Monday, January 31, 2022

Two types of meditation for both types of meditation to happen automatically a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically

Meditation of the divine

Meditation is done in many ways 

Meditation is tried in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically. Meditation is a gift of nature, after connecting with the human aura during meditation, one feels peace in the mind and soul.


Two types of meditation 

For both types of meditation to happen automatically, a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically.


Sagun meditation 

sagun meditation is said to meditate on a particular person, in which it is said to meditate on one's presiding deity or one's guru. In this, during meditation, only reading about him, listening to him, going to satsang, listening to discourses, staying in his meditation round the clock is a symbol of good meditation.


Nirguna meditation 

In nirguna meditation, no subject matter is taken care of, that which keeps on moving is allowed to move. Everything is allowed to happen with a vision. By saving our mind from all of them, attention is given to our breath, which reduces thoughts and incidents. Any kind of effort is forbidden in nirguna meditation. Nirguna meditation is based on the nature of the mind in being self. Whatever the mind has, so is the effect. Nirguna meditation should be done only in front of the knowledgeable. After going into meditation once, he feels like staying in meditation for hours. By doing this, the mind gradually moves away from the outer world and starts moving in the inner world. Later on, waha also starts feeling peaceful. Complete information about each and every emotion of the mind is started. What is good for the mind? And what is unfair? Everything starts to be known. The reason for peace and unrest in life starts to be understood. After moving forward in meditation, the meditator reaches in complete meditation, which is the highest speed of meditation. Where the soul meets the divine.


Regarding meditation Kabir das ji 

Kabir das ji says that one should serve sagun and get knowledge from nirguna. When there is neither virtuous nor nirguna in meditation, then meditation is considered worthwhile. Meaning that when there will be nothing in meditation, the good will be beyond the nirguna, then only there is real peace which is called samadhi.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunrise in the morning they show the happiness of their life by blooming with the success in the struggling life

A struggling person is not afraid of troubles in his life. 

With the opportunity starts trying work. 

No matter how much trouble and trouble there are, they take to completing their work. Whether it is thunder, lightning is shining, it is raining heavily with drops of water. A struggling person is never afraid of the coming trouble. He keeps busy in completing his work. Like in the midst of all the troubles, the lotus flower blossoms with the light of sunrise. In the same way, in the midst of every trouble, the struggling person gets exposed in the world by doing hard work and hard work.


Lotus flowers keep their existence alive 

Even in the midst of all the troubles, in the midst of strong blindness, water raining at high speed, thundering lightning with loud sound. With the sunrise in the morning, they show the happiness of their life by blooming. With the success in the struggling life, the new enthusiasm and enthusiasm blossomed with the sunrise, giving the proof of his well being to the world.


In the same way, a struggling person 

Walks on the path of his duty without being afraid of trouble and trouble in the midst of happiness and sorrow in his life, achieves his real destination. Maintaining the right balance between life and mind, reaching the highest level, waving the flag of his ability and experience in the world. In the success of life, the stones of a strong foundation present a living example of tireless hard work and struggles.    

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Person who grows his body does not work hard

For a person walking on the path of devotion to God 

Going to a holy place or an unholy place does not have any effect in his mind. 

Whether there is happiness or sorrow in his struggling life, it does not affect him. Taking the name of God in mind, he keeps fulfilling his duty by walking on all easy and troublesome paths. Even if he goes to the door of death while doing spiritual practice of God on the path of duty, he never backs down from cultivating his mind through God. By doing this, he goes on the verge of death, even then he considers his life worthwhile in God's worship.


The person who grows his body does not work hard. 

To escape from his work and duty, he always wants to do spiritual practice of God by staying at a holy place. Even if by doing this, he is fed by the donors. People start to consider him absorbed in devotion. Even the supreme devotee of God starts to understand. But nothing like this happens. He is not close to God at all. Promotes the intention of his erudition. Promotes the intention of his erudition. Such a person considers himself in the trust of God. They are absorbed in the name of God round the clock, day and night. They keep running away from their work and duties, their trust is only on God, due to which they get food and money from the giver, but far from attaining God, they do not even become capable of it.


There is only one way to success in life. 

While experiencing hard work, struggles, happiness and sorrow, one who understands life cultivates his mind. Whether it is devotion to God or performing one's duty, both are considered worthwhile. God and God all help such a person.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Knowledge is the identity of the existence of human life, one who has knowledge also has humility in him, then humanity proves to be effective.

How to pronounce knowledge


Knowledge is the identity of the existence of human life 

One who has knowledge also has humility in him, then humanity proves to be effective. One has to learn a lot in life to become a human being. The objectives of the one who learns knowledge everyday in life are never incomplete. For the development of humanity, knowledge is the biggest key, with the help of which human can progress in his life.


If man has knowledge, he is also aware of the definition of knowledge. 

Knowledge makes human life comfortable and balanced. There is humility and charm in the matter. Poetry is necessary to understand the subject properly. How to talk between two people, between five people and in a public group. The price is same. For a knowledgeable person, there is humility and ease in the pronunciation of knowledge. This is the pronunciation of knowledge.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Children's playfulness to be engrossed in sports with the increase in age according to the time

Video game

As children's favourite electrical game 

Video games are necessary for children to be active in their free time along with entertainment. During childhood, along with education, entertainment is very important for children so that their mind remains happy. When children are happy, their parents are also happy.


Video game along with the games and entertainment of children 

Video game also get the knowledge to aim their direction, in which children like to play with a lot of heart. If children do this except for studies, then some restraint is necessary on them, for the child, it is very important to write their studies, along with some entertainment, so that their mind does not feel any burden since childhood.


In fact sports have a lot of importance for children 

Importance for children mind becomes joyful and bright, the game pleases the child's mind as well as gives health. This is the reason that children are faster and fitter than adults. Adults do not have as much fickleness as children. Children live in the flow of their mind for a long time, they do not realize right and wrong, which is given knowledge from time to time by the parents. Children are fast and playful in their studies because of the playfulness of their mind. The main reason for this is that playing sports from time to time sharpens their mind and intelligence, as well as becomes playful, which is the main reason for children's playfulness to be engrossed in sports. With the increase in age according to the time, the intellect also sharpens, stability is created in the mind, which becomes the main reason for concentration. There is a great desire to learn knowledge in a concentrated mind, due to which every day children acquire new knowledge in the dimension of their life. There is a lot of craving for anything new in the mind of fickle children. Which he also tries to get. If children keep getting the knowledge of right and wrong from their parents and teachers in the right direction, then in the future life, any type of child does not get a chance to move on the wrong path.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

सज्जन व्यक्ति अपने निष्ठा और सत्य के बल पर सुख और दुःख से भरे दोनों रास्ते पर चलते है

सज्जन व्यक्ति को चाहे करोड़ों दुष्ट लोग मिलें फिर भी वह अपने भले स्वभाव को नहीं छोड़ता है.


सज्जन व्यक्ति का स्वभाव सरल और व्यवहार सहज होता है.

