Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Blacksmith while working in an environment full of fire and heat for a long time

Blacksmith's life

Satisfaction of life a person is ready to do anything so that he can maintain himself and his family. 

Blacksmith raise children properly, earn two paise from hard work and wages and bring them home and provide happy life to parents. For this man works very hard. By plucking stones, one is not afraid to pelt iron and cut and tear, even though hard work is very much in this work. For a long time, while giving air to the spark of blazing embers, it heats and melts the iron, so that a new construction is made and some things are made, which are sold in the market and can be used by the family. In doing this, along with hard work, both the water and the blood of the body get heated and burn, yet the blacksmith is never afraid of working hard. To strike the iron, he beats it with a heavy hammer whose weight is many times more than his own weight. To run life, the blacksmith persecutes his mind and body every day, then he gets bread for two times.


Blacksmith while working in an environment full of fire and heat for a long time. 

Blacksmith desires of his mind begin to fade, but he definitely gets the boon of hard work. Not every human can do such hard work. The progress of life is not just fulfilling the desire, sometimes even after killing the desire, a person progresses in life. Basically, even though such a person does not know much money in his life, but he does not have immoral desire in him. The life of a true blacksmith is to play with iron, who gets a chance to learn the work of blacksmith in inheritance from his father as a guru. As long as the blacksmith lives with iron in his life, he remains happy and blissful, for this reason he remains hardworking during his long life until his body starts working.


Blacksmith physical labor does not give money to them but never lets his life go to waste. 

Blacksmith do not need to do exercise and work with extreme hard work. If a person smokes then there is a disease, but the blacksmith who lives daily in the midst of burning embers and smoke, does not have any problem with it. The body given by god is only for working hard, due to which the body remains healthy. Those who work on a chair may consider themselves to be bigger than a blacksmith, but in the fourth stage of life, sitting on a chair hurts his waist and legs, but the blacksmith who sits down can hardly weaken his waist and legs, but at the end of his life. Even at the stage, it continues on the strength of hard work. Physical malnutrition may be the cause of the blacksmith's illness, but labor never becomes the cause of his illness.


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