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Friday, January 21, 2022

Keep the body safe is necessary to do exercise, exercise, and work from time to time every day to make it fit for external impact and shock

To keep the foundation stone strong, the grass hull growing on the wall should be cleaned from time to time


The foundation of human life is his mind, intelligence, and knowledge.

The mind and life are developed by the influence of positive qualities. In the body made of five elements, soil is a mixture of water, fire, air and sky, which join from inside and outside to form the body. Life is sustained by food, water, air, time, cold and heat are experienced by the sun. The body becomes healthy and developed only by the balance of inside and outside, due to which there is a feeling of fitness, enthusiasm, cheerfulness etc. To keep the body safe, it is necessary to do exercise, exercise, and work from time to time every day to make it fit for external impact and shock. So that there is balance between body and mind.


Body is the foundation stone which symbolizes the soil element.

It is necessary to clean the body daily from outside. Taking a bath removes the dust of the body as well as reduces the heaviness of the mind. The brain remains light. Taking bath daily maintains cleanliness in the body. Lightness in the brain increases intelligence and discretion.


Filth of the body and mind only makes the body bad and sick.

The effect of dirt also falls on the mind, due to which negative thoughts arise in the mind. These are all such growing grass that keeps on looking for a way to grow continuously. To avoid this, it is necessary to keep the mind and body clean. By exercising daily to keep the body moving, the body remains agile and fresh.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Strength and intelligence purpose should you use your in aim to use your power and intelligence

For what purpose should you use your strength and intelligence?


Development of human life is based on intelligence. 

The more accurate and sharp the intellect is, the faster the development of a person is also. Intellectual ability can also be estimated by the way a person thinks and talks. In fact, power and intelligence should be used only for positive work subject matter, which leads to development and upliftment of human life. One should never misuse power and intellectual ability at the will of one's mind, it can also harm other people.


Aim to use your power and intelligence

Knowledge is of great importance in human life, but also on the strength of power and intellectual power, human progresses. There is unity. Attracts the mind of the logo. The purpose of using good power and intellect should be to bring the forgotten people on the right path by providing them with the right knowledge through knowledge. When that power and intelligence is used for the welfare of human life, then the dimension of power and intelligence increases. The identity of the person is formed. The use of knowledge generated by positive thinking, power and intelligence in the life of oneself and others also brings fame to the person. Helping the weak and weak, spreading knowledge in the midst of ignorance can be done with wisdom and power. If this starts happening then there will never be any sorrow or poverty in anyone's life. The dimension of power and intelligence is strengthened in the upper class. It should also be used for the help of poor and unhappy people, so that if everyone keeps getting some happiness in the dimension, then the dimension of power and intelligence increases.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Active imagination nature of the mind also seems to be the same. Due to this the mind gets engaged in the work according to the imagination

Active imagination

Active imagination is very important in life for development of knowledge and fame

Active imagination has great importance in life. Especially for such a person who is positive. The person who has gained his fame in many fields due to his special nature and personality. Their thinking, understanding, discretion, intelligence, nature are friendly and aware. Such persons do a lot in their life for the development of knowledge and fame. 

Active imagination necessary to activate the mind well and be positive and balance

In order to have an active imagination, the mind should be well activated and remain concentrated. Mind, thinking, understanding, intelligence, conscience must be positive and balanced. So that in the course of your thinking, there can be a clear depiction in the imagination. That's when imagination starts to ease. As you imagine. The nature of the mind also seems to be the same. Due to this the mind gets engaged in the work according to the imagination. The work gets done quickly and accurately. For such an active imagination one has to make repeated efforts. As long as the mind does not imagine in a comfortable sense. However, not everyone gets success in this endeavor. Only those who make constant efforts to concentrate for active imagination get success in active imagination.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Biggest pillar in the imagination of human life knowledge is necessary at every stage in life along with the development of intelligence knowledge

Knowledge is the biggest pillar in the imagination of human life knowledge is necessary at every stage in life along with the development of intelligence knowledge is very necessary for balance and ease in life

How powerful is the wheel of time? Everyone knows about the cycle of time. 