सज्जन व्यक्ति के मन में लालच और दूसरो से कुछ लेने की भावना नहीं होते है. यदि सज्जन व्यक्ति किसी से कुछ लेते है तो उनको वापस करने का वादा जरूर करते है. जब तक सज्जन व्यक्ति अपने ऊपर लगे कर्ज के बोझ को नहीं उतार लेते है तब तक उनका मन शांत नहीं होता है. भले सज्जन व्यक्ति के जीवन में कुछ उपलब्धि मिले या नहीं मिले पर वो मन, कर्म और वचन से सुद्ध जरूर होते है.


शुद्धता और निर्मलता सज्जन व्यक्ति के पहचान होते है.  

सज्जन व्यक्ति को चाहे कोई भी कुछ कह दे उससे उनके ऊपर कोई प्रभाव नहीं पड़ता है. अच्छा और उचित विचार लेना और देना सज्जन व्यक्ति का परम कर्तव्य होता है. कोई उसे बुरा भला कहे, भद्दी बात कहे तो भी उनके अन्दर कोई प्रभाव नहीं पड़ता है. लाख गन्दगी के बिच में भी सज्जन व्यक्ति को छोड़ दिया जाये तो सज्जन व्यक्ति के मन पर कोई प्रभाव नहीं पड़ता है. शुद्धता पवित्रता निर्मलता के गुण से ही सज्जन व्यक्ति के गुण और व्यवहार में निखर लाता है. सांसारिक जीवन में सत्य है की सज्जन व्यक्ति के पास धन सम्प्पति भले कम अर्जित करे पर अपने जीवन को किसी गलत कार्य में लगने नहीं देते है. संतुलित जीवन के ज्ञान से परिपूर्ण सज्जन व्यक्ति मन से प्रसन्नचित और व्यवहार में इमानदार जरूर होते है. जिसपर कोई भी व्यक्ति बेझिजक विश्वास कर सकता है. अपने अनुभव से सज्जन व्यक्ति अपने चाहने वाले के मन में बस जाते है.


संतुलित सोच समझ से सज्जन व्यक्ति के किसी भी जरूरी कार्य में रुकावट नहीं आता है.

सज्जन व्यक्ति अपने जीवन में संतुलित समझ के साथ जीते है. सत्य और संतुलन पर निष्ठा रखते है. असत्य, मिथ्या, पाखंड, धोखादारी, दूसरो के साथ छल कपट उनके जीवन में रंच मात्र भी नहीं होता है. इस कारन से सज्जन व्यक्ति के कोई दुश्मन या बुरा चाहने वाला जल्दी नहीं होता है. मन के संतुलित भाव से उनके जीवन परिपूर्ण होते है. सही और गलत की परख उनके जीवन की मुख्या विशेषता होता है. सही को अपनाना और गलत से दूर रहना सरल व्यक्ति के जीवन का वास्तविक अर्थ है. अपने ज्ञान और गुण के माध्यम से गलत राह पर चलने वाले को सही ज्ञान ऐसे व्यक्ति जरूर देते है भले गलती करने वाला उनके बात को समझकर गलती करना छोड़े या अपने राह पर चलते रहे इससे सज्जन व्यक्ति को कोई फड़क नहीं पड़ता है.


सज्जनता का कर्म ही होता है सही रास्ते पर चलाना.

सज्जन व्यक्ति अपने निष्ठा और सत्य के बल पर सुख और दुःख से भरे दोनों रास्ते पर चलते है. जीवन की सच्चाई सुख और दुःख दोनों में निहित है. लालच, बुरे कर्म से दूर रहने वाला व्यक्ति ही अपने उच्चतम मुकाम तक पहुच पाता है. सत्य और उचित के लिए अपने जीवन को न्योछावर करने की काविलित सिर्फ सज्जन व्यक्ति में ही होते है. निडरता से भरे सज्जन व्यक्ति किसी से डरते नहीं है. सत्य बात को उजागर करने की सामर्थ सिर्फ सज्जन व्यक्ति के अन्दर ही होता है इसलिए ऐसे व्यक्ति को सरल और सहज भी कहा जाता है. भले जीवन का रास्ता कितना भी कठिन क्यों न हो पर सज्जन व्यक्ति के व्यवहार में कोई अंतर नहीं होता है.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Nature of a gentleman is simple and behavior is easy and no feeling of greed and taking anything from others in the mind of a gentleman

Qualities and behavior of a gentleman

Even if a gentleman meets crores of wicked people, yet he does not give up his good nature.

The nature of a gentle man is simple and behavior is easy.

There is no feeling of greed and taking anything from others in the mind of a gentleman. If a gentleman takes something from someone, he definitely promises to return it. Till the gentleman does not take off the burden of debt imposed on him, his mind does not calm down. Whether a gentleman may or may not get some achievement in his life, he is definitely purified by his mind, deeds and words.


Purity and saintliness are the hallmarks of a gentleman.

No matter what anyone says to a gentleman, it has no effect on him. Taking and giving good and proper thoughts is the ultimate duty of a gentleman. If someone calls him bad or bad, even if he says bad things, there is no effect in him. If a gentleman is left in the midst of lakhs of filth, there is no effect on the mind of the gentleman. Purity, purity brings brilliance in the qualities and behavior of a gentleman only with the quality of purity. It is true in worldly life that a gentleman may earn little wealth but he does not allow his life to be engaged in any wrong work. A gentleman who is full of knowledge of balanced life, is definitely happy with his mind and honest in his dealings. On which anyone can trust freely. With his experience, a gentleman settles in the mind of his lover.


By understanding balanced thinking no hindrance in any important work of a gentleman.

A gentleman lives his life with a balanced understanding. Believes in truth and balance. Falsehood, falsehood, hypocrisy, deceit, deceit and deceit with others are not even a joke in their life. Due to this reason, no enemy or bad lover of a gentleman is in a hurry. Their life is complete with a balanced sense of mind. The test of right and wrong is the main feature of their life. Adopting the right and staying away from the wrong is the real meaning of a simple person's life. Through his knowledge and qualities, such a person definitely gives the right knowledge to the one who walks on the wrong path, even if the person who commits a mistake stops making a mistake after understanding his point or keeps on walking on his path, it does not hurt the gentleman.


The act of gentleness is to drive on the right path.

A gentleman walks on both a path full of happiness and sorrow on the strength of his loyalty and truth. The truth of life lies in both happiness and sorrow. Only a person who stays away from greed and bad karma can reach his highest point. Only a gentleman has the ability to sacrifice his life for the sake of truth and right. A gentleman full of fearlessness is not afraid of anyone. The power to reveal the truth lies only in a gentleman, so such a person is also called simple and easy. No matter how difficult the path of life is, but there is no difference in the behavior of a gentleman.

Monday, January 24, 2022

पेन से लिखने के समय लगातार घूमता रहता है पीछे से इंक उसमे लगकर लिखने वाले जगह पर निशान बनता जाता है. जिसे बाल पेन का लिखावट कहते है

बाल पेन 

सदियों से चली आ रही परंपरा आज भी कायम है पहले नरकट के कलम या साही के काटे, कबूतर, मोर के पंख इत्यादि उपयोग में लिए जाते थे जिसे स्याही के में डुबोकर लिखा जाता था. परंपरा बदला उसके स्थान पर जीभ वाले कलम आ गए. जिसके पीछे एक लम्बी डब्बी लगी रहती थी. आज के समय में जज इस पेन का उपयोग करते है.

