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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Thinks of man that have to do good deeds doing something good will be the only support helping the sad day has erased the craving

Karma is important in the life of  human being

Karma (Moral) is everything by action 

Without action there is nothing, in the dimension of life, there is a great achievement of karma, service of parents, service of elders, help in society, support to the poor and unhappy. All these are the means of karma, to do one's own work, to be busy in oneself, this is man's work, business and employment, it gives satisfaction to the mind, it should be like this, if the mind is positive and does its work, it is good. Because karma is attained only by the achievement of the work business, by rising above which thinking man does the work.

Thinks of man that we have to do good deeds 

Doing something good will be the only support, helping the sad day has erased the craving, due to which the mind of man remains calm, helping in the society increases the dimension as if something bad is happening in the society. Yes, if one class is disregarding another class, then by making them aware through knowledge, they should consider all the classes as equal and motivate the people so that all remain the same, service to elders is a very successful deed. It happens that by supporting those whose journey is about to end, the mind feels wonderful peace and happiness, if able, then those children should also be supported who have no one, who are orphans, by supporting them. Achievement is achieved, there is a name in the society, all this work which is done selflessly is called karma.



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