happiness too. Because he keeps on sharing happiness. Their happiness never ends in their lap. The happiness he gives. Happiness goes on increasing. Such a person is only our mother in his house. There are grandparents too. There can also be elders in the society. Those who have true knowledge. Who has seen every aspect of life. Such a person must be respected. Apart from this, there are other such things as well. Those who get respect in the society or outside the society also. Whom people go to see or meet. Who ever comes to his area or city. Everything shines through his light. Everyone is affected by whose spoken word. Those virtues are virtues. Whom he also wants to respect. Who has no greed in his heart. There is no mental feeling. There is no sense of humour. There is no sense of greed. Those who do not run after money. They have only the feeling of karma. Such a person is very close to God. They are only human beings in the form of God. That's why such a person must be respected.


Imagination of life giving respect to someone  taking respect

In the imagination of life, giving respect to someone or taking respect from someone is a very big thing. The person who manages his life with understanding. One who understands positive attitude. Knows the true spirit of the individual. While being active in his life, he develops in the field of his work or service. Gives true knowledge to the people. In whom the code of humanity is filled. One who is aware of the subject matter. He is a good person. In which there is unlimited knowledge and education. Who is active. Such a person must be respected.


Want to move ahead in imagination of life

If you want to move ahead in the imagination of life. So one should definitely take inspiration from such a knowledgeable person. The main goal of a knowledgeable person may be in the field of work or the area of ​​service. Their aim is to propagate and spread correct and positive knowledge everywhere. Due to which they get fame. One must contemplate in this way in the imagination.

Life knowledge taking positive action breathing is very important waking up early in the morning, wearing loose-fitting clothes, walking empty feet on the green grass and taking a fresh breath from both the sides of the nose simultaneously

With fresh breath in the morning 

New thoughts and new concepts with good thinking always gives achievement, which is a useless feeling in the mind. which are of no use. By taking it out, it calms the mind and satisfies the soul.

With the beginning of a new day 

It fills the joy in life with a new freshness. May the joy of life be an ocean of knowledge, basically the flow of new energy with fresh breath fills positive energy in life. By which the wasted feelings and thoughts are removed, the suppressed feelings end and new stars fill the heart and mind with freshness. Due to which the mind becomes calm and active. The mind swells with joy. First of all, positive energy increases our basic knowledge, so that the work that is necessary, positive energy increases it.

Taking positive action breathing is very important 

Waking up early in the morning, wearing loose-fitting clothes, walking empty feet on the green grass and taking a fresh breath from both the sides of the nose simultaneously, there is a flow of freshness in the body and mind. This flow should be positive. At that time there should not be any kind of work or any stress. In the morning the mind is calm. Therefore, there should not be any kind of stress in the morning. In order to refresh for happiness and happiness, one should walk empty feet on green grass in the morning.

Everything is achieved in the light of knowledge, that is called invention, while doing research somewhere or the other, we have lost something

The one who burns the whole life and gives light 

To the people Who gets pleasure only in burning, when it burns, light is produced from which people get light, that is called the mantle of a gas light.


Burn in the light of life

What is burning? Burning is not only useless and useless as people understand, burning has also been said to anyone who does some research in search of knowledge, publishes something, gives knowledge to some people, it does not give any material benefit but people get a lot is given. Everything is achieved in the light of knowledge, that is called invention, while doing research somewhere or the other, we have lost something, similarly everything has not been achieved in the world today, the researcher has devoted his whole life to any one subject. The research that we have done by putting our heart and mind on it, by focusing on it, today life has become easy for all of us.


life's first achievement first research first invention

How do we understand our life, what we do, which way our mind goes, do we think good or bad, in the light of real life there is only positive thinking which rarely anyone converts that understanding into research. And he matures and exposes it, he also sets an example in front of the world, the first research was done in the world, that too unintentionally which was completed in one aspect and became a very big research, That became a circular circle.

A person was dragging some goods, then suddenly he started moving on a round shaped object, along with that he also started moving round and moving forward in the same easy way, then that person started using it by giving a circular shape to a thing is done.