समय बदला कलम के स्थान पर बाल पेन ने अपना जगह बना लिए. नित्य नए खोज से पहले के मुकाबले बाल पेन पहले से बहूत पतला लिखने में सफल हो गया है. आमतौर पर प्लास्टिक के बने छरिनुमा पेन आता है. जिसमे रिफिल भरा जाता है. उससे भी अविष्कारक आगे बढ़ कर अब लिखो फेको पेन बना दिया है. जो पतले होने साथ साथ बहुत सस्ता भी होता है. इसमे न रिफिल की जरूरत न कोई ढक्कन के सिबाय तीसरा कोई वस्तु. यदि पास में पेन नहीं तो अब ये किसी भी दुकान पर आराम से मिल जाता है. भले किराणे की दुकान हो या छोटा मोटा कोई भी कटलेरी की दुकान सब जगह उपलब्ध है.


समय के अनुसार परंपरा बदला पर लिखाई के लिए अब भी पेन ही है पहले वो कोई अब पंख या नरकट का न हो कर लिखो फेको हो गया है. 

बात पेन के लीड की बनावट कहे तो वो मेटल का होकर स्टील पलिस किये होते है इसके शिर्ष पर एक बेहद छोटा छर्रा होता है. जो पेन से लिखने के समय लगातार घूमता रहता है. पीछे से इंक उसमे लगकर लिखने वाले जगह पर निशान बनता जाता है. जिसे बाल पेन का लिखावट कहते है.  

नाग लिंगम शेषनाग वाला शिवलिंग लेपाक्षी मंदिर जो वीरभद्र मंदिर के नाम से भी प्रसिद्ध है सात मुह वाला लिंगम लेपाक्षी मंदिर की मुख्या विशेषता है

लेपाक्षी मंदिर अनंतपुर आन्ध्र प्रदेश


अनेको रहस्य से भरा लेपाक्षी मंदिर जो की वीरभद्र मंदिर है. 

जो लेपाक्षी मंदिर के नाम से प्रसिद्ध है. लेपाक्षी गाँव अनंतपुर आन्ध्र प्रदेश में स्थित है. नजदीक प्रसिद्ध शहर बंगलौर से लगभग १४० किलोमीटर पर स्थित है. आंध्र प्रदेश के अनंतपुर के पेनुकोंडा हिन्दुपुर से भी वीरभद्र मंदिर जाया जा सकता है. वहा से लगभग ३५ किलोमीटर है.


वीरभद्र मंदिर का निर्माण १६ शताब्दी में किया गया था. 

लेपाक्षी मंदिर के नाम से भी नाना जाता है. मंदिर का निर्माण १५३० और १५४० दोनों समय का जिक्र है. जिसे पेनुकोंदा में रहने वाले दो भाई विरुपन्ना नायक और वीरन्ना जो मूल रूप से कर्णाटक के निवासी थे. उन्होंने मंदिर का निर्माण करवाया था. जो राजा अच्युतराय के विजयनगर के सामाज्य में पेनुकोंदा में कार्यरत थे. राजा के द्वारा उन्हें मंदिर के निर्माण का कार्य सौपा गया था.


लेपाक्षी मंदिर विजयनगर स्थापत्य कला और शैली के सबसे बड़ा उदाहरण है.

लेपाक्षी मंदिर प्रचीन मूर्तियों के लिए बहूत प्रसिद्ध है. विजयनगर साम्राज्य के कारीगरों और कलाकारों द्वारा बनाए गए  वीरभद्र, शिव जी, भद्रकाली, गणेश जी, विष्णु जी, लक्ष्मी जी नाग लिगम और नंदी की मूर्तियां हैं. यहां भगवान शिव के अन्य रूप अर्धनारीश्वर, कंकाल मूर्ति, दक्षिणमूर्ति और त्रिपुरातकेश्वर भी मौजूद हैं.

लेपाक्षी मंदिर के पास स्थित जटायु के मूर्ति का रहस्य. 

रामायण में वर्णित कथा के अनुसार रावन के द्वारा सीता जी के हरण करने के बाद जटायु पक्षी ने रावन से युद्ध करते हुए इसी जगह लेपाक्षी मंदिर से १.२ किलोमीटर दूर पूरब के तरफ अपने प्राण त्याग दिए थे. जटायु पक्षी सीता जी को बचाने के लिए बहूत प्रयास में असफल के बाद रावन दे द्वारा उसके तलवार से मारा गया था. सीता जी के खोज करते हुए भगवन राम, भय्या लक्षमण और हनुमन जी को अधमरे हालत में जटायु पक्षी यही मिले. करुनावश भगवान राम जी ने उस समय एक शब्द बोले थे. जटायु के लिए वो था "ले पाक्षी" जिसके नाम पर उस गाँव का नाम लेपाक्षी पड़ा.


जटायु पक्षी के रूप में बहूत बड़ा पत्थर के उड़ाते हुए पक्षी की मूर्ति 

उड़ाते हुए पक्षी की मूर्ति  ठीक उसी जगह पर आज बना हुआ है. एक उथली पहरी पर एक बड़ा सा चट्टान है जिसपर जटायु पक्षी पत्थर का बना हुआ है. जिसपर जाने के लिए लोहे के सीरी बने हुए है. जो रास्ते में लेपाक्षी मंदिर से १२०० मीटर पहले पड़ता है.  


नाग लिंगम शेषनाग वाला शिवलिंग लेपाक्षी मंदिर जो वीरभद्र मंदिर के नाम से भी प्रसिद्ध है.


सात मुह वाला लिंगम लेपाक्षी मंदिर की मुख्या विशेषता है. पुरे वीरभद्र मंदिर में कुल ५ लिंग है. जिसमे से २ मंदिर के बहार है और ३ मंदिर के अन्दर है. उसमे से ये विशेष महत्त्व वाला ७ मुह वाला शेष नाग पर विराजमान लिंग है. बाहर वाला दूसरा लिंग मंदिर के पीछे विराजवान है. जो आकर्षण का केंद्र भी बना हुआ है. छात्तेनुमा ७ नाग के फन के निचे लिंग स्थापित है. इस लिंगम के बारे में कहा जाता है की जब कलाकार दोपहर के भोजन के लिए अपमे माँ का इंतजार कर रहे थे. तब इस दौरान इस नाग लिंगम प्रतिमा का निर्माण हुआ था. लिंगम प्रतिमा एक ही पत्थर को तरास कर बनाया गया है.


नंदी की पत्थर की मूर्ति शिवलिंग लेपाक्षी मंदिर जो वीरभद्र मंदिर के नाम से भी जाना जाता है यहाँ से १२०० मीटर दूर पशिम में है.


जटायु पक्षी के मूर्ति के ठीक सामने रोड के दुसरे किनारे पर नंदी का एक विशाल प्रतिमा बना हुआ है. जो एक ही पत्थर को तरास कर बना हुआ है. विश्व में इससे बड़ा कोई इकलौते पत्थर की मूर्ति नहीं है. २७ फीट लम्बा और १५ फीट चौड़ा ये प्रतिमा एक बगीचे के बिच में मंदिर की ओर मुह कर के नंदी बैठा हुआ है. बगीचा बहूत बड़ा है जो एक उद्यान की तरह है. स्थापत्य कला ये एक अनूठा नमूना है. समय बिताने और शान को टहलने के लिए उद्यान बहूत अच्छा है.

