Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Door of knowledge? question and answer lies in the mind

What is the gate of knowledge?


The question raised inside the mind also gives knowledge of the subject matter. Seeing reveals its form, color and shape, which has an effect on the mind. The attraction or retraction towards him is from the mind itself. To take or not to take that thing, the first question and answer lies in the mind itself, so the door of knowledge is the mind itself.

Knowledge resource center preparation of interview for director

Preparation of interview for director knowledge resource center


Knowledge resource prepare for the interview for director knowledge resource center one must be prepared to give correct and accurate answers to every question. 

Knowledge resource thorough knowledge of each and every aspect of his/her subject and work and should be able to answer easily to demonstrate its importance. Should be able to give basic information and explanation of the subject or work which is mixed. Common sense should be studied the most, so that there should not be any defect or lapse in any kind of conduct in answering the question arising in the conversation. Must have the ability to answer fluently. During the conversation, there should not be any kind of feeling in the mind. Must have the ability to understand and answer every aspect of the question quickly.


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