Saturday, November 20, 2021

Self reliance for the balance and peace of life, repay the loan taken

Self reliance is better to be self-supporting than being dependent on others.


For self reliance if you want to lift up in life, it is better to learn to give than to take something from someone.

Self reliance taking something from someone in life shows the lack of one's own knowledge and ability. This indicates that there is some deficiency in every area of ​​​​itself. The definition of self-reliance and self-reliance is also meaningless. When something is needed in our life which we have to depend on others if we cannot earn from ourselves. So what happiness can you imagine in such a life? The mind never accepts anything that is taken from someone else. Such a feeling happens in the true heart.


Self reliance is natural that the mind does not accept the thing taken from others and the mind goes home in the struggle to return it.

Self reliance the struggle of the mind is such a feeling that when it falls, real happiness falls and the mind is always restless to return that thing soon. Sometimes the mind remains worried even during the day and night. It is natural that when the efforts is capable, then what to take from someone else, if life is not that thing, then it is better to calm the mind, or it is better if one struggles to achieve it. Life is only for the struggle. But if we are dependent on others, then somewhere or the other due to self-aggrandisement.


Self reliance for the balance and peace of life, repay the loan taken.

Self reliance like people do not want to give anything of their own to someone else. As if his mind has a feeling of not taking anything from anyone, then it is balanced. If the transaction is a commodity, then the day you return that item or price, then the mind gets a lot of peace. You can do this for the circulation of life. But always taking something from someone and never having the ability to return it is a dead life. In which the mind never gets peace. The mind is always restless to take things and prices from others. The thoughts and imagination of his day and night also become like this.

In the self reliance if the feeling of giving to others is right in life, then he definitely gets immense peace in his mind.

Self reliance the spirit of the giver to the helper does not diminish. A self-reliant person is surrounded by self-reliance. That's why he takes pleasure in making others female. When a person asks for some help, someone helps. Yes, but those who make such efforts repeatedly, they can even refuse by reining in themselves. Thinking that the help given is going in vain. Both this effort and work of the helper is successful. Due to which he gets peace of mind. When the effort of the person seeking help is unsuccessful, then he goes to someone else and takes help. Due to this his life goes in wandering, it is called "Wandering from rate to door".


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