लेपाक्षी मंदिर सदियों से एक टंगा हुआ पत्थर का स्तम्भ मंदिर वीरभद्र मंदिर के नाम से भी विख्यात है.

लेपाक्षी मंदिर में मुख्या मंदिर वीरभद्र जी का है साथ में भगवन विष्णु जी और भगवन शिव जी भी मंदिर में विराजवान है. मंदिर ७० खम्बे का बना हुआ है. जिसे पंक्तिबद्ध तरीके से सजाया गया है. बाहर से दूसरी पंक्ति में स्थित ८ फीट का स्तम्भ जो मंदिर के सतह से तकरीबन आधा इंच सदियों से ऊपर है. जानकार का कहना है की लटकते हुए स्तम्भ को समजने के लिए ब्रिटिश काल में इनलैंड से आये ब्रिटिश इंजिनीयर यहाँ आये थे. परिक्षण के दौरान इस स्तम्भ को हथौरे से मरकर थोडा हिलाया जिससे पूरी मंदिर की बुनियर और स्तम्भ में कम्पन पैदा हो गया था. जीस के बाद वो ब्रिटिश इंजिनीअर यह समझकर की पुरे मंदिर का बुनियाद इसी स्तम्भ पर टिका है. यह समझकर वो वहा से भाग गया. बाद में फिर इस रहस्य का पता लगाने की किसी के अन्दर क्षमता नहीं हुई की ऐसा दोबारा किया जाये.

लेपाक्षी के वीरभद्र मंदिर में कल्याण मंडप.

लेपाक्षी के वीरभद्र मंदिर के प्रांगन में एक खुले जगह में कुछ स्तम्भ खड़े है जो अधुरा जैसा दीखता है. इसके पीछे एक दर्द भरी रहस्यमई कहानी है. बात उन दिनों की है. जब विजयनगर के राजा देशाटन पर थे. उनके अनुपस्थिति में उस समय के कल्याण मंडप के निर्माणकर्ता लेखाकार ने कल्याण मंडप का निर्माण सुरु कर दिया था. जिसमे राज्यकोस के बहूत सारा पैसे खर्च हो गए थे. वापस आने के बाद जब राजा को इस अनुचित खर्च के बारे में बात का पता चला तो उन्होंने तत्काल कल्याण मंडप का निर्माण रोकवा दिए. साथ में लेखाकार को सजा दे दिए, लेखाकार के दोनों आँख निकाल देने का फैसला सुना दिए. इससे लेखाकार दुखी हो कर स्वयं ही अपने दोनों आँख निकलकर वीरभद्र मदिर के एक दीवार पर मार दिया. जिससे दीवाल में दो निशान बन गए और एक निशान में रक्त के चिन्ह अभी भी देखे जा सकते है.   

लेपाक्षी के वीरभद्र मंदिर की विशेषताये.

वीरभद्र मंदिर वीरभद्र जी जो की भगवन शिव के एक रूद्र अवतार है उनको समर्पित है. मंदिर के गर्भगृह ने ३ कक्ष है जिसमे भगवन शिव, भगवन विष्णु और मध्य में वीरभद्र का मंदिर में कक्ष है. ऐसे से ही मंदिर ३ कक्ष में बिभाजित है जिसे मुख्या मंडप, अरदा मंतपा और गर्भगृह है.


गर्भगृह के प्रवेशद्वार पर भगवन शिव १४ अवतार के चित्र, दैविक प्राणी, संत, संगीतकार और नर्तकी के चित्र छत में चित्रित किये गए है. 

ऐसा विश्व में कही और किसी जगह नहीं मिला है. इसे भित्ति चित्र कहते है. जिसे दीवाल पर या छत में बनाया जाता है. इसका माप 23 फीटी x 13 फीट बताया गया है. जिसे निचे से देखने के लिए ऊपर छत की ओर देखना पड़ता है. बाकि पुरे मंदिर में रामायण महाभारत और पुरानो के पात्र के भित्ति चित्र छत में बने हुए है. कही कोई जगह खली नहीं है.


वीरभद्र मंदिर में एक स्तम्भ पर भृंगी के ३ पैर वाले मूर्ति है. 

पार्वती जी के मूर्ति है. जिसको महिला परिचालक के साथ दिखाया गया है. ब्रह्मा जी के मूर्ति एक ढोलकिया के साथ है. नृत्य मुद्रा में भिक्षाटन जैसे देवी देवताओं के मूर्ति बने हुए है.   


लेपाक्षी मंदिर में रहस्य अविरल बहती जलधारा सीता जी के पदचिन्ह.

लेपाक्षी के वीरभद्र मंदिर के प्रांगन में एक जगह सीता जी के पदचिन्ह बने हुए है. एक विशाल पदचिन्ह उस समय बना था. जब दैत्य रावन सीता जी को उठा कर ले जा रहे थे. तब जटायु के बिच में आने के बाद कुछ समय के लिए दैत्य रावन को जटायु से युद्ध करने के लिए रुकना पड़ा था. तब जहा सीता जी रुकी थी वही ये विशाल पद चिन्ह बने थे.


हलाकि उस युद्ध में दैत्य रावन से जटायु हारकर घायल हो गये थे. 

तब दैत्य रावन के द्वारा सीता जी को ले जाने के बाद भगवन राम के आने के बाद घायल अवस्था में जटायु ने बताया जी सीता माता जो दैत्य रावण उठा ले गया है जो लंकापति है.


जटायु के मृतु के समय कुछ बात ऐसी भी हुई की भगवन राम के मुख से एक शब्द निकल गई "ले पाक्षि"  जिसके नाम से उस जगह का नाम लेपाक्षी पड गया.


लेपाक्षी में जहा सीता जी के पदचिन्ह है. 

पदचिन्ह हमेशा गिला ही रहता है. अभी तक ये कोई नही पता लगा सका है की इस रहस्यमय पदचिन्ह में पानी कहाँ से आता रहता है. भले बेहद गर्मी का समय ही क्यों न हो तब भी पानी नहीं सूखता है. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Interior decoration of the house, the kitchen, bathroom and toilet have to be cleaned from time to time, along with the washing of the wall is very important

Interior design


Interior decoration is important in the house for the purpose of making the house look beautiful and pleasing to the family members.


Interior design prized item for wall decoration and enhance the brightness with color.

Interior decoration importance of the house increases when its furnishing is done properly, good finishing and uniform surface increases the beauty of the house. For the suggestion of color, many enterprises make their own color catalogs so that the right color can be selected. Good finishing of the wall with putty and after painting it with varnished lining, the shine of the wall is visible only after it is rubbed properly with polish paper. To give a uniform surface appearance, it is necessary to level the surface by filling the wall properly with metal tin sheets. If the surface of the wall made of cement and sand is uneven, then by applying plaster of paris label bottom on it, setting the surface in 90 degree and filling the plaster of paris with a straight surface made of wood or aluminium, filling the vertical surface of the wall by filling the surface one. Looks stuffy and balanced.


Interior design seeing the design of the cornice as you like, you can enhance the beauty by sticking some design or readymade design on the wall.

