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Biggest pillar in the imagination of human life knowledge is necessary at every stage in life along with the development of intelligence knowledge

Knowledge is the biggest pillar in the imagination of human life knowledge is necessary at every stage in life along with the development of intelligence knowledge is very necessary for balance and ease in life

How powerful is the wheel of time? Everyone knows about the cycle of time. 

Today there is happiness, tomorrow there is sadness again, happiness and then sadness is such a life cycle. What happens with this? This is the real cycle of life. Which everyone has to believe. One has to understand the cycle of time. The child is born. Then in childhood. Then goes into adolescence. Later comes puberty. Then after that it goes into superstition. Then going into old age, attains its final stage of death. That is the life cycle. In this, man enjoys good and bad happiness and sorrow. Sometimes alone and sometimes lives together. Living with mother's address in childhood. After that he lives a long life living with his wife. Then later spends time on his own with children and grandchildren. In the end, after attaining death, he goes to that house. Where did he come to get knowledge. Now the question is arising that what is human life? What is its existence? There is a great existence. If understood, the same life cycle connects one to the other. Everyone is connected to each other. So that the knowledge of one is passed on to the other who is unknown. Knowledge is not hidden anywhere. In logic, knowledge does arise. He defines everyone in the collection of knowledge and behaviour by connecting man to man. There is a living. By acquiring knowledge, every human being will reach the same place one day or the other. From where did you come here? Why don't we make good use of this time. support each other. We get good knowledge from them. Give them your good knowledge. This will make everyone's time better. This is the ocean of knowledge and this is the way of life. In the rest of the supreme knowledge, what is left from birth to death and after death. Only knowledge remains.

Knowledge is the biggest pillar in the imagination of human life

The biggest pillar in the imagination of human life is knowledge. Knowledge is necessary at every stage of life. Along with the development of intelligence, knowledge is very important for balance and ease in life. Otherwise, the incompleteness of knowledge can also bring turmoil in life. Generally, the development of knowledge should start from childhood itself. By which the ability to understand, the ability to think is acquired. In the future, one has to overcome the difficulties that come in life. To overcome the obstacles of life, a person has to work very hard with intelligence. In the ups and downs of life, whether it is work, business, service, worldliness, getting up in the society, there is a great need for wisdom, discretion and understanding everywhere in the family. That's why knowledge is very important in life. Knowledge maintains balance in the life cycle. 

Wondered what we are, how far we think in emotion what are we saying, and till what we are saying, have we ever others, and life is successful and is beneficial for the society.

What are we doing, what are we saying, and till what we are saying, have we ever wondered what we are, how far we think in emotion 

What are we doing? What are we saying? And how far are we saying? Have you ever thought? What are we? How far do we think in emotion? Nothing is known. Till now only think so much. And keep on thinking. All the thoughts remain in the air. Which yields no result. Nor is it the one who gives fruit. Then why do you think so much? Its better than that. We should think as much as possible which can reach any result. And the result may be good for all. That's what we ask ourselves. What is the use of that thinking and understanding, which could not reach any result? All should remain in the air. What will be the benefit of that? Everything will be in vain. That's why think less, think well, think well, think fruitful things which are useful for yourself and others. Be successful in life be beneficial to the society. Only then will the thinking be positive.

Looked inside ourselves and have seen how much evil is inside us, the day it will be known that how bad

No one worse than in the world If realize this, then will not do evil to anyone again and will not allow it to happen.

Why do we spend our remaining time which we get after our work, often in such times we spend in people's talk and we also start doing evil to each other in talk, we don't even care about dignity, anything. It is said that by doing more, time goes to doing the same evil, sometimes we have looked inside ourselves and have seen how much evil is inside us, the day it will be known that how bad we are, then there will be no one worse than us in the world. If we realize this, then we will not do evil to anyone again and will not allow it to happen.

Attitude of life is very important to be positive, in fact there is a place for one's own desire in positive thinking, if one thinks something for himself, then greed also comes in the spirit of thinking or imagination

The things I hate about you


When you look into your mind

When you look in your mind a lot starts to make sense. Most of the time, negative feelings of time are seen in the mind. Few things are good. Things that are positive. He wants to remember them again and again. The things that do not please the mind. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to shrug off those things. Then the anger comes in the same way. When some old thing shakes the mind. Then only negative things start rising in the mind. Such is the nature of the mind.

Often there is a work place for positive things in the dimension of life 

Often there is less room for positive things in the dimension of life. The reason behind this is that the feeling of the people who mix more is associated with some desire or the other. Most of the people's desires are negative. Which affects the mind of both. Due to which there is an effect of negative desire on the mind of both the speaker and the talker. Therefore, during the imagination or for a particular task, one thinks something. So the feeling attached to it is realized. When such negative things are raised in the mind. So there is a lot of anger too. Together it affects your thinking and imagination.

The attitude of life is very important to be positive

It is very important to have a positive attitude in life. In fact, positive thinking has no place for self-will. If you think for yourself. Greed also comes in the spirit of thinking or in the imagination. Which is a low trend. Due to which thinking or imagining something of one's own will is not entirely meaningful. Therefore want to achieve something in thinking or imagination. So what are you thinking about in the imagination? The inclination of the mind should be on that subject matter. So that there will be complete success in the work of that subject matter. When that task is successful. Then the result of that work is beneficial. That is the real success. Therefore, one should never allow one's desire to be exposed in thinking and imagination.

