Saturday, December 11, 2021

Valid knowledge general knowledge is there in everyone, general knowledge can also be acquired through a book

What can we do with valid knowledge?


General knowledge is there in everyone, general knowledge can also be acquired through a book. In the same knowledge there is also some valid knowledge, which we have to use in everyday life. Knowledge of talking to people. The knowledge of giving respect to the elders, the knowledge of respecting the parents, the knowledge of dealing with the younger and the elders, the knowledge of writing and reading, the knowledge of working, the knowledge of lifting and sitting is such a lot of knowledge which we have on a daily basis. We also have to make use of it by which we become a successful human being.


With the knowledge of reading and writing, first of all, one gets the knowledge of information and recording it, writing and reading are very important in education, without this education cannot be completed. This is a very important valid knowledge for education, Isis increases understanding and knowledge in life.


With the knowledge of respect, we get the knowledge of how to deal with the big and the small, which gives us a chance to keep our identity positively in the midst of the people. It is of great importance in the validity of knowledge.


Very important to have the knowledge of working, this is the cost and upbringing of the house and family. Only by working there is income in the house, from which all the basic needs and expenses are met. This is the most important and valid knowledge.


Make mind simple and comfortable, respecting the elders, loving the children, serving the parents gives peace of mind. This leads to spiritual progress and a positive attitude in life. In the practice of life, this knowledge is given to children from childhood itself. The validity of this knowledge is a good step in giving a positive aspect to life. This is also in the chain of valid knowledge and is the most important valid knowledge for sacraments.


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