Interior decoration if the surface of the wall is also in 90 degrees from the surface of the ceiling, the beauty of the house starts increasing on its own. Artisans and artists always keep in mind that no corner of the wall is unbalanced, due to which space is also wasted in vain and due to the disorder in the shape of the house, there is also a Vastu defect, to avoid this, the artisans should do their work. Coming from the beginning and maintaining the balance. There is a little lack in every work. There is no such work which is completely balanced and correct, for this, if there is some mistake, at the time of finishing the wall and ceiling, after removing all these mistakes, the final finishing is given to the house.


Interior decoration by decorating the wall of the kitchen and bathroom with tiles and marble, you can wash it from time to time.


In the interior decoration of the house, the kitchen, bathroom and toilet have to be cleaned from time to time, along with the washing of the wall is very important, which can prevent germs and viruses in the house, it is very important that the walls of these three areas should be cleaned. It should be decorated with nice and beautiful tiles or marbles, which should be washed from time to time to keep the wall open.

सौंदर्य त्वचा की देखभाल बहूत जरूरी है देख भाल से सौंदर्य में निखर आता है.

त्वचा की देखभाल करने वाली क्रीम को लगाने बाद ही महशुश होता है की त्वचा पर किस प्रकार का प्रभाव पड़ता है कभी भी उत्तम गुणवत्ता वाला ही क्रीम उपयोग सर्वोतम है.  


सौंदर्य त्वचा की देखभाल बहूत जरूरी है देख भाल से सौंदर्य में निखर आता है.


सौंदर्य क्रीम सुन्दरता संसाधन में बहूत जरूरी संसाधन है सौन्दर्य क्रीम.  


उत्तम सौंदर्य क्रीम ही अछे से चहरे और सुन्दरता को निखरता है.


उत्तम त्वचा क्रीम से ही त्वचा के देख रेख होते है.


उच्च गुणवत्ता वाली सौंदर्य क्रीम उत्तम गुणवत्ता बहूत दिनों के प्रयोग और वैज्ञानिक के गहन शोध के बाद ही क्रीम में उच्च गुणवत्ता आता है.  


सौंदर्य क्रीम पसंद करते हैं और उपयोग करते है.


प्रसिद्ध सौंदर्य क्रीम कम भाव में अमेज़न ऑनलाइन उपलध है.


सर्वकालिक प्रसिद्ध सौंदर्य क्रीम जो पहले भी प्रसिद्ध था और अभी भी प्रसिद्ध है. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

Keep the body safe is necessary to do exercise, exercise, and work from time to time every day to make it fit for external impact and shock

To keep the foundation stone strong, the grass hull growing on the wall should be cleaned from time to time


The foundation of human life is his mind, intelligence, and knowledge.

The mind and life are developed by the influence of positive qualities. In the body made of five elements, soil is a mixture of water, fire, air and sky, which join from inside and outside to form the body. Life is sustained by food, water, air, time, cold and heat are experienced by the sun. The body becomes healthy and developed only by the balance of inside and outside, due to which there is a feeling of fitness, enthusiasm, cheerfulness etc. To keep the body safe, it is necessary to do exercise, exercise, and work from time to time every day to make it fit for external impact and shock. So that there is balance between body and mind.


Body is the foundation stone which symbolizes the soil element.

It is necessary to clean the body daily from outside. Taking a bath removes the dust of the body as well as reduces the heaviness of the mind. The brain remains light. Taking bath daily maintains cleanliness in the body. Lightness in the brain increases intelligence and discretion.


Filth of the body and mind only makes the body bad and sick.

The effect of dirt also falls on the mind, due to which negative thoughts arise in the mind. These are all such growing grass that keeps on looking for a way to grow continuously. To avoid this, it is necessary to keep the mind and body clean. By exercising daily to keep the body moving, the body remains agile and fresh.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Fundamental knowledge in the dimension of knowledge, it is necessary for a person to be comfortable and active so that life can go on

Basic knowledge


Fundamental knowledge

In the dimension of knowledge, it is necessary for a person to be comfortable and active so that life can go on. Basically, a human has to earn money by doing some hard work, which runs the house and family. If one understands the basic knowledge, then by learning and understanding which material life is successful, one gets success in work. There is success in practice. To get success in mutual relationship, such knowledge should be fundamentally strong, active and positive. In the development of life, basic knowledge means the art of living life and the art of behaving is the most important knowledge, failing which a person has to face failure somewhere. If knowledge is not active then one has to depend on others. Because of this, self-reliance starts to end.


Activation of knowledge self-reliance also develops self-reliance.


Understand basic knowledge positive intuition strengthens the morale in the dimension of knowledge, which generates positive thoughts in the mind. The building awakens to do something. Success is achieved in the work which you are trying to do, due to which the power of the mind increases. The difficulties and obstacles come to an end. Always keep in mind the aspect of basic knowledge in active knowledge, then the chances of making a mistake remain negligible. Mental strength helps in doing even the most difficult tasks. The main reason for the lack of morale is the odd and immoral thoughts raised in the mind, whenever such a thought arises in the mind, it has never allowed its empty time to be wasted. Happens in the mind, due to which a house of asymmetry and immorality is created in thinking, which is equal to giving sorrow to the mind. Thinking too much also hurts the mind, so think only as much as one can move towards perfection, otherwise they can also start the production of evil mind from there. Never let the mind go to waste. Take care of your basic work activity so that originality and behavior goes smoothly.


Understand the basic knowledge then there are many dimensions of the mind 

On which side the mind you will give air, the mind will run towards that direction, a human cannot control his mind even if he wants. If man is life, then the outer active form of the soul is the mind and the inner form is the knowledge of the soul, which is not a subject matter that can be controlled. By keeping yourself busy in active work with your knowledge and behavior, you can definitely save the mind from becoming uncontrollable. It is the lack of activation of knowledge that causes the mind to wander.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Writer writes new things in his writings in front of the people through books, newspapers, magazines of general knowledge, inspired by the current happenings of his mind

Life of a writer is to share knowledge through writing.


Life of a writer is full of wisdom. 

Look at the balance in the independent ideology, then the most knowledge remains inside the writer. Writers live in the midst of people through newspapers by putting their free thoughts in writing, putting good and bad news in writing. People first get new ideas and knowledge through newspapers. In today's time, the trend of TV news is more, but in this, you can listen to the main line of the main news. By listening to the depth of the news, you can understand that in automatic means, there is a very good source of knowledge. Real knowledge is obtained only by reading, when people read newspapers, at that time the mind is engaged in reading, due to which a sense of concentration arises. Whether it is bad or not, it definitely has an effect on the mind. The dimension of knowledge also increases by listening to news or writing, but in reality as long as the mind of the person listening is concentrated or not, there can be doubts. But one who assimilates the writing by reading it himself, even if that writing is not remembered for a long time, but his feeling definitely has an effect on the mind, due to which some of its main enlightening parts which touch the heart always remain in the knowledge of the mind. . The mind always assimilates new things. The mind always has a longing for things. This is the nature of the mind, the world is known.


Being calm mind of the writer is also multidimensional.