Vivid imagination not imaginative It should be because all these come only in the realm of living vivid imagination they are very active they affect the heart and mind at a very fast pace

Vivid imagination

Imagination of a happy life

When man comes into his existence. Make some plan for the development of your life. What's going on at present. How was the time spent? What will the future be like? How to progress, progress and develop? When a person thinks about something like this. Wishing you happiness for future life. A man should have a living imagination. Unless a person thinks, the feeling of doing something will not awaken. Thinking and imagining do not work on the basis of any construction.

The subject or task on which it is active. for the success of the work. When you are active you think. A living imagination. One must imagine alive.

Living vivid imagination meaning 

People often have lively imaginations in their youth. For attractiveness in life, especially for such young people who have a girlfriend, young people imagine alive for a happy mind. However, let's look at it from the point of view of imagination. So that's not appropriate. In thinking, understanding and imagination, as much as a human being will be simple and comfortable, he will imagine balanced. Equally good. Entertaining the mind in a living imagination. As long as that's fine. Just imagine that. It should not be imaginative. Because all these come only in the realm of living imagination. Are very active. It affects the heart and mind at a very fast rate.

Vivid imagination is best. Do it for the development and balance of your mind, heart, mind, prudence, intellect, thinking, understanding. So lively imagination is useful.



Thought seen In today's time man runs after beauty a lot the dress should be good the dress should be the best there should be a high level of show

Thoughtfully seen

Look carefully. In today's time man runs after beauty a lot. Clothing should be good. The costumes should be great. From top to bottom there should be a high level of pretence. There is a lot of trend among women for the beauty of clothes. And there should be. Personality shines through beautifully. In today's time, there is a lot of beauty in society life. People show off their clothes. How important is your ability? Personality shines through dress and dress. Recognition in a logo is good. People start joining. Famous people also spend a lot of money on appearances. 

So think that 

The business of those people who think in the era of dress and beauty flourishes. Those who are involved in the business of dress and beauty. Their families also go somewhere on their clothes and appearances. For this, big shops are opened in the city. Lakhs are spent in the decoration of the shop. With this the household of those workers and artisans runs the family. Those who make a living in the business of such a decorator. Many times I think that if all this had not happened, then how many other people would have problems. Unemployment is also like this according to the time. People are making a living through this medium. If seen somewhere or the other, all are connected to each other. It is only the medium of employment of each other. 

Think why people don't understand?

Sometimes the mind thinks. Why don't people understand all these things? Why don't people connect with each other and live in harmony? This will only make everyone happy. There will be new construction. New industries will flourish. The medium of employment of the people will also open. people who are unemployed. They will also get some business. They too have the right to be happy in the world. The world is there for them too. 

I would like to say this in my mind 

I would like to say this from my mind. Like, we have definitely supported people in employment in the hope of telling ourselves good through outward appearances. Thank you very much for this. To all those who are supporting in the medium of employment somewhere. Thanks to all of them. 

I will say the same thing about the mind thinking 

This is what I would say about the mind. The way we all decorate. Exterior show off. To make myself look good. Similarly, whatever is in your mind is filth. What we can't tell anyone. We accept. There is definitely something inside us too. Which should be thrown out one by one. Then we will all be connected to each other. Why not make a little effort in this direction as well. I am saying this for everyone. I'm just trying You have to support me in success. Then there will be no problem, no hassle, no unemployment. Then everyone will be happy. Because then the filth will not remain inside anyone. Everyone's mind will become clear. Then everyone will feel good, will it not?

Ego can destroy a person's concentration understanding simplicity humility

Ego tendency in which a person drowns himself and comes on the verge of destroying everything its result is not found soon nature pay sense awareness sense  good sense

What is ego? 

This is such a tendency in which a person drowns himself and comes on the verge of destroying everything, its result is not found soon, but it is definitely available, by the time it gets its result, it is too late, then there is a way. Does not survive, because of this arrogance, first of all, his own alien is left from him because he never respects anyone, in his pride, he considers you the greatest in the society, then even people keep away from him, even if the power And because of his status, no one says anything in front of him, but he definitely shuns him, its result is visible in the house as well, as his nature is his, similarly happens to all the people of the house, so people should avoid him too. It seems that this is a reality, people of this type of nature have been seen in the society, we are not referring to any particular person, we are referring to the arrogant nature.

Definition of arrogant nature

Which I have come to see in the path of life, I hear about such people, I understand what will happen to such people? Everything is there, they have not only simplicity, not spontaneity, not friendly, not a supporter in each other's sorrow and pain, who lives only for their own meaning.

Everything in life make a lot of progress

Help the needy who are very attached to the people who have earned a lot, become helpful to those who do not have anything, by doing this this feeling will end, the glow of life comes easily and easily, this makes the mind happy. It happens that generosity increases, with generosity, the dimension of life develops, which leads to spiritual progress.

In fact there is a direct contact of the mind with the soul

There is a lot of difference in spiritual development with external progress, both move together in the inner mind, if a building like a house is built, it brings disturbance in life, due to which the happiness of the mind ends. It seems, in spite of everything, life seems to be disappointed, so to make a disappointed life right, simplicity and ease is needed, this will please both the mind and the soul, that is the real happiness and happiness.