The same round-shaped architecture, evolving with change 

Later became the wheels of the car today, the car became the round-shaped parts of machine, the factory yesterday and countless many tools, even many objects of everyday life, which today have become. The whole world runs.

Real life knowledge one must live openly before dying this is called loving life life should be lived happily life should be lived happily

Real life knowledge one must live openly before dying this is called loving life

Real life knowledge life and death is the gift of God. Everyone has the right to a happy life. There is joy and sorrow in life. 

Real life knowledge every experience of life is for knowledge only. Passing time after time, every moment time gives something and it also takes something. There is no need to be disappointed by this. The happy moments of life. He should try to live. This spreads horse and gaiety in life. To achieve this, life has to be lived freely. By talking lovingly with the children, keeping affection with the wife, talking openly with the grandsons, telling friendship as one's troubles, it eases the mind a lot. If anything is lying inside the mind, then after talking to someone, it should be lightened by coming out. If you do anything with a light heart for happiness, then there is a lot of joy. For one's own happiness, if you do something for someone else, it increases horse and gaiety. Which gives unmatched peace and happiness in life. Keeping this aspect in mind, one should move forward in life. Life should be lived happily.


Real life knowledge something for happiness to someone and your own happiness, then you can hardly get success in it. 

Real life knowledge doing something selflessly for others brings immense happiness. You can try it and see. Desire is the cause of all the miseries of man's life. As much as there is desire in the mind and it is not fulfilled on time, then it can also become a cause of sorrow. Therefore the desire must be balanced. If possible, even if he gives away something to give happiness to someone in life, then he definitely gets happiness from his happiness. Whether for loved ones or for strangers. Even if you do something selflessly, it generates an atmosphere of happiness to a great extent. Real happiness comes from seeing happiness in the happiness of others. If you love yourself, then there must be something for everyone in your mind. This expands the mind. This does not mean that one should do it for a selfish, such a person must be avoided. Because helping them in any way harms itself. In which there is a feeling of sympathy. One who respects someone's help. Control is necessary everywhere. If you do something for someone and do not wish for yourself in return, then happiness definitely comes in life. This is called how to love your life.

Real life to be comfortable and happy in real life live life happily one must first love one's work which earns it is necessary to earn to take care of yourself and family

A lot has to be done to be comfortable and happy in real life 

To live life happily, one must first love one's work. which earns. It is necessary to earn to take care of yourself and family. It's money! So that's all! Otherwise no one even respects you! With the passage of time, the distinctions of knowledge can also change, but knowledge is knowledge only. But it can have many forms. One should earn by working hard in a positive way and with intelligence.


Struggle in life should be filled code by code 

Nothing is achieved without struggle. The path of thinking should be right for the struggle. So that the mind should be united and develop on any one subject. Only then the struggle succeeds. If life is there, it is reasonable that there will be many ways and ideas. But this does not mean that every path should be adopted. The same way works. One who can concentrate his intellect. Explore your mind and you will know which path is sitting right. Only then do struggles on all those paths which can make life excellent.


It is very important to make compromises in life 

The corona virus, which has spread for some time, has strengthened the work of many people by compromising in the business. Because of this, the preferences of the people changed. Due to lack of money, people gave their hobby to stability. Enterprises that were booming. Many of those enterprises collapsed. Do not know how many people's jobs were ruined. Forced people had to compromise in their work and business in the past. Earlier, they were working very well in their field, but what they are getting today. He has to make his living in it.


In today's time, the real problem is on the business of those decorators and events workers 

Who used to do wedding and event work. His work was based on the number of guests at the wedding. But in the last two years, when even the relatives of the house cannot come to the wedding, then what invitation to give to others. Neither decoration nor any observance, so much silence was not there even in a modest birthday party. Today, after influencing a big program like marriage, marriage has now been limited to only two houses. It is believed that this saved a lot of expenses for the family members, but all their wishes remained unfulfilled. The real effect of all these circumstances fell on the decorator and event person, all their artisans, artists and laborers became useless. For whom there is no business at present.


Transformation made people sit at home and work that was being done in the office those people were forced to do online at home 

So that the business can be saved. What is all this? It is a sign of compromise with life. Slowly people started coming to their work business due to less disease and started working as before. The situation is still not smooth. No one should be blamed for this. In the times of change, something or the other fluctuates. But the path of life can be made easier by making compromises. 