Inspired by multi-faceted knowledge, the writer writes new things in his writings in front of the people through books, newspapers, magazines of general knowledge, inspired by the current happenings of his mind, which the listeners sometimes read and write. By reading more and more with the mind, one acquires the knowledge that the author tries in his writing. There is a lot of talk in the world, but only the inspirational thing is capable of touching the mind, whose effect immediately falls on the inner mind, due to which new knowledge arises. In fact, even if the incident happens, it is only for the new knowledge of the people, which also inspires human beings. Security is of great importance in the balance of life. When knowledge leads to security, the sense of peace of mind increases. Unless people have experienced the new phenomenon, then a new circle of security will not be created. Security does not only mean the security of life, but the things that are going on in the dimension of life, it is also necessary to protect the subject matter that is going on. Unless you understand the present event, you will not know about this.

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Blacksmith while working in an environment full of fire and heat for a long time

Blacksmith's life

Satisfaction of life a person is ready to do anything so that he can maintain himself and his family. 

Blacksmith raise children properly, earn two paise from hard work and wages and bring them home and provide happy life to parents. For this man works very hard. By plucking stones, one is not afraid to pelt iron and cut and tear, even though hard work is very much in this work. For a long time, while giving air to the spark of blazing embers, it heats and melts the iron, so that a new construction is made and some things are made, which are sold in the market and can be used by the family. In doing this, along with hard work, both the water and the blood of the body get heated and burn, yet the blacksmith is never afraid of working hard. To strike the iron, he beats it with a heavy hammer whose weight is many times more than his own weight. To run life, the blacksmith persecutes his mind and body every day, then he gets bread for two times.


Blacksmith while working in an environment full of fire and heat for a long time. 

Blacksmith desires of his mind begin to fade, but he definitely gets the boon of hard work. Not every human can do such hard work. The progress of life is not just fulfilling the desire, sometimes even after killing the desire, a person progresses in life. Basically, even though such a person does not know much money in his life, but he does not have immoral desire in him. The life of a true blacksmith is to play with iron, who gets a chance to learn the work of blacksmith in inheritance from his father as a guru. As long as the blacksmith lives with iron in his life, he remains happy and blissful, for this reason he remains hardworking during his long life until his body starts working.


Blacksmith physical labor does not give money to them but never lets his life go to waste. 

Blacksmith do not need to do exercise and work with extreme hard work. If a person smokes then there is a disease, but the blacksmith who lives daily in the midst of burning embers and smoke, does not have any problem with it. The body given by god is only for working hard, due to which the body remains healthy. Those who work on a chair may consider themselves to be bigger than a blacksmith, but in the fourth stage of life, sitting on a chair hurts his waist and legs, but the blacksmith who sits down can hardly weaken his waist and legs, but at the end of his life. Even at the stage, it continues on the strength of hard work. Physical malnutrition may be the cause of the blacksmith's illness, but labor never becomes the cause of his illness.

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Kitchen design kitchen island modular kitchen must keep in mind the design of the kitchen so that there is peace and comfort in the family. If the design of the kitchen is not organized, then firstly the housewife will start having problems

Kitchen design modern kitchen country kitchen

The kitchen is such a room in which it is very important to have an exit fan for ventilating and internal air. Due to which the heat generated by the gas stew and the wasp of the dish goes out quickly and the housewife or cook saif does not feel any kind of heat. It is very important to have a basin in the kitchen, for cleaning while wearing food and for washing raw material, water is necessary, along with the dirty water should be kept clean so that the kitchen remains clean. A stand and a frame are necessary for the utensils in which the utensils can be decorated. The stone should be placed somewhere in the kitchen, on which a lot of heat and mother-in-law is conducive to cleanliness. In which nothing sticks quickly, even if no trace of oil or spice should ever stick, granite stone is used for this. In the lower part, a kitchen cabinet should be made to keep gas cylinders, large utensils, kitchen utensils, so that all the items can be kept and the kitchen looks beautiful.


Kitchen design in kitchen island with modular kitchen

Modular kitchen design of the kitchen, modern design, state-of-the-art design, classic design, modular kitchen design, special design, you can get the kitchen built according to your mind. Generally the layout of the kitchen should be organized which should be like this. One wall kitchen layout, gallery kitchen layout, el sep kitchen layout, u sep kitchen layout, iceland kitchen layout, peninsula kitchen layout, one must keep in mind the design of the kitchen. So that there is peace and comfort in the family. If the design of the kitchen is not organized, then firstly the housewife will start having problems, on which the wife has full rights, if she does not like the kitchen, then it is reasonable that the peace of the house will definitely go away. Therefore, in the design of the kitchen, it is better than your idea that if the wife is a housewife, then if the entire idea about the kitchen belongs to her, then it is very good that it definitely maintains peace in the house.


Kitchen cabinet cabinets

Cabinets is very important to have racks and cabinets to store items in the kitchen. Usually there should be a rack or cabinet on the side wall of the kitchen. If the door is closed and the door is covered with mud, then by looking from the outside, it can understand which item has been kept so that the goods can be easily removed without searching much. To keep the mother-in-law clean in the kitchen and to protect the salmon from the lingering smell and wasp of dust and oil, spices can be comfortably in the closed-door cabinet. Keeping it organized according to the salmon also gives a good look to the kitchen. No one likes to work among the scattered salmon. Therefore the cabinet should also be under the kitchen. In which salmon ji is sometimes found without need, it should also be kept in order. For the gas cylinder, there should be a separate cabinet side in the kitchen, in which there should be a hole for taking the gas pipeline and the door must be lit. The foul smell inside kept coming out. If there is no cabinet under the kitchen basin, it is good if it is also a cabinet, then the necessary salmon should not be kept in it, due to the drainage of water, it can be foul smell or insects, cockroaches which can harm the food items. . You can keep another gas cylinder at that place which is empty or full, otherwise the thing which is not useful should be kept like empty box or empty oil bottle etc.


it can be easily washed and cleaned. Therefore, any stone can be used but it should be very smooth and finishing polish

Granite countertop countertops kitchen countertops

Granite countertops is very good if the surface of the kitchen counter is made of granite, people can also apply other black stones according to their expenses. But there should be only stone on the kitchen counter, which is not harmed by the heat of the kitchen. Nothing sticks to the stone, it can be easily washed and cleaned. Therefore, any stone can be used but it should be very smooth and finishing polish. Do not stop on which hand or any cloth slips easily, otherwise the dirt will not be cleaned quickly during cleaning and after some time or day, the kitchen may smell bad.


Pantry and pantry cabinet

Pantry cabinet kitchen or a place or room near it, in which the necessary items or made items for the kitchen are decorated or stored, it is called pantry. In which there are many cabinets in which all types of salmon are kept separately. Large family where the number of members of the household is more. Vegetables and grains have to be more lanes and a room or space is needed for storing them, so that place is made for kitchen items by putting many types of cabinets. Where refrigerators come about. It also has subnets. Usually, in long distance trains, which have a journey of three, four days, in which one coach of the train is of a pantry car.


Kitchen backsplash backsplash with modular kitchen design

The backsplash is used for kitchen wall decoration ideas. Filling the entire wall till the kitchen top with design colors or tiles that fills a kitchen with excitement and beauty. Even though the design tile enhances the beauty of the kitchen by filling the top of the kitchen top and the wall between the subnets with the right color or tile.