Learn fiberglass work study fiberglass work progress work self improvement technical knowledge technic learning

Learn how to work fiberglass


Fiber glass mold preparation

To prepare the mold of fiberglass, the object of which the mold is to be made is cleaned properly, releasing wax is applied everywhere, after that PV is applied, after drying, according to the size of the object, internal side external side. By understanding the part and the outer part, the piece of fiberglass mold is determined, 1.5 inch or 2 inch from the paper, card board, clay which is available, according to the size of the mold, the circle of the mold piece is applied. For applying nut volts, the size of the border is kept 1.5 inches or 2 inches, both the border and the object are molded by applying releasing wax and PV, after drying, the other border is applied by applying releasing wax, PV is all molded. The pieces of the piece are molded in turn according to the border on the object. After the mold is set, all the pieces of the mold are cleaned with a grinder. The circled part is pierced with a drill machine. By applying not bold, the pieces of the mold are To connect with each other, a hole is made on the circle by opening all the mold pieces accurately and with polish paper. Fiber glass mold is prepared by grinding, cleaning and repairing with fiber glass material, in this way the mold of fiberglass is prepared.




systematically steps by steps learn fiberglass according advice in blog text


Preparing the mold for fiberglass

To do the work of fiberglass, first of all, after cleaning the mold of fiberglass in a thick way, releasing wax is applied with a brush, then after drying it a little, PV is applied with a brush. The PV that is kept to dry has the effect of water, so it is necessary to dry the mold completely, many designs have many pieces of fiberglass molds which are prepared by connecting them to the nut vault. Releasing wax is also PV around the edge of the fiberglass mold, keeping in mind that the releasing wax and PV are not left anywhere else, otherwise the fiberglass mold will stick to each other after casting, then both the molded fiberglass architectural and Both the fiberglass molds will deform. This is how the fiberglass mold is prepared for casting.

Preparing materials for casting fiberglass

To make the material of fiberglass, the resin cobalt and powder are mixed together, the hardener is added only when the casting is done, the hardener is not added with all the materials because it starts to set the material. The material of the fiber is made once and the hardener is poured out of it repeatedly and then the brush is washed in thinner, otherwise the brush will also start to set and it will get deformed, so wash the brush every time. is necessary.

The material is made of two types, one is resin, cobalt and powder, the other is resin to make the fold, in which only cobalt is added to the chopped strength mat to sit.

Fiberglass designing work is starting with clay molding fiberglass mold making and production of work fiberglass according to design and strainth of work .

The quantity of resin is 1 liter, the amount of cobalt is 10 ml and the amount of hardener is 5 ml or according to the work, you can use the powder according to your design, use less sometimes more according to the design There are many types of Chopped Strength Mats, they are given marks according to their thickness, they are according to the thickness of 300/450/600 etc.

Pigments come for the color of the molding, it is available in many colors and is used according to the need.

Brushes are used for casting fiberglass architecture.

Thinner is used for washing brushes.

Rubber hand gloves are used to wear on the hand.

Casting fiber glass

The fiber glass material is poured into the mold with a brush, after a fold is completed, the fold is increased according to its work, each time the brush is thinned so that it does not deform Jai Lastly, the resin is applied by chopping strength mat The mat is seated by mixing it with cobalt and hardener. The material is held until it is set, until it is firm, the edge is cleaned with a knife, the mold is properly seated by applying a nut vault The edge is joined together by the material and hardener, the material made of resin is set with the help of a brush, by applying a chop strength mat to join the edge.


Fiber glass repair

To repair the fiberglass, after the material is removed from the mold, it needs to be rubbed, which is done with a grinder and polished paper, which is found in numbers 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 300 first. It is done with a grinder, which has round discs, generally used for repair of fiberglass, which is used for grinding. The joint part is cleaned by grinding it with a grinder, then with polish paper. Grinding is done, the broken part of the joint part is filled with fiber glass material with a hardener miller knife, cleaning it with a knife and cleaning it with polish paper, in this way the work of fiberglass is done.


Washing and coloring of fiberglass articles

Surf and caustic soda and surfactant are used for washing fiber glass, thick dried, spray machined, dyed and lacquered.

study of fiberglass work is very useful work and technical job for industrial work

Beginner fiberglass projects

To work on the initial five glass projects, the main requirement is good knowledge of the work and the right knowledge of the quantity of materials required and what necessary items used to be the undertaking, they should all be available with themselves like cutter, grinder, drill machine To tighten the nut volt, it is necessary to get help with good craftsmen, laborers are needed to do the initial work on the projects of fiber glass and can provide good goods to their businessmen. He likes it and can get recognition and get better work.




Imagination is more important than knowledge, beyond imagination, active imagination, use your imagination, imagination meaning

Imagination Meaning 

Active imagination

Active imagination is a big difference between fantasy and reality. If the flight of the mind is more, then the difference widens. You should have control over your will and mind. With positive thinking, the will power starts working. With positive thinking, the imagination of the mind starts turning into reality.

How does imagination happen?