Today there is happiness, tomorrow there is sadness again, happiness and then sadness is such a life cycle. What happens with this? This is the real cycle of life. Which everyone has to believe. One has to understand the cycle of time. The child is born. Then in childhood. Then goes into adolescence. Later comes puberty. Then after that it goes into superstition. Then going into old age, attains its final stage of death. That is the life cycle. In this, man enjoys good and bad happiness and sorrow. Sometimes alone and sometimes lives together. Living with mother's address in childhood. After that he lives a long life living with his wife. Then later spends time on his own with children and grandchildren. In the end, after attaining death, he goes to that house. Where did he come to get knowledge. Now the question is arising that what is human life? What is its existence? There is a great existence. If understood, the same life cycle connects one to the other. Everyone is connected to each other. So that the knowledge of one is passed on to the other who is unknown. Knowledge is not hidden anywhere. In logic, knowledge does arise. He defines everyone in the collection of knowledge and behaviour by connecting man to man. There is a living. By acquiring knowledge, every human being will reach the same place one day or the other. From where did you come here? Why don't we make good use of this time. support each other. We get good knowledge from them. Give them your good knowledge. This will make everyone's time better. This is the ocean of knowledge and this is the way of life. In the rest of the supreme knowledge, what is left from birth to death and after death. Only knowledge remains.

Knowledge is the biggest pillar in the imagination of human life

The biggest pillar in the imagination of human life is knowledge. Knowledge is necessary at every stage of life. Along with the development of intelligence, knowledge is very important for balance and ease in life. Otherwise, the incompleteness of knowledge can also bring turmoil in life. Generally, the development of knowledge should start from childhood itself. By which the ability to understand, the ability to think is acquired. In the future, one has to overcome the difficulties that come in life. To overcome the obstacles of life, a person has to work very hard with intelligence. In the ups and downs of life, whether it is work, business, service, worldliness, getting up in the society, there is a great need for wisdom, discretion and understanding everywhere in the family. That's why knowledge is very important in life. Knowledge maintains balance in the life cycle. 

Vivid imagination not imaginative It should be because all these come only in the realm of living vivid imagination they are very active they affect the heart and mind at a very fast pace

Vivid imagination

Imagination of a happy life

When man comes into his existence. Make some plan for the development of your life. What's going on at present. How was the time spent? What will the future be like? How to progress, progress and develop? When a person thinks about something like this. Wishing you happiness for future life. A man should have a living imagination. Unless a person thinks, the feeling of doing something will not awaken. Thinking and imagining do not work on the basis of any construction.

The subject or task on which it is active. for the success of the work. When you are active you think. A living imagination. One must imagine alive.

Living vivid imagination meaning 

People often have lively imaginations in their youth. For attractiveness in life, especially for such young people who have a girlfriend, young people imagine alive for a happy mind. However, let's look at it from the point of view of imagination. So that's not appropriate. In thinking, understanding and imagination, as much as a human being will be simple and comfortable, he will imagine balanced. Equally good. Entertaining the mind in a living imagination. As long as that's fine. Just imagine that. It should not be imaginative. Because all these come only in the realm of living imagination. Are very active. It affects the heart and mind at a very fast rate.

Vivid imagination is best. Do it for the development and balance of your mind, heart, mind, prudence, intellect, thinking, understanding. So lively imagination is useful.



Monday, October 25, 2021

intelligence should be on the mind keep the mind busy towards those who are working in living work diligently and to maintain one's existence, wisdom and discretion accompanies everywhere

Life and mind

Life is the reality of life 

Imagination is the source of the mind. Mind says something else but life is the name of responsibility. The struggle is for life. When the mind keeps on eating casserole. Life wants to work hard day and night. But the mind can also stop him from doing so. Life is truth and reality. The mind can also boast.


The mind can be controlled by means of life 

It is not easy to make changes in the life going on through the mind. No one has been able to understand the world of the mind till date. If you try to understand life, then the mind definitely starts to understand.


Wisdom is the true helper of life

Whatever the mind thinks, but the work should be done in life with wisdom and discretion. For prosperity the mind should be run according to life. Increased mind can also get stuck in the way of prosperity. The successful struggle of life is to have control over the mind. Control of the mind is very important for the upliftment of life.


Keep the mind busy towards those who are working in living 

To work diligently and to maintain one's existence, wisdom and discretion accompanies everywhere. Never do anything in life that will cause any disorder in the intellect. If the mind does not trust the mind, then it also comes, vice and formless. But intellect is a pillar of wisdom for life.