Kitchen knife best kitchen knives, chopping knife, santoku, japanese knives, japanese knife set, best japanese knives Knife for kitchen is a very useful item for cutting vegetables and other items. Whether there is something in the kitchen or not, all these tools are found in the kitchen

Kitchen knife, best kitchen knives, chopping knife, santoku, Japanese knives, Japanese knife set, best Japanese knives

Knife for kitchen is a very useful item for cutting vegetables and other items. Whether there is something in the kitchen or not, all these tools are found in the kitchen. It is a kitchen appliance which is used in cutting vegetables, dry fruits, fruits, packing of goods. All different knives come for cutting from small pieces to big pieces and designs. The use of a chopping knife is suitable for making meat of strong animals such as meat, fish and poultry.


Knife sharpener, best knife sharpener, kitchen knife sharpener, cutlery sets, knife block set

Sandstone is used to sharpen the knife, which is formed by depositing sand particles. As the edge takes place, so also the stone gets dragged, due to which the knife gets edged. Although the color, form and quality of the stone may be different, but all are made of sandstone only. Many stones are used to make a good finish, from coarse finishing to fine finishing, many stones come. On which the knife is sharpened by turning it on. Water is used every time to sharpen the knife. Due to which the knife is smooth, shiny and the finishing is good, without water it does not get stuck, it also turns rough, which is of no use.


Knife set, best kitchen knife set, farberware knife set, knife block, best knife set, kitchen knife set

The best knife set can be the one which has all those items for cutting and peeling which are used in the kitchen. Many times the goods come into the kitchen from outside, it is packed, there should be a knife in the knife set to cut and open all those packings. There should be a knife to cut meat, fish, and the meat of a powerful animal like chicken. Whose effect should also be on thick bone and strong object, which can be cut easily. Some knives are for peeling and cutting fruits, which are slightly fine-toothed knives, which are easily cut by rubbing the strong fruit, often the sharp fruits are not cut even with a smooth-edged knife, then they are cut with a fine-toothed knife. Goes. There should also be different knives for chopping vegetables. The most important thing should be a box in which all knife edges are hidden, so that outside air and dust does not affect the knife and the knife edge is not visible in front, only its handle which is made of good wood or strong plastic . Which is comfortable for the hand in use. The box should be pierced only according to the blade of the knife, in which all the knives should get stuck. There should be a separate piercing for each knife. A sharpening stone should also be kept from time to time to sharpen the knife. This should be the best set of stainless steel knives for the kitchen, which has a good shiny finish, which never gets any effect of water or rust.

Chef knife, chef knife set, best knife set 2021, best chef knife, magnetic knife block

The chef of the kitchen is a great person who along with cooking food also does its decoration very strictly. Only then it becomes effective for its owner. Chefs mostly work in hotels, restaurants or cafes. This is a professional job which is done by them in big and expensive hotels. Other small hotels have cooks who can cook. The name of the chef comes in the quality and appearance. Therefore, the knives used by them not only cut fruits, vegetables and meat, but also according to their decoration, they have to be cut according to which their customers like it. That's why chefs should have all kinds of knives and related equipment in their knife sets. Stands and boxes for maintenance should also be in the chef's kitchen. A chef is also an artist, so according to the art, all the things should be arranged in his kitchen.

A chef is also an artist, so according to the art, all the things should be arranged in his kitchen.

Real life motivational thinking is active action is better to think a lot than to think something to do something and show it by becoming something better to wander in dreams

Real life motivational thinking is active action

Inspiration is a thought, moral is always active 

It is better to do something and show something than to think a lot. It is better to wander in dreams that those who are dreaming, feel better during the day. But to turn that dream into a true reality, you have to move forward. Nothing happens by sitting and thinking. Nothing is going to happen unless you activate both body and mind. It is very easy to take inspirational examples from someone. But if you show inspirational example according to inspiration, then whose inspiration is effective. Then motivational example becomes successful in life.


Motivation is always cooking something in her mind 

But sometimes try to taste the taste of that something too. If you get some taste today, then the whole world is occupied with hope. Efforts may result in less success tomorrow, but after a few days no one can stop something from being delicious. Failure is the fear of the mind which only breeds despair. Courage and effort are the rays of hope that breed fearlessness. The effort is self-supporting. Self-reliance can never stop after getting inspiration. Whoever is determined, he will surely do it. Then there is no concern about any fear or failure. Then victory and success do not stop anyone. This is the main effect of inspiration.


Life real inspired hearing this saying that the heart has lost its losers

The mind has its victories. When understanding is positive and natural, why the question of giving up? Its better to try to win it. Action less ness is the hallmark of defeat. No one can stop the hard work. No matter how difficult the chapter may be. No one can miss the success of a person who is motivated by hard work.

Company knowledge usually found knowledge of GST must be had by the experienced people

Company knowledge is typically found in what?

For the knowledge of the company, after the tenth, the higher secondary education starts, which is done in commerce. Good knowledge of company in commerce and secretarial practice. Economics and commerce are also very important in the knowledge of the company, without this the knowledge of the company remains incomplete. Bookkeeping for the stylus of the account in which the details of all the transactions are recorded daily. Along with this, the knowledge of GST must be had by the experienced people of the company. All these come under the knowledge of the company.

पैकिंग मटेरियल में सबसे ज्यादा कार्ड बोर्ड का इस्तेमाल होता है रद्दी पेपर को मशीन में रीसायकल करने के बाद ब्राउन पेपर का निर्माण किया जाता है

पैकिंग मटेरियल कार्टून बॉक्स

पैकिंग मटेरियल में सबसे ज्यादा कार्ड बोर्ड का इस्तेमाल होता है.

रद्दी पेपर को मशीन में रीसायकल करने के बाद ब्राउन पेपर का निर्माण किया जाता है. जिससे कार्टून बनाया जाता है. कार्टून के लिए पेपर के कई तह को गोंड से चिपकाया जाता है. जिसके दो प्लेन पेपर के बिच में धारीदार कोरोगेटेड पेपर लगाये जाते है. कार्टून को रखने वाले वस्तु के आकर और वजन के अनुसार उसकी मोटाई तय की जाती है. नरम या कड़क कार्टून के अनुसार उसमे गोंड की मात्र भी तय की जाती है. जितना ज्यादा गोंड का मात्र होता है कार्टून उतना ही शक्त और मजबूत होता है.


कार्टून बनाने के लिए बड़े बड़े मशीन का उपयोग किया जाता है.

३ तह, ५ तह, ७ तह और जरूरत पड़ने पर इससे भी ज्यादा तह कार्टून बनाने में लगाया जाता है. सभी तह के बिच में गोंड का इस्तेमाल किया जाता है. सरे काम मशीन से किया जाता है. बने हुए पेपर के तह को प्रेस मशीन में चलाकर उसको ठीक से प्रेस किया जाता है. इस दौरान उसमे गर्मी भी प्रबाहित ही जाती ही जिससे पेपर तुरंत चिपक कर और शक्त होकर मशीन से बहार निकले.   


कार्टून के कोरोगेटेड पेपर बनाने के लिए कोरोगेशन मशीन में दो रोल होते है.