What is imagination? Positive imagination of the mind is an important aspect of life. Imagination connects man with inner mind to outer mind and outer mind with inner mind. The inner mind is signaled by the outward gestures of the mind. Due to which the feeling of the external mind, due to deep thinking, imagination occurs in the mind. The mind is affected by imagination. Due to which the imagination of man increases. For the imagination to be correct and positive, the mood of the mind should be positive and balanced. So that the intuition establishes its imagination correctly. A negative emotion enters the imagination. So that brings about a change in the feeling of his mind. Due to which the dynamic imagination starts to deteriorate. Therefore, no negative emotion should ever be allowed to arise during the imagination or in the mind.

Active imagination How does imagination work?

When the mind concentrates and thinks about something. The sense of imagination goes to the inner mind to the subconscious mind. By repeatedly thinking about a topic, those thoughts become concepts of thinking imagination. After a few days, thoughts related to it automatically start coming. During that time, to make his imagination come true, he starts thinking in his mind. Some even start activities. Imagination and action go hand in hand. Negative emotions also arise in the mind. The mind also works towards negative energies.

Imagination is more important than knowledge, what is the understanding of the mind?

The knowledge of right and wrong comes from the mind. Then follow the positive aspect of the mind and move forward. There are two types of understanding of the mind. One positive the other negative is the understanding of the mind. Taking positive understanding out of it, one should move forward. Negative emotions also remain in the mind. The mind divides every thought into two parts. Then the mind has to decide. Which Bhava, Imagination, Understanding is positive. One should move towards positive understanding.

Imagination How does the brain make sense during imagination and psychological imagination?

Societies of imagination and mind are very complex. During imagination, the mind at all times divides the understanding into two parts. One positive understanding the other negative understanding. Sometimes both the understandings go together, then there is harassment in the mind. Even after wanting lakhs, it becomes difficult to remove the negative understanding. From the point of view of knowledge, understanding is a great knowledge. who were imagining. That imagination becomes unimaginative instead of being balanced. Then negative thoughts come again and again. For balanced imagination, concentration peace, calm mind, balanced heart and mind, there should be no hatred towards any particular person in the mind. Don't let the wrong notions already sit in your mind. Have complete control over yourself. You have to be very careful. Then the imagination becomes positive. Imagination comes true. Imagination comes to fruition. The sense of karma awakens. Positive thinking of the mind moves towards the sense of imagination. Then the fantasy comes true. Imagination is fruitful.

Imagination improve reality of life and progress of life living

What should be done to understand positive imagination and positive thinking?

Need to be very careful.

Big or small, own or foreign, everyone has to have the same feeling.

If there is any filth, wrong feelings and thoughts lying in the mind, then it has to be removed.

There should be compassion in the heart.

One should be aware of every subject matter.

Want to be active.

No work should be left unfinished.

There should be a feeling of action in the mind.

One should take full sleep during the night, should not stay awake till late night, should never sleep during the day.

One should connect intimately with the people.

You should think positive.

One should be aware of everything.

One should not hurt anyone's heart.

What effect does positive imagery have on the heart and mind? 

The mind becomes happy when it becomes positive.

Feelings of mind are positive.

Thinking is positive.

Thoughts are high.

Spiritual power increases.

The mind becomes calm and focused.

Darkness is removed from life.

Self-light and enlightenment increase.

Negative feelings are gone.

The mind remains positive.

Positive energy is received.

The mind remains calm and active.

Motivational is Source of Inspiration define Inspirational thoughts in Positive life for Self motivation and enhancement for Personal motivation

Human reality have to improve Source of Inspiration by defining Inspirational thoughts in Positive life for Self motivation and enhancement for Personal motivation

Inspiration of life

Talking about the inspiration of positive life, the great reason for progress in human life is the source of inspiration, which comes from a person from whom some Sikh, takes inspiration and progresses in his field, in the midst of people. He does commendable work, be it social work or his work, does a great job in the expansion of business, all these activities are inspired by the motivational thoughts of the motivational speaker of his life, he learns, expands himself, the same person is his inspiration. The source becomes the cause.

In the quotes of positive life

There is mention of one such inspirational artist who was studying in school at that time and lived in studies, till then there is no purpose of his life, it was not knowledge, generally in everyone's life. There are some friends or many friends, he did not make friends with anyone, his father was a good artist, he was a good artist of clay idols, used to do his work, art was important in his life, so he He was a lover of positive life quotes and inspirational art, a friend of his was a painter, he was also a good inspirational artist.

Talking about self-motivation factor

It is a matter of those days, when he used to study in 9th standard, one such day his father's friends came to his house in connection with some work, then he would see that both father and son are at home. That's when he told that boy, son, what will you become in your life? Have you thought or not! Now is your time, if you do not think now, how will you move forward? Then the boy replied that uncle, I am studying now, I have not thought anything, then he told the inspiring thought that son, why don't you learn your father's work? If you don't learn now, when will you learn? I believe that if you learn the work of your father, then you will get to learn better, he has the knowledge to make all kinds of idols, you will also learn well, you will not have any trouble, you will be doing studies like writing. In the same way, you will continue to learn work together, this is the time to think of your own free will, if you do not think of thinking anything now, then it will be too late, after giving such inspirational thoughts and completing the work for which they came, they left.

