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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Active imagination everything goes into the subconscious through imagination unrestrained imagination of the mind also creates a lot of problems in the development of life

How to do active imagination subjects are helpful for people's imagination?

Active imagination of the people no matter what the subject is for life

What matters is what is going on in the mind. If you try to understand the mind according to the subject, then you will not get any answer. The imagination of the mind can be both mixed and lonely. With one idea many other ideas can also emerge. If we look in the context of the mind, then one thought at a time and at the same time many thoughts arise which keep going on in the mind. There are both active and inactive imaginations. Even though it has nothing to do with the outside world, it keeps on happening. What is to be activated through the intellect and which idea is to be deactivated? is determined. No one has fully understood the mind till date. Sometimes a very old thing hurts, and sometimes the thought of troublesome thing starts running in the mind. Every movement of the mind is nothing less than a fantasy. Whether the thinking is active or inactive, everything goes into the subconscious through imagination. Which obstructs important work with mixed results in life. The unrestrained imagination of the mind also creates a lot of problems in the development of life. Only by being active can you get rid of such unwanted feelings.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Active imagination nature of subconscious mind subconscious mind is connected with the inner mind If the conscious mind is not active, it will increase the unconscious

Active imagination power

world of imagination human life flourishes in   

Whether the imagination is small or big, everyone moves in the world of imagination. Works according to imagination. Thinks about the necessary work in life. Remains active towards work. It gives activism in life. Along with this, the mind also keeps the brain active. Imagination is activated with agility. To be active in life, first of all it is necessary to activate the body, mind, intellect, conscience. If the body is fit, then there will be a lot of positive energy in the mind. If the mind is positive then the person will become intelligent. Thoughts of intelligent person will be positive only. Therefore, the imagination of such a person will also be active.

More active imagination is more beneficial thinks of mind

When a person works on that side with all his heart. It should not happen that he created a world of active imagination and did nothing in the name of work. Then only the evil result of imagination comes out. The idea is right up to that point. As long as it works according to the imagination. No matter what the imagination is, they are very active. The full effect of imagination falls on the mind and the brain. If your mind active according to the imagination, you are busy in the work related to the imagination. So it will have a positive effect. Active work will be completed on time. If there is no activity in the work according to the imagination, then the mind will start becoming sluggish. There will be a negative effect on the brain. Later on the mind will also start becoming negative. Proactivity enhances positivity. Lethargy is a negative nature. Worklessness is also a negative attitude. One should stay completely away from worklessness. The brain is a field of energy. 

Active imagination influenced the mind. 

Having a positive attitude is a positive attitude in active imagination. Not being engaged in any work of the mind is a negative nature. Imagination is active. When the imagination is active. Then the mind also becomes active. As a result, the brain is also activated in the brain is active imagination for mind. If the mind becomes sluggish, it is not necessary that the active imagination and the mind will also become sluggish. He will keep going. Man lives in consciousness. Which is called the conscious mind. Imagination is the nature of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is connected with the inner mind. If the conscious mind is not active, it will increase the unconscious. Which is negative. The brain consists of two parts of the brain. If understood from the point of view of energy, there are two types of energy flow in the brain. Which is called positive energy and negative energy. Energy works by the nature of the mind. The nature of the mind. Energy will do the same thing. There is a confluence of mind and energy. Therefore the mind should always be positive.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Active imagination nature of the mind also seems to be the same. Due to this the mind gets engaged in the work according to the imagination

Active imagination

Active imagination is very important in life for development of knowledge and fame

Active imagination has great importance in life. Especially for such a person who is positive. The person who has gained his fame in many fields due to his special nature and personality. Their thinking, understanding, discretion, intelligence, nature are friendly and aware. Such persons do a lot in their life for the development of knowledge and fame. 

Active imagination necessary to activate the mind well and be positive and balance

In order to have an active imagination, the mind should be well activated and remain concentrated. Mind, thinking, understanding, intelligence, conscience must be positive and balanced. So that in the course of your thinking, there can be a clear depiction in the imagination. That's when imagination starts to ease. As you imagine. The nature of the mind also seems to be the same. Due to this the mind gets engaged in the work according to the imagination. The work gets done quickly and accurately. For such an active imagination one has to make repeated efforts. As long as the mind does not imagine in a comfortable sense. However, not everyone gets success in this endeavor. Only those who make constant efforts to concentrate for active imagination get success in active imagination.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Imagination is more important than knowledge, beyond imagination, active imagination, use your imagination, imagination meaning

Imagination Meaning 

Active imagination

Active imagination is a big difference between fantasy and reality. If the flight of the mind is more, then the difference widens. You should have control over your will and mind. With positive thinking, the will power starts working. With positive thinking, the imagination of the mind starts turning into reality.