Life real knowledge means familiarity with reality which is essential in life. what is good? what is bad?

Knowledge information in English

Knowledge information in English from which there is any experience that answers the questions that arise in life. The importance of English is from the language. The language of World is mainly spoken in English. Knowledge is quality. Running towards knowledge is activity. Language English is a colloquial language.


Answer to the raising of the question

The answer to the raising of the question of knowledge is found through knowledge. Every question raised from time to time can be solved by knowledge only. Therefore knowledge is very important.


Knowledge Synonyms

Knowledge Synonyms Virtue, knowledge, teaching, education, study, erudition, introduction, scholarship, discretion, enlightenment, study, written, good speaking, good listening, goodness, understanding, instinct, equanimity, intelligence, sense, spirituality.


Knowledge means

Knowledge means familiarity with reality which is essential in life. what is good? what is bad? The experience of a single emotion which is a symbol of goodness. Divert your way to that side. Moving forward understanding every possible reality.


What is knowledge?

What is knowledge? PDF Knowledge is an experience. A PDF is a version of a computer in which a group of pictures or lines of handwriting are added one by one. The computer shows it all in turn in one page together in PDF or whatever is necessary. You can see it through this page. Similarly, in the PDF of life, there should be good words and good knowledge collection in knowledge. According to the knowledge that is needed, that knowledge should be understood and used.


How to pronounce wisdom?

How to pronounce wisdom? Pronounce with ease, humility, respect, carefully, happily, happily.

Disciplinary knowledge and scope real life quotes main aspect of disciplinary knowledge have to run yourself according to your own rules

What is disciplinary knowledge nature and scope?


Main aspect of disciplinary knowledgedefine disciplinary knowledge

Definition of disciplinary knowledge have to run yourself according to your own rules. The person who follows some rules in his life. According to which he sets his routine. This is called disciplinary knowledge. After disciplining himself, he wakes up early in the morning, after completing the necessary work, he gets engaged in his work. Whoever does the work, does it according to the rules made by himself. Whether those rules are liked by others or not, but it is knowledge to follow your own rules. Self rule under disciplinary knowledge should be positive. Only then the discipline remains intact. If the rule is positive then all will be well and on time. So early in the morning. To do routine by taking bath etc. Have breakfast on time. Go to your work on time. Eat lunch on time. To do your work according to the rules. Meeting people in a positive way. good behaviour. To serve the parents. Take care of the education of the children. Respect everyone in the house. To talk to everyone with love. Give respect to elders. To give respect Keep working hard. Eat dinner on time. To sleep at night on time. So that on the second day a new day has to be started. Such a routine can be maintained under disciplinary knowledge. 

Nature and role of disciplinary knowledge

Meaning of disciplinary knowledge from time to time there is a change in nature itself. But nature does not change quickly. Some change happens. Like summer after winter. Rain after summer. Then after the rain, then winter and day and night these are the main changes of nature. But this is also the law of nature. Which keeps everything in balance. Similarly, the laws of man keep man balanced and organized. No change in organization and balance is required. If there is positive knowledge in man, then it will be realized by itself. Knowledge only motivates a man to make rules. When the laws of nature are balanced. So the rules of man should be balanced and organized. Only then human life will go on. There are many dimensions of human life. Being organized by balancing all the dimensions is the hallmark of a successful person. 

Discipline is a very important dimension in the workplace 

According to the law of nature along with being disciplined in life, proceed. Through which a person earns. Earning account. Through which he feeds his family. Gives work to the worker and the artisan in the workplace. Along with discipline in life, it is very important to have discipline in the workplace as well. Unless there is discipline in the workplace. Till then there will be no success in the field. The behaviour of a disciplined person is balanced, systematic and organized. Due to which more contact is made in the workplace. Being balanced, the person in contact feels good. Due to which the person coming in contact is attracted. Good people join the establishment. Due to which there is growth and advancement of the workplace. There is a balance between the artisan and the worker. Everyone's interest is taken care of. Due to which the artisans and workers do their work diligently. That's why disciplinary knowledge is essential in the workplace. Then the disciplined person becomes successful and developed.

