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Intelligence man must be intelligent. In the creation of life, the mind is also mixed with the birth of man, whose gift is intellect a positive mind has a good and sharp intellect


Man must be intelligent. In the creation of life, the mind is also mixed with the birth of man, whose gift is intellect. A positive mind has a good and sharp intellect. Any kind of frustration in the mind spoils the intellect, due to which the brain does not work properly, which results in neurotic intelligence. Due to which no work is successful. For any work to be successful, the intellect must be positive.


Thought Leadership Seminar for Effective Intelligence Gathering in English

To work on any one subject, if there is a complicated subject, then you have to work very thoughtfully. Where the subject is one and many people are needed to complete it, then it becomes necessary to be led by some knowledgeable person who is knowledgeable as well as expert, then their leadership is very important. All persons from the task must be confidant to collect the necessary intelligence. Must have a sharp mind. All spot answers must be in person. The work should be done with a balanced and given guidance. All the persons nominated for the work should have the same coordination. In this it is very important that no one considers anyone small or big. You should follow every word of your guide. Always stay in touch with each other. You should have complete faith in yourself.


Who is credited as the developer of the first intelligence test?

In 1916, American psychologist Terman made a proper publication of Bine's intelligence test by adapting it to the circumstances of his country. This test is called the Stanford Bine test. The test was modified by Professor Terman of Stanford University. On this basis this test is called Stanford Bine test. Professor Terman of America has been credited as the developer of the first intelligence test.


Benefits of IQ Testing in Education

Education is done by copying the mind and by reading and writing from the book. As long as there is no examination at the time of fall, the child will neither have any responsibility nor will his intellect grow. The medium of examination is promotion from lower class to higher class. There is no promotion if the marks obtained in the examination are less than the normal marks. And one year again one has to sit in the same class. test of child's intelligence is a test. Due to which the intellect, discretion and responsibility increases in the child. Examination not only develops the intellect but also teaches the child how to control himself.

Skills where knowing and understanding are key determinants of successful performance Knowledge is infinite knowledge increases by thinking and understanding


Learning knowledge is prevalent in two ways. By reading a book, by writing and listening to the knowledge of a learned person, one's knowledge is increased. which is called education. The second is study, in which there is a role of experimentation and doing something along with writing and reading, it is also called learning knowledge. In real knowledge, unless there is the ability to do something in human life, then he will not be a successful person. Only experiment and object creation can give him the means of earning. When ability increases in the manufacture of service goods, it is called skill. A skill can be a complete knowledge, so long as the object is successfully created. There is no end to finesse and quality. There are great men with such skills. Skill is there in every field. As the quality and quality increase, its level rises. That's the skill.

Skills where knowing and understanding are key determinants of successful performance

Knowledge is infinite. Knowledge increases by thinking and understanding. If you build something from it, then it becomes an identity of its skill. Good identification of a subject matter and showing every aspect so that the viewer can get an idea of ​​its specificity, then it is called specific skill. For which the hard-working people learn something by working hard day and night and become proficient in their work. Only then quality skills get established in life. For this, it is necessary to have concentration of mind as well as to be good at knowing, thinking, understanding. Only then can you display the performance of your skills among the people. That is the knowledge of skill.

Co-students thinking skills

Students are in a group only when everyone has the same thoughts and ideas. When they discuss together many students about knowledge and education, then the consensus that is formed in everyone's opinion is excellent. Which is also beneficial for all. This also builds skills. Thought is also a knowledge. When there is a strong point in the opinion of many people, that is exactly what happens. Hence the thinking skills of co-students works.


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