How does imagination happen?

What is imagination? Positive imagination of the mind is an important aspect of life. Imagination connects man with inner mind to outer mind and outer mind with inner mind. The inner mind is signaled by the outward gestures of the mind. Due to which the feeling of the external mind, due to deep thinking, imagination occurs in the mind. The mind is affected by imagination. Due to which the imagination of man increases. For the imagination to be correct and positive, the mood of the mind should be positive and balanced. So that the intuition establishes its imagination correctly. A negative emotion enters the imagination. So that brings about a change in the feeling of his mind. Due to which the dynamic imagination starts to deteriorate. Therefore, no negative emotion should ever be allowed to arise during the imagination or in the mind.

Active imagination How does imagination work?

When the mind concentrates and thinks about something. The sense of imagination goes to the inner mind to the subconscious mind. By repeatedly thinking about a topic, those thoughts become concepts of thinking imagination. After a few days, thoughts related to it automatically start coming. During that time, to make his imagination come true, he starts thinking in his mind. Some even start activities. Imagination and action go hand in hand. Negative emotions also arise in the mind. The mind also works towards negative energies.

Imagination is more important than knowledge, what is the understanding of the mind?

The knowledge of right and wrong comes from the mind. Then follow the positive aspect of the mind and move forward. There are two types of understanding of the mind. One positive the other negative is the understanding of the mind. Taking positive understanding out of it, one should move forward. Negative emotions also remain in the mind. The mind divides every thought into two parts. Then the mind has to decide. Which Bhava, Imagination, Understanding is positive. One should move towards positive understanding.

Imagination How does the brain make sense during imagination and psychological imagination?

Societies of imagination and mind are very complex. During imagination, the mind at all times divides the understanding into two parts. One positive understanding the other negative understanding. Sometimes both the understandings go together, then there is harassment in the mind. Even after wanting lakhs, it becomes difficult to remove the negative understanding. From the point of view of knowledge, understanding is a great knowledge. who were imagining. That imagination becomes unimaginative instead of being balanced. Then negative thoughts come again and again. For balanced imagination, concentration peace, calm mind, balanced heart and mind, there should be no hatred towards any particular person in the mind. Don't let the wrong notions already sit in your mind. Have complete control over yourself. You have to be very careful. Then the imagination becomes positive. Imagination comes true. Imagination comes to fruition. The sense of karma awakens. Positive thinking of the mind moves towards the sense of imagination. Then the fantasy comes true. Imagination is fruitful.

Imagination improve reality of life and progress of life living

What should be done to understand positive imagination and positive thinking?

Need to be very careful.

Big or small, own or foreign, everyone has to have the same feeling.

If there is any filth, wrong feelings and thoughts lying in the mind, then it has to be removed.

There should be compassion in the heart.

One should be aware of every subject matter.

Want to be active.

No work should be left unfinished.

There should be a feeling of action in the mind.

One should take full sleep during the night, should not stay awake till late night, should never sleep during the day.

One should connect intimately with the people.

You should think positive.

One should be aware of everything.

One should not hurt anyone's heart.

What effect does positive imagery have on the heart and mind? 

The mind becomes happy when it becomes positive.

Feelings of mind are positive.

Thinking is positive.

Thoughts are high.

Spiritual power increases.

The mind becomes calm and focused.

Darkness is removed from life.

Self-light and enlightenment increase.

Negative feelings are gone.

The mind remains positive.

Positive energy is received.

The mind remains calm and active.

Making good use of time keeping a distance from wasted thought mind automatically starts to engage in the work which will be taken up

Basic knowledge of life

By making good use of time, keeping a distance from wasted thought, the mind automatically starts to engage in the work which will be taken up, the work is successful only.

The basic knowledge of life is that one should use the time properly and stay away from wasteful activities or thoughts, otherwise knowledge gets lost, negativity spreads, knowledge, mind, thinks, think, imagination, mind, minds starts turning into ignorance, knowledge starts being wasted, so in life Never keep a distance from wastefulness.

Think well, speak well, speak good knowledge, do good deeds and serve, run towards good knowledge, adopt good ones.



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