Scope of disciplinary knowledge in the student through the nature and role of disciplinary knowledge about the school subject

Subjects of the school are for the development of the knowledge of the children, so that the intellect becomes active and the mind is engaged to do any work with concentration. The secrets of the achievement of life are hidden in the knowledge of the subject. The singing of life also increases by reading it and understanding it from the teacher. Along with the learning of the language about hindi, english and regional languages, the knowledge of life's ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, progress and decline is taught through the story. How does one survive in any type of environment? All the words are taught in childhood to the child through the book of language. Due to which the knowledge of how to live in the troubles and sorrows that will come in the future life is made by the teacher from the book of the language itself.


Nature of disciplinary knowledge and the role of life have a great contribution to the knowledge of life.

Since childhood awareness of discipline in children is practiced by parents, elders and teachers. Which the child's mind should not be engaged in any other inappropriate subject. To highlight all these things, the book of the child's language is selected and designed and published by the education department according to the age and class of the child. At what age, which knowledge is necessary, it is selected only by the expert, who is putting the child's mind in the book of the language. The lessons of right and wrong are printed in the book of the language through cartoons to young children, which by reading, writing and remembering develops the knowledge of right and wrong. As children grow older, there is also progress in the classroom. According to this, by increasing the dimension of knowledge and the scope of understanding in the language book, children are given knowledge by increasing the scope of education by exposing each and every aspect of life in the children.


Study of the nature of disciplinary knowledge and the role of life in the dimension of life.

Children move to higher classes as per the increasing dimensions of age in the selection of subjects as per the requirement in education mathematics is developed in which various methods of addition, subtraction multiplication and division are developed so that the children are also smart in the matter of accounting. And the intellectuals are made to practice to measure and understand the subject matter through numerical maths and line maths. So that the children do not make any mistake in their measurement method in any kind of purchase and can understand the accounting correctly. The understanding and knowledge of the subject matter is made through such science and its three parts biology, zoology, physics and chemistry. The knowledge of the subject matter increases the dimension of understanding in the children. The study of properties, nature, nature, living and non-living nature also happens in this subject. The knowledge of the creature is understood by it. Which animals are dangerous and which are beneficial? Its nature and nature are explained. What is happening in such society? What is the difference between mythological and present? What have the distinguished people done? What is the geographical nature? This understanding is explained in the scriptures.

Mystery of unknown tree of Muzaffarpur Bihar according to legend, this unknown tree of Muzaffarpur was 300 years old

The mystery of unknown tree of Muzaffarpur Bihar 


According to legend, this unknown tree of Muzaffarpur was 300 years old. In ancient times, it was heard from some people that a monk came here and buried the wood here after brushing. Due to which this tree became and started growing. The unknown tree, which looked very thick from below, had two main branches, out of which there were many small branches. Whose leaves were like Bombax ceiba and it used to have fruits like Calabash. There were flowers like Oleander. After cutting or peeling the bark of the tree, a blood-like fluid was extracted from it. Later some sage came here and started living under this tree. Children used to throw stones on the fruit of the tree. Disturbed by this, the sage cursed the tree itself. After which the fruit stopped coming from the tree.


The unknown tree was full of medicinal properties 

Many types of stomach pains were removed by the consumption of leaves. Skin diseases were cured by its juice. Later, due to the increasing faith of the people in this tree, some people also used to worship. A long time ago, there was a maha yagya due to the faith of the people here. Almost more than 20 years have passed.


There is a village in muzaffarpur kudhni block in turki panchayat whose village in name is chainpur. Very close to turkey station. The unknown tree is there. There is a girls school which is completely surrounded by trees.


According to the botanical specialization, the unknown tree is a tree of the adansonia digitata species. But it is different from that.


Unfortunately, on January 3, 2018, unknown tree fell in two pieces 

On the girl's school at 6 in the morning due to an unknown tree insect. There were no children in school, it was early morning. In which a large part of the tree got mutilated. Then again on 24 September 2019, this tree fell completely and ended. In this way a 300-year-old unknown tree with its unknown secrets perished.

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