Seeing the principle of self-determination

Jai To Motivational Thoughts The inspiration that the child got from his father's friend, he got an inspiration in life for that child, so that he was inspired by inspirational quotes along with his studies. He also started working with, studied class 10th and got first place in the examination and passed, further he started preparing for class 12, higher secondary studies are 2 years old, so his father got a room for him. So that he could concentrate in a positive way to study and work together, as soon as he got such an opportunity, inspired by self-motivation, he started hard work on both sides, then studied during the day and till late night the work of making idols. Started learning in a quiet environment, in which his father also supported him, forbidding him to stay awake till late at night, doing so was affecting his health, doing so he passed class 12th higher secondary from second place , then he decided that whatever I have learned today, I have learned only from the knowledge of my father and from the inspirational thoughts given by my father's friend. Inspired by me, I have reached here today, after completing studies, he started working in the same field and went ahead and made inspirational quotes for others.

On the basis of goal setting principle 

That child did not study much later, but inspired by personal motivation in the positive direction of art, started helping his father in his business. This led him to find himself standing on a business platform with the inspiration given by the motivational speaker. He had complete knowledge and technical work of work since childhood, through personal inspiration was his father-in-law, which helped him a lot in learning.

After becoming proficient in the art world 

He did a lot of business. As much as there are positive artists, the direction in which artists grow is not a work of spirituality, art grows only where everything is positive. Due to which the life of that person also became positive and inspirational, the hard work progressed very well so that his life continued to be positive.

The motivational quote is that one who works hard 

Never runs away from hard work, even though he did not take computer knowledge at the time of his studies, then after 8 years of leaving his studies, he studied in the institute for computer knowledge where he studied modern technology. Took two and a half years to learn. He was an artist, he knew that it takes time to understand the nuances of any knowledge, inspired by self-motivation skills, he gave time, he chose time for computer study which no one can even imagine, At one o'clock in the afternoon, when people go to eat food so that there is no loss of work, at that time the workers take an hour off, self-motivation used that time. By incorporating new technology into his work, he reached his goal with personal inspiration.

Now started running on two factor principle in which performing arts through computer and worked very hard to grow the business.    

Inspirational Quotes After 3 years, he started his first foreign work and in this way by giving new dimensions to his  business, he took it to the country and abroad, in this way that person became an inspirational quote.

In this medium, one kept on working day and night in managing his work and increasing the publicity and dissemination, fulfilling the principle of dual way.

success in moving forward in that field, self motivation quotes happen.

Source of Inspiration

The first source of inspiration of his life was his father's friend, who gave inspiration while studying and later, his artist father gave full support in learning work by becoming a source of inspiration.

Motivational quotes

At the time of his studies, the inspiration he got from his father's friend became a motivational example for him.


Inspirational quotes 

Learning art with writing and writing in your life, learning computer, making positive use of time, listening to inspirational thoughts, imbibing in your life is inspirational quotes by them for others.

Positive quotes 

The work that inspired you to learn in that field in a positive way, move forward for development, change yourself in a new dimension according to the time to come, and adopting technology is a positive quote.

Success quotes

Being positively influenced by the inspirational thoughts of a person who came as a source of inspiration from a true heart, learning and growing in that field is a success quote.


Inspirational thoughts 

Moving ahead by establishing the given thought of a learned person in life, walking according to the idea, achieving success in progress, is a motivational idea which I got from my father's friend.

Positive life quote

No matter what is the stage in life, in all kinds of situations, taking the time with a positive mind, growing in your field, finding solutions to the problems and moving forward, progressing is a positive life quote.

Inspirational quotes on life

To move forward in your field, who are inspirational people, who get inspired, there are inspirational quotes on life.

Self motivation quotes 

When we move forward in our work area or any field and get the courage to move forward from our inner mind, we get success in moving forward in that field, self motivation quotes happen.

Self enhancement

The knowledge of a learned person is liked by the mind, one gets to learn something from it, the spirit awakens in the mind, if it starts achieving success in doing something, then it is called self-growth.


Personal motivation 

The thought of a learned person, being influenced by work skills, when someone feels like doing something himself, gets encouragement from within, to get success in that field, that is personal motivation.



Analytical mind Your mind should be positive many words in your mind some positive words some negative words

Analytical in Mind Have Process of Thinks What is Thinking Human Brain Thinking Process Mind Thinking Meaning Mind Thinking Meaning What is The Mind Thinks Of Mind

Analytical mind

Your mind should be positive. There are many words in your mind. There are some positive words. There are some negative words. There are some inappropriate words. Who keeps his mind running in vain. The mind influences its mind accordingly.


There should be concentration in the mind 

So that it can be understood that what should happen. Which way should the mind go? The mind controls its thinking. According to the emotion of the mind, it affects the analysis of the mind. The mind is a field of energy for itself. Every type of mind emotion is analysed in the mind. The mind controls the mind by analysing according to the mood of the mind. It affects his mind. The flight of the mind is very fast. Every word that arises in the mind is stored in the mind. There is a feeling of the mind. Similarly, by analysing the mind, it uncovers the word.


Sometimes an old memory comes to mind 

So the words related to it start analysing in their mind. Sometimes it happens that some time ago things are forgotten. Even when you remember, you can't remember. Even after doing the training, the mind does not remember anything during the analysis. The signal to the brain is received from the mind. It is on the basis of the mind that the word emerges after analysing the mind.


