Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Imagination with model unless sample or image in the imagination cannot happen the imagination can only be an event until the imagination does not happen automatically,

Which model is used with the imagery?

Unless there is a model or image in the imagination, then the imagination cannot happen. 

Imagination can only be an event. As long as the imagination doesn't happen automatically. Until then, imagination cannot be called imagination. Until the blurred images of the image automatically appear in the imagination. To make the imagination effective, work has to be started according to the model or image of the imagination. According to each unit of imagination, work has to be started in life. As long as you will not start something from somewhere or the other. Till then there will be no point of imagination. Then the imagination will prove to be futile. Imagine whenever it happens. Then imagination drives the mind towards action. It is very important for the mind to be active according to the imagination. Imagination is a predictable event. Action is an event occurring in the present. Activation of action is the result of imagination. When imagination happens, the background of the work related to it is prepared. Thinking causes imagination, so there must be positive thinking in the development of life, thinking is the nature of the mind, thinking begins with the intellect in the outer mind, if the thinking is positive. So the inner mind acts in the form of imagination. Trying to think can but. On seeing the forecast in the imagination, the mind feels happy in the present. If all goes well then the imagination becomes dynamic. The mind starts showing reflection. The activity of the task begins to act according to the image model of the imagination. Therefore, for success, activity in action is more essential than thinking and imagining.


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