कार्टून के कोरोगेशनमशीन के दोनों रोल में गियर के जैसा दांत बना होता है. जो लम्बे लम्बे धारी के सामान होता है. दोनों रोल के गियर के बिच से पेपर को इसमे से गुजरने के साथ इसमे थोडा गरमी उत्पन्न होने के लिए विद्युत् पवार से गरम करना पड़ता है. जिससे दुसरे तरफ पेपर कोरोगेतेट हो कर बाहर निकले. मशीन में ही कोरोगेतेट हुए पेपर को रोल किया जाता है. जिससे कार्टून के लिए कोरोगेशनमें कोई प्रभाव नहीं पड़े और पेपर में उत्पन्न हुए गर्मी कुछ और समय तक बरक़रार रहे जिससे पेपर का कोरोगेशनकायदे से हो जाये और लम्बे समय तक कोरोगेशनबना रहे.


कार्टून के कटिंग मशीन में कार्टून के बॉक्स को आकर देना

कार्टून कटिंग मशीन में कार्टून के बॉक्स को आकर के अनुसार कटिंग का काम होता है. जरूरत पड़ने पर लेबल, नाम और सामान के विशेषता की प्रिंटिंग भी की जाती है. जो कई रंग, रूप और चित्र के साथ भी हो सकता है. वो भी मशीन से ही किया जाता है. आकर के अनुसार कार्टून बोर्ड को मशीन कटिंग करता है. मोरने वाले भाग को मोरने के लिए फिर प्रेस मशीन में भेजा जाता है. मोरने वाले भाग के धारी बनया जाता है. जिससे सभी कार्टून एक जैसा बनकर तयार हो जाता है.


कटिंग से बचे हुए बेकार टुकरे को फिर से रीसायकल किया जाता है.

बचे हुए बेकार टुकरे को फिर से रीसायकल कर के कार्ड बोर्ड बनाया जाता है. कोई भी पेपर का बेकार टुकरा फेका नहीं जाता है. बचे हुए पेपर के बेकार टुकरे को रीसायकल किया जाता है जिससे नया पेपर बन कर निकालता है जिसका नये कार्टून बनाने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है. 


फोल्डिंग करने वाले मशीन में कार्टून बनाना

कार्टूनको अंत में बॉक्स का रूप देने के लिए फोल्डिंग मशीन में भेजा जाता है. जिससे बॉक्स आकर के अनुसार मुड़ कर बॉक्स बन जाता है. जरूरत के अनुसार बॉक्स बनाने में चपटी पिन वाला मशीनी स्टेपलर का उपयोग किया जाता है या ब्राउन टेप या सादे टेप से भी मशीन बॉक्स के निचले भाग को चिपका कर बॉक्स बनाकर बहार निकलता है.


कंप्यूटकृत मशीनी युग के चमत्कार से कार्टून बॉक्स बनाना हुआ आसान

सभी मशीनी काम स्वचालित और कंप्यूटकृत होते है. जिसे कंप्यूटर के सॉफ्टवेयर से किया जाता है. जैसा कार्य करना वैसा प्रोगामिंग किया जाता है.

वास्तविक जीवन के ज्ञान में सभी के साथ और सभी के विकाश से ही जीवन में ख़ुशी और आनंद मिलता है

जीवन से समझौता


वास्तविक जीवन के आयाम में समझौता.

मानव जीवन में कई प्रकार के ख्वाइश होते है पर वो अपने जिम्मेवारी के तहत सभी इच्छा को पूरा नहीं करता है. मानव जीवन का उद्देश्य कभी भी अपने स्वार्थ को पूरा करने के लिए नहीं है. यदि ऐसा वो करते है तो सबसे बड़ी विडम्बना है की उनके स्वार्थ कभी भी पुरे नहीं होंगे. खुद के लिए सोचना ठीक है पर स्वार्थवश कुछ सोचना बिलकुल भी उचित नहीं है. जब मानव के इच्छा पुरे नहीं होते है तो वो घृणा और दुःख के सागर में डूबने लग लग जाता है जिससे जो जिम्मेवारी उसके ऊपर होते है उसको भी नहीं पूरा कर पाता है और असफलता ही अंत में हाथ लगता है.


जीवन की वास्तविक ख़ुशी तो जो जिम्मेवारी अपने ऊपर है उसको निभाने से मिलता है.

जिम्मेवारी से जो प्राप्त होता है वही सच्चा ख़ुशी है इस ख़ुशी में आनंद और हर्ष भी महशुश होता है. जीवन के कला में ख़ुशी के पल को धून्दाने वाले अपने कर्तव्य में ख़ुशी को खोजते ही तो उनको सालता के साथ साथ मान, सम्मान, इज्जत, प्रतिस्था सबसे बड़ी बात आदर सब जगह से मिलता है. इतना पाने मात्र से ही जिम्मेदार इन्सान ख़ुशी से उत्साहित हो कर अच्छा करने का प्रयाश करता है दुनिया में वो अपना पहचान बनता है. जीवन में कुछ प्राप्त करना ही है तो दूसरो के लिए कुछ न कुछ अच्छा करने के बारे में सोचने से सफलता जल्दी मिलता है.


जीवन के आयाम को ठीक से समझे तो यदि हम है और दुनिया में कोई नहीं है तो क्या होगा?


सब व्यर्थ ही होगा, कोई उद्देश्य ही नहीं होगा, न मन होगा, न सुख होगा, न दुःख होगा, न बोलने वाला कोई होगा, न जानने वाला कोई होगा, तब न कोई कुछ खरीदने वाला होगा, तब न कोई कुछ बेचनेवाला होगा. तव कैसा जीवन होगा? सोच सकते है. ऐसे माहोल में एक पल भी नहीं टिक पाएंगे और खुद का अकेलापन ही खुद को खाने लग जायेगा. चाहे तो किसी शुनसान जगह पर एक दिन बिताकर देख सकते है.


वास्तविक जीवन के ज्ञान में सभी के साथ और सभी के विकाश से ही जीवन में ख़ुशी और आनंद मिलता है.


जीवन का डोर एक दुसरे से ही जुड़ा हुआ है. एक दुसरे का सहारा बनकर ही मानव जीवन विकाश करके इस प्रगतिशील दुनिया को यहाँ तक लेकर आया है. हमें और भी आगे तरक्की करने है. वास्तविक ख़ुशी को दूसरो में देख्नेगे तो ख़ुशी का आयाम बढ़ने लग जायेगा जिसे हर्ष और उत्साह कहते है ये ख़ुशी से बहूत ऊपर है. हर्ष और उत्साह में जीवन का वास्तविक ज्ञान है. स्वयं के लिए सोचने से हर्ष और उत्साह कभी नहीं प्राप्त होता है इसे मात्र झूठी ख़ुशी कह सकते है जो ज्यादा समय तक नहीं टिकता है. चुकी जीवन सुख दुःख का मिश्रित परिणाम भोगता है. हर्ष और उल्लाश से जीवन का आयाम बढ़ता है. खुद के लिए सोचने से आयाम घटने लग जाता है और अंत में आयाम छोटा हो कर अंतहीन दुःख ही देता है. अपने दिल और दिमाग से सोच कर समझ सकते है.


Two types of meditation for both types of meditation to happen automatically a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically

Meditation of the divine Meditation is done in many ways  Meditation is tried in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically. Me...