Whatever goes on in the mind 

The mind analyses it. The mind is the medium for the operation of the mind. In the activities we do. The word that takes hold. That's the word the mind analyses. We do not remember the rest of the thought. The brain stores every word of the activity. Whatever comes to mind. The mind analyses the same emotion and transmits it to the mind. That is the effect on our mind. The result is the direction in which the mind moves. Moving the mind gives results to the mind in that direction only.


How does the mind work?

Movement of the mind means an event. Which happens. When we are active. So everything is under control. When we are not active. Then the mind becomes uncontrollable and keeps on doing something or the other. Man himself has never been able to understand the movement of the mind. The movement of the mind is such a phenomenon. Which keeps on happening by itself. The more you want to control it, the faster it runs from the flow. From where are the thoughts raised while raising the mind? What will happen next? Nothing can be said. The mind goes on with a constant flow. There is only one way. To stop the flow of mind. Bust the mind in some work or any such activity. Who feels good to himself. Be proficient in that action yourself. Then the mind on that side when the mind likes to stay busy.


What does mind thinking mean?

The mind divides the question or emotion of the mind into two parts. One part is positive the other part is negative. Mindful thinking means that raising the bead provides energy to the thoughts. The person in whom it is happening. That person gets answers to his question. Along with it comes to know about its effect. Whatever pleases the mind. Is positive. And the one who feels bad. Is negative. The thinker has to decide for himself. Which way does he have to walk? Often people keep walking by being compelled by the mind. While the mind is always alert about its consequences. The compulsive people do not listen to the mind. Mindful thinking is capable of making accurate decisions. The flow of the mind can fragment the mind's thinking. The right decision is of the mind.


Type of mind

In the type of mind, the outer mind wanders in the world. The inner mind is within one's own mind. One who collects the activities of the external mind and activates it. The inner mind is more active than the outer mind. The subconscious mind is active in giving orders to the conscience. You can change yourself through the subconscious mind. There is an unconscious mind. Which just keeps on going. When we are not active. The unconscious mind is the hallmark of your not being active. Too much movement of the unconscious mind creates disorder in its own mind.


Human brain thinking process

When a question has arisen in your mind. So its waves go to the mind. The mind analyses it and gives waves to the mind. Which gives the result of the question that arises in the mind. Together with the influence of the mind, in which direction we will go, then what result will we get. You have to decide yourself. Which way do we have to go? All questioning of the thinking process in the human brain is a result.

What is mind ?

Mind is an event. We will continue to win. The mind will remain active. Our not being active is a wandering of the mind. We have to avoid the wandering of the mind. We have to be active always.


What are you thinking

The mind is never empty. Something right or wrong always goes on. In the process of thinking about a subject matter, when we emphasize on the appropriate subject work. Then the process goes on. It is the process of thinking of the mind. The brain works when it is active.


Mind vs. brain

Mind vs mind is a very good word. When activation is affected. Then the mind starts to focus on the most important subject. And supports the mind. The questions that arise from the depths of the mind. He is very active. Then both the parts of the brain work in the same way. There is no room for negative emotion. The cycle of questions arising out of questions runs in the mind. When there is mind versus mind, then every question gets the right path. Such persons are learned and knowledgeable. There are high thinking people of the mind. Those who are negative thinking people. He is insane.

Real knowledge of peace of life how much peace is there in life? The more knowledge increases in your life then enjoy life

Knowledge of peace life


Knowledge of peace of life

Peace is there in life how much ? The more knowledge increases in your life. Then enjoy life. Due to this everyone lives happily in their family. Keep spreading happiness on everyone. Which everyone likes. The knowledge of peace life seems to be spread in the family.

With family peace everyone is connected to his family 

Family members like it very much. Our son is very good. We grandson is very nice. Our brother is very nice. Our nephew is very nice. Keeping peace in the house proves to be the biggest ability for our family members. How can anyone think to disturb this peace? He is our home and family.

Real life knowledge in the same way there is more peace in our society

Real life peace in our society between people, in business, in friends. There people are intimately connected to each other. Due to which everyone's thoughts are the same. Everyone is organized. People of calm nature have a lot of knowledge. Meet people from all walks of life. Thinking about the matter. There is some trouble in them. So people show the way out of trouble. Knowledge of people of calm nature is good for everyone.

Sense of ego in many cases 

Real life creates trouble in the unity of the people. Somebody speaks. I am so somebody speaks. I am like that there is no peace here again. One does not keep collecting. There is no sense of peace there at all. Wow everything is falling apart. Seems to break. Is this all a trick? Not at all. This should not happen at all. Why don't we understand that a gathering gives us a lot. Makes your organization stronger.

Humanity should be such that there should be friendship 

Real life humanity in the house, family, understanding. Let everyone work. Wherever everyone was. Everyone is getting together. Knowledge increases through interaction. What is lacking in each other. Gets away with the help of the organization. Those who lack any knowledge. Others get to know by gesture. What does he need? People do not even know how to speak among themselves. Don't know your shortcomings. In such an environment, fierce friends help him and remove his dilemma. Lack of information increases. With the information received in the society, the needy removes the dilemma. Knowing the knowledgeable people in the society, other common people get happiness and peace.

