Sunday, November 21, 2021

Vegetation and respiration process is very important for human life to stay fresh and for energy garden around the house, then the environment remains clean. Both the mind and the mind remain cool

Plant vegetation with the breath of human life


Human breathing and life is based on the survival of vegetation.

The world is known that when plants breathe, they release oxygen, which is very important for human beings. The green environment is also very good for the mind. The truth of life is in the true sense of trees and plants, which we all have the responsibility to preserve. Do you know where the soul rests in the human body? That place is the heart. Which is also called heart gland. The color of the energy of whose aura is green. This is the fourth chakra of the Kundilini chakra where the soul resides. Respiratory process of human remains driven by the process. It is necessary to breathe for the life of living beings so that the energy gets cleaned continuously. We get oxygen for respiration only from plants and vegetation, in the same way, in the atmosphere there is 21 percent, which clean oxygen is prepared by the vegetation and flows into the atmosphere, due to which the human body gets oxygen.


Respiration process is very important for human life to stay fresh and for energy.

If there is a garden around the house, then the environment remains clean. Both the mind and the mind remain cool. In urban homes, it is difficult to have a garden nearby. For which people plant small plants on their windowsills in their homes. So that the air remains clean. It should be like this in all the houses. In Indian civilization, people of Hindu religion definitely wake up with Tulsi plant in their house. When there is no space, basil plants are often seen on the windows of everyone's house. People are fond of seeing plants of Moni plant in almost all the houses. It is also applied by filling water in soil or water bottle. Whatever it is, human beings remain connected with nature from somewhere or the other. Therefore, whatever is possible, definitely plant plants in your homes.


To keep the respiratory process clean, plants should be planted in plastic or cement pots around the house.

There is a lot of irony in the city, there is a lot of empty space where there is natural soil, but due to the structure of the city, it has become solid everywhere. Earthy land is rarely available in the city. For this, plastic and cement planters come in which the plant can be grown with organic soil. From time to time only manure and water have to be given in it. All the information from whom the plant is taken is available. It is best not to plant a plant from the seed, but to plant a planted plant in the house. It is possible that the business will not rise and the hard work goes in vain. For this, plant prepared plants in the house. This also increases the beauty of the house. And the beauty of the house also shines with colorful pots.


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