Saturday, December 18, 2021

Legal for the college management to confiscate the phone without my knowledge and proper reason?

Is it legal for the college management to confiscate the phone without my knowledge and proper reason?


Legal for the college management to confiscate 

Phone without my knowledge and justified reason when the mobile phone is not valid in the college. Many such educational institutions do not believe in it, where the importance of education is more and where students go to get education.


During the ongoing lecture in the class 

Getting a phone call can disturb the whole student. Talking outside can also leave his important loss. Lecture is very important for education. The meaning of the context is in the lecture itself which the students listen to.

First thing was that the use of mobile was necessary

In the lock down when they used to study while sitting at home, but in today's time schools and colleges have almost opened. College is a temple of education. Education is achieved only through concentration. Respect and respect of master is also necessary, like respecting one's parents and elders. In the meantime, due to someone's phone call, there may be a lack of respect in them somewhere. Education also comes with respect and honor.


Talking on mobile can be a problem 

For the educational institution but it is also necessary to keep a mobile for yourself and keep it offline or silent. No one can refuse to call anyone in times of trouble, but it is very good if mobile is not used in vain in an educational institution. If it is very important, then you can read the message instead of the call. It is not necessary that only calling will make a difference. No one should have any problem with this.


In modern times parents give mobile in the hands of the child.

Mobile should not be misused in the educational institution. During his studies, he must be kept offline and silent, along with genes have also been given numbers. Make sure to call them so that others do not face any problem. If possible, take the help of messages, which you can read and reply later. Through this, parents can also take the news of their child.


Mobile becomes very important then. 

When someone is in trouble or may be in trouble himself, if there is any problem while coming, then mobile should be used at that time, so that anyone can immediately inform or call the police or ambulance. But it is better if you stay offline and silent in the class.


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