Sunday, December 5, 2021

Speech for the festival of knowledge journey of your mind can be stopped only by knowledge

Felicitation speech for knowledge Fiesta

Knowledge is essential for the development of mind and wisdom for the development of intelligence. The ups and downs in life can be balanced through knowledge. Eliminates the pleasure of the mind of knowledge. Knowledge is helpful for listening to the inner voice. Knowledge is the best medium to maintain the communication system of life. With knowledge, everything is possible. Discussion with people is done through knowledge only. Knowledge is light, ignorance is darkness. Knowledge is the only way to come out of the darkness and come into the light. Knowledge is understanding. The dimension of understanding is from knowledge itself. Knowledge brings peace to the mind and development of the soul. Human life is for knowledge only. You can overcome great difficulties and obstacles only with knowledge. If there is knowledge, then it is itself a guide. The behavior done by understanding the subject matter is positive, so knowledge is always positive. The journey of your mind can be stopped only by knowledge. To run after what is important and to leave things to waste is knowledge.  


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