Monday, December 13, 2021

Career suits self knowledge try to listen to the voice coming from inside your mind.

How I can find which career suits my knowledge?


Which career suits my knowledge?

Through their knowledge and from the point of view of their mind, they can know which career is favorable for themselves. First of all, it has to be understood that what is being understood the most in your knowledge? Doing what makes your mind feel better? What is the knowledge in your education that makes the most sense? Which one looks less good physically? Like to work hard or do not like to study while sitting on the chair in the office? It is best to do whatever pleases your mind.


Choose a career try to listen to the voice coming from inside your mind.

Important to pay attention to what the mind is going and whether its path is right or wrong. If the attitude of the mind is not looking right, then the intellect should think with discretion and see what has been recorded in the intellect. You can also choose your career from that. Any work is completed with the mind as well as the intellect.


Intellect is weak then one can do physical work.

Intellect is weak which you always have to reduce the same. Once experience is gained, it becomes a habit to work continuously, then Buddi does not have to be used as much.


Active intelligence can give many dimensions to their career.

Many types of work can be done simultaneously if we work while sitting on a chair in the office. Office work is best for those with active intelligence.


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