For a successful life, the effect of intelligence should be on the mind

It should not happen that the effect of the mind falls on the intellect. The mind is its own. But the parts of life are related to many people through which life goes on. For the upliftment and success of life, it is good to activate the intellect.    

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Intelligence man must be intelligent. In the creation of life, the mind is also mixed with the birth of man, whose gift is intellect a positive mind has a good and sharp intellect


Man must be intelligent. In the creation of life, the mind is also mixed with the birth of man, whose gift is intellect. A positive mind has a good and sharp intellect. Any kind of frustration in the mind spoils the intellect, due to which the brain does not work properly, which results in neurotic intelligence. Due to which no work is successful. For any work to be successful, the intellect must be positive.


Thought Leadership Seminar for Effective Intelligence Gathering in English

To work on any one subject, if there is a complicated subject, then you have to work very thoughtfully. Where the subject is one and many people are needed to complete it, then it becomes necessary to be led by some knowledgeable person who is knowledgeable as well as expert, then their leadership is very important. All persons from the task must be confidant to collect the necessary intelligence. Must have a sharp mind. All spot answers must be in person. The work should be done with a balanced and given guidance. All the persons nominated for the work should have the same coordination. In this it is very important that no one considers anyone small or big. You should follow every word of your guide. Always stay in touch with each other. You should have complete faith in yourself.


Who is credited as the developer of the first intelligence test?

In 1916, American psychologist Terman made a proper publication of Bine's intelligence test by adapting it to the circumstances of his country. This test is called the Stanford Bine test. The test was modified by Professor Terman of Stanford University. On this basis this test is called Stanford Bine test. Professor Terman of America has been credited as the developer of the first intelligence test.


Benefits of IQ Testing in Education

Education is done by copying the mind and by reading and writing from the book. As long as there is no examination at the time of fall, the child will neither have any responsibility nor will his intellect grow. The medium of examination is promotion from lower class to higher class. There is no promotion if the marks obtained in the examination are less than the normal marks. And one year again one has to sit in the same class. test of child's intelligence is a test. Due to which the intellect, discretion and responsibility increases in the child. Examination not only develops the intellect but also teaches the child how to control himself.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Subjects are helpful for people's imagination is as important in life as people want to progress imagination is the background for the creation of a subject matter


What subjects are helpful for people's imagination?

Imagination is as important in life as people want to progress. Imagination is the background for the creation of a subject matter. The one on whom we discuss is the same imagination in itself. Before thinking about the subject matter and doing anything, the rules that create that thinking are also a fantasy. Which helps in making your work and order. There can be no greater subject for imagination than positive thinking. Apart from this, thinking about the work that you are doing or the busy work should be done in free time. Thoughts generate thoughts. The depth of thought is perceived by imagination. In fact the external mind is affected by thinking and thinking. Imagination penetrates deep into the inner mind. Thought is the essence of thought.


What is the Numerology of Kalpana name?

Zodiac birth chart is a part. Those who are seen in the moon horoscope. Ascendant is seen in Sun Chart (Surya Kundli). By the way, luck is seen in the moon horoscope. By which you get to know about your future. And we see our karma in the Sun Chart (lagna kundli), what is our karma according to the zodiac, which is the result of life's karma. If seen, seeing the Ascendant in the Zodiac gives the knowledge of one's life. Optimistic people look at the moon horoscope who are confident in their destiny. There are two types of people in the world for whom Moon chart (Chandra Kundli) and Sun Chart (Surya Kundli) have been made. Those who have faith in their karma, they do not worry about the future. Keep busy in your work. by which they progress. They do not consider it necessary to see the horoscope. People who worry about future and fortune search every aspect of their horoscope. For whom the astrologer consults.

The zodiac sign for the name Kalpana is Gemini.


Tools of imagination

No equipment is needed for imagination or for imagination. Imagination is based on qualities like intelligence, prudence, thinking, understanding, awareness, good knowledge, positive attitude. Imagination is a product of mind and mind. This is not a tool. This is the quality of man.


Two types of meditation for both types of meditation to happen automatically a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically

Meditation of the divine Meditation is done in many ways  Meditation is tried in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically. Me...