Organization strengthens its curry 

Real life strengthens its curry at home or outside. Whether in society or among people. Everywhere organization proves to be a strong point. Suppose if someone in the house is in trouble, what will happen? If there is no organization. So there will be no unity. Then no one will support anyone. That poor man will break. The same thing can happen among people in the society as well. Why don't we understand how important organization, unity is. Youth is meant for learning knowledge. Nothing happens without knowledge. No matter what the stage, everything happens for the sake of knowledge. The greatest wisdom is the unity and integrity of the organization. As far as i want. If the organization is established, we will get to learn a lot. Removing mutual differences will open the doors of progress. There will be a new development in the society and the world. Civilizations will change. The culture will increase. Negative energy will work. There will be many such benefits. All this will only spread peace in the world.

Ral life self knowledge of life

Real life knowledge of real life first comes from the parents in the family. By their loving caress, we get the knowledge to respect everyone. The knowledge of the mind increases. The view of the big and the little ones starts to be understood. The knowledge to work hard comes from your hardworking fellow mentor. There is an increase in culture in life. Later on, knowledge comes from school. After that we get knowledge in the society. The best knowledge is the knowledge of peace.


Real self knowledge school of life

Real self-knowledge is the most we get in school. Reads books. Full of all kinds of knowledge. Knowledge is obtained from the well-told thoughts of masters through the medium of poetry, story and drama. The medium of all knowledge is only for the development of life. Knowledge is the only way to maintain peace in life.


Real knowledge of life

Real life knowledge of life, one has to develop one's own self, peace in life, with respect in society and peace and harmony in life.


Self knowledge life school

School of life, harmony, peace, unity, respect, respect, respect for big and small, to maintain intimacy among the people of the society. To help the suffering, to help the needy. To do good work in the society. Learning has to be done in the school of life.


School of life self knowledge

Very important to be proactive towards the happenings in life. Knowing the difference between good and bad, be aware of goodness. Respect is given with respect. To think kindly. Peacefully remove the confusion of every problem. Keep peace in your life and in others. The school of life is self-knowledge.


Sacred ways of knowledge source of life

Sacred way of knowledge which is the source of life. Respect, increased respect for the small, respect, dignity, helping the needy in the society. To help the afflicted. Talk respectfully between people.


Family peace life wisdom

Serving parents is the best religion and responsibility. To make the support of the family members at home. Talking respectfully to everyone in the house. Talking to children with love. Live happily at home.


Knowledge of peace life

Always keep your mind calm. Take care of the interests of others. To serve selflessly.


Peace of mind

Keep your mind calm. Using wisdom. Keep the mind focused

Making good use of time keeping a distance from wasted thought mind automatically starts to engage in the work which will be taken up

Basic knowledge of life

By making good use of time, keeping a distance from wasted thought, the mind automatically starts to engage in the work which will be taken up, the work is successful only.

The basic knowledge of life is that one should use the time properly and stay away from wasteful activities or thoughts, otherwise knowledge gets lost, negativity spreads, knowledge, mind, thinks, think, imagination, mind, minds starts turning into ignorance, knowledge starts being wasted, so in life Never keep a distance from wastefulness.

Think well, speak well, speak good knowledge, do good deeds and serve, run towards good knowledge, adopt good ones.


Planting garden around the house, often people have many places around their house, which people use for garden gardening, in which people plant vegetables, fruits or flowers.

Benefits of Gardening


There are many benefits of planting a garden around the house 

Often people have many places around their house. That people use. For garden gardening, in which people plant vegetables, fruits or flowers.


By planting flowers in the garden, the surrounding environment becomes fragrant

Looks great too. Together, flowers and leaves are found in the garden for worship at home. It should be in the thinking of the person. Plant a garden around your house. There is always some empty space around the house of the people. The gene must be put to good use. The importance of the garden is great then. When people sit in the garden in the morning and evening. Enjoys his life. A pleasant environment is found for thinking or imagining some deep subject.


By planting greens vegetable in the garden 

Sometimes we get sometime  greens vegetable for the house. By planting fruit trees such as banana, guava, pear, cilantro, pomegranate, mango, plum, people often plant it around their house. From time to time, fruits are fulfilled in the house. The shade of the tree is available in the summer season. A suitable environment is found to enjoy the pleasant cool breeze.


The way of peace of life is also found through garden gardening 

The more a person uses his time properly, the more concentration and peace will be established in his life. The first advantage of this will be that an empty mind will not become the house of the devil. Time will be put to good use. The remaining morning and evening time will be spent in gardening.


Oxygen will be available in abundance in the atmosphere 

The surrounding environment will be peaceful. It will make a huge contribution to the protection of the environment. Along with our country, many nations are paying attention to the protection of the environment.

Meditation is not done on own or only we have to experience the process that happens automatically Meditation is a type of process that happens automatically after going into meditation.



What is meditation? 

This is a type of process that happens automatically after going into meditation. Meditation is not done on its own or only we have to experience the process that happens automatically. There is no effort in it, just concentrate the mind in meditation. To think or understand anything done is not meant to be focused only and just concentrate where we are, there is no thought, no thinking, there should be no encompassing of concentration. There is no place for self, just no meditation, no thought of concentration, no thought, it makes the mind grow stronger, no effort is to be made for it. Just sit calm and feel calm and calm and calm and feel peace towards positive concentration. This has to be made, it calms the mind, negativity stops jumping This also calms the mind, calming Bachelor calms the mind too, then after a little effort of meditation, the mind starts to calm down and Bachelor is also positive, even after meditation, we have to feel positive in our work.

Karni mata born on Ashwin Shukla Paksha Saptami Friday, the daughter of Mehaji and Debu ji, born on 20 September 1387, was named Ridhu

Karni Mata Temple Bikaner Rajasthan

Karni Mata ji lives in the temple with her entire family. Whose number is up to 5000. The family which is going to roam around in the form of Kava in the main temple. Which is called rat in common language. 25000 rats live in the temple. Karni Mata Temple is located 30 km from Bikaner in Deshnok. Which is in the south direction from Bikaner.


Karni Mata Temple is famous for its children Kava Rat. The main attraction is the white mouse whose number is 7 or 8. Who gives darshan only to the fortunate devotee. The architectural carvings made of the same stone of Merval and the door of the main gate are made of 220 kg of silver. Even in the Jain community, people also keep their faith in Karni Mata. This is not to be seen anywhere.


In the temple of Karni Mata, milk is given in a large silver paratha as prasad for Kava. No Kava stays in his bill at five o'clock in the morning and during the evening aarti at seven o'clock in the evening. The procession of Kava is worth seeing in the temple at the time of Aarti. At that time the devotee has to drive the toes of his feet in the ground. So that no Kava gets injured by being pressed under the foot. For which Karni Mata temple is famous in the world. The temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in the early 20th century.


The saffron-coloured idol of Karni Mata in the cave of Karni Mata's temple was made by one of her devotees who was blind. This place is the same place where Karni Mata did penance for 100 years. Karni Mata herself has installed two stones at this place. Which is placed one on top of the other, which Karni Mata herself had brought from Sundha Parvat Jalore. Where Karni Mata's mother used to go to worship her adorable Kuldevi, she brought it from the same place and established it with her own hands. Which is installed on one side of the cave of the temple of Karni Mata. Karni Mata Ji Jyotilin was held in the cave of this temple.



Karni mata temple


History of Karni Mata

Debu Bai and Mehaji Kiniya had five children. Joe Pacho was a girl. Who lived in Suab Jodhpur. He was the descendant of the Charan clan. In the wish of the boy, he used to visit Hinglaj Mata which is in Multan Pakistan many times. When Mehaji Kiniya went with his wife Debu Bai for the seventh time, he realized that now he will have a boy. Pleased with this, Suab returned to Jodhpur. One day Debu ji had a dream of Mother Durga that I would be born from your womb. In this way, a girl child was born after being in the womb of Mother Debu ji for 21 months as the sixth child.


Born on Ashwin Shukla Paksha Saptami Friday, the daughter of Mehaji and Debu ji, born on 20 September 1387, was named Ridhu. However, Mehaji Kiniya and her sister were depressed due to the re-birth of the girl child. There was a famine at that time, people used to do animal husbandry. After the birth of Ridhu, gradually the improvement started, the animals also started giving good milk.


Once at the age of 6, Ridhu's aunt came to her maternal brother. Then one day she was making Ridhu's hair with one hand. So Ridhu said that aunt make my hair with both hands. So my aunt said that today I am having pain in one hand. Then show Ridhu bidding, the mysterious Ridhu with a mere touch, healed her aunt's hand. After this, after revealing many more secrets, Ridhu's name was named Karni by her aunt.


It is said about Karni ji that when she was 8 years old. So his father-in-law Mehaji Kiniya was cut by a snake. People had picked him up and brought him home in a dead state. There was an atmosphere of sadness in the house. Karni ji was sleeping then. As soon as she came to know about her father, she came to her father-in-law Mehaji Kiniya, where the snake had bitten. Touching that place made him alive from unconscious state.


Talk about Karni ji's secret started spreading far and wide. Once, Rao Shekha, who went out for war, was passing through Suab with his soldier. On the way, he asked a girl, Karni ji, where does Karni ji live. Then he told that I am Karni. Then Karni ji brought Rao Shekha along with her soldier to her house. There were two rotis and some in earthen pots in the house. Karni ji fed all the soldiers and Rao Shekha with the same bread, which filled everyone's stomach by taking small amounts of food. While going to Rao Shekha, Tan Rao Shekha was taking Karni ji with the boon of victory in the war, when Karni ji asked for the boon of immortality, then Karni ji kept some condition from him, which he could fulfill by fulfilling it.


Karni ji took an avatar for the welfare of the people and made the then Jangal Pradesh his place of action. Karniji blessed Rao Bika to establish a kingdom in Jangal Pradesh. Karni ji established Oran in ten thousand bighas in Deshnok for the upbringing of humans, animals and birds, which is called animal pasture. Karni ji freed Rao Shekha of Poogal from the prison in Multan which is now in Pakistan. His daughter Rangkanwar got married to Rao Bika.


The shepherd of Karni ji's cows was named Dashrath Meghwal. Those who lost their lives while fighting the robbers while protecting the cows from the dacoits Penthad and Pooja Mahala. Karni ji finished Dasaratha Meghwal and made Dasaratha Meghwal revered by eliminating the dacoits Penthad and Pooja Mahala. Due to which he became a symbol of respect in the society.


Bikaner and Jodhpur states were established only with the blessings and favors of Karni ji.


On 23 March 1538, Karni Mata became Jyotirlin on Chaitra Sukla Paksha Navami Saturday. After which the idol was installed in his meditation hall and that gold umbrella was offered.




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