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Monday, November 1, 2021

Real knowledge of peace of life how much peace is there in life? The more knowledge increases in your life then enjoy life

Knowledge of peace life


Knowledge of peace of life

Peace is there in life how much ? The more knowledge increases in your life. Then enjoy life. Due to this everyone lives happily in their family. Keep spreading happiness on everyone. Which everyone likes. The knowledge of peace life seems to be spread in the family.

With family peace everyone is connected to his family 

Family members like it very much. Our son is very good. We grandson is very nice. Our brother is very nice. Our nephew is very nice. Keeping peace in the house proves to be the biggest ability for our family members. How can anyone think to disturb this peace? He is our home and family.

Real life knowledge in the same way there is more peace in our society

Real life peace in our society between people, in business, in friends. There people are intimately connected to each other. Due to which everyone's thoughts are the same. Everyone is organized. People of calm nature have a lot of knowledge. Meet people from all walks of life. Thinking about the matter. There is some trouble in them. So people show the way out of trouble. Knowledge of people of calm nature is good for everyone.

Sense of ego in many cases 

Real life creates trouble in the unity of the people. Somebody speaks. I am so somebody speaks. I am like that there is no peace here again. One does not keep collecting. There is no sense of peace there at all. Wow everything is falling apart. Seems to break. Is this all a trick? Not at all. This should not happen at all. Why don't we understand that a gathering gives us a lot. Makes your organization stronger.

Humanity should be such that there should be friendship 

Real life humanity in the house, family, understanding. Let everyone work. Wherever everyone was. Everyone is getting together. Knowledge increases through interaction. What is lacking in each other. Gets away with the help of the organization. Those who lack any knowledge. Others get to know by gesture. What does he need? People do not even know how to speak among themselves. Don't know your shortcomings. In such an environment, fierce friends help him and remove his dilemma. Lack of information increases. With the information received in the society, the needy removes the dilemma. Knowing the knowledgeable people in the society, other common people get happiness and peace.

Organization strengthens its curry 

Real life strengthens its curry at home or outside. Whether in society or among people. Everywhere organization proves to be a strong point. Suppose if someone in the house is in trouble, what will happen? If there is no organization. So there will be no unity. Then no one will support anyone. That poor man will break. The same thing can happen among people in the society as well. Why don't we understand how important organization, unity is. Youth is meant for learning knowledge. Nothing happens without knowledge. No matter what the stage, everything happens for the sake of knowledge. The greatest wisdom is the unity and integrity of the organization. As far as i want. If the organization is established, we will get to learn a lot. Removing mutual differences will open the doors of progress. There will be a new development in the society and the world. Civilizations will change. The culture will increase. Negative energy will work. There will be many such benefits. All this will only spread peace in the world.

Ral life self knowledge of life

Real life knowledge of real life first comes from the parents in the family. By their loving caress, we get the knowledge to respect everyone. The knowledge of the mind increases. The view of the big and the little ones starts to be understood. The knowledge to work hard comes from your hardworking fellow mentor. There is an increase in culture in life. Later on, knowledge comes from school. After that we get knowledge in the society. The best knowledge is the knowledge of peace.


Real self knowledge school of life

Real self-knowledge is the most we get in school. Reads books. Full of all kinds of knowledge. Knowledge is obtained from the well-told thoughts of masters through the medium of poetry, story and drama. The medium of all knowledge is only for the development of life. Knowledge is the only way to maintain peace in life.


Real knowledge of life

Real life knowledge of life, one has to develop one's own self, peace in life, with respect in society and peace and harmony in life.


Self knowledge life school

School of life, harmony, peace, unity, respect, respect, respect for big and small, to maintain intimacy among the people of the society. To help the suffering, to help the needy. To do good work in the society. Learning has to be done in the school of life.


School of life self knowledge

Very important to be proactive towards the happenings in life. Knowing the difference between good and bad, be aware of goodness. Respect is given with respect. To think kindly. Peacefully remove the confusion of every problem. Keep peace in your life and in others. The school of life is self-knowledge.


Sacred ways of knowledge source of life

Sacred way of knowledge which is the source of life. Respect, increased respect for the small, respect, dignity, helping the needy in the society. To help the afflicted. Talk respectfully between people.


Family peace life wisdom

Serving parents is the best religion and responsibility. To make the support of the family members at home. Talking respectfully to everyone in the house. Talking to children with love. Live happily at home.


Knowledge of peace life

Always keep your mind calm. Take care of the interests of others. To serve selflessly.


Peace of mind

Keep your mind calm. Using wisdom. Keep the mind focused

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Thought that imagination of human life, the feeling of morality is a great knowledge in the development of life, having virtue creates concentration in life, in virtue, there is a lot of development of thought

Thought that what do we really need

Have we ever thought that what do we really need, why do we meet people, why we talk well, what is the reason, if we think once, then everything will be understood, we really need to know about them. Nothing is needed, their contact is necessary, it is necessary to take our things forward so that we can have contact, our business flourishes and our name should be there, this concept must be there, the basic thing is that for our contact to increase, there should be stability in the mind. There should be a feeling of love in talking to anyone, and by keeping it in such a way, concentration develops, which creates a feeling of love, which connects everyone to each other, talking with love will increase the contact. The person who does not have the feeling of love in his mind, then he is not fit to be human, in fact man should be virtuous, virtue is developed only by the feeling of love, which connects with each other and makes contact. And this leads to the progress of all of us.


Imagination of human life, the feeling of morality is a great knowledge in the development of life 

Having virtue creates concentration in life, in virtue, there is a lot of development of thought, due to which people mix, communication increases, awareness increases among people. It helps a lot in removing the obstacles coming from time to time, for the development of human life, we should imagine for our good mind every day, until we do not think organized and balanced, till there is no development of simplicity in life Concentration, modesty, virtue, these are the best things of all human beings.


Monday, October 25, 2021

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Teacher's day which is considered very important for education and student

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Teacher's day which is considered very important for education and student. 

It comes once in a year on 5th September which is celebrated on the occasion of birthday of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. People moved ahead with the contribution and knowledge of his education. Who not only taught the children through his knowledge, but also worked on the post of President of India, the best post of the country.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born in Tirutani village, a holy pilgrimage site in Tamil Nadu. 

His father Sarvepalli Viraswamy was a poor person as well as a learned Brahmin. His father had the responsibility of a large family, due to which Radhakrishnan had to face many difficulties in his childhood.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's early life was spent at religious places like Tirutani and Tirupati. 

Although his father was a religious person, but still he enrolled Radhakrishnan in the Lutheran Mission School Tirupati, a Christian missionary organization, to study. After this he was educated in Vellore and Madras Colleges. He was a meritorious student from the very beginning. In his student life, he memorized important parts of the Bible, for which he was also awarded the honor of Distinguished Merit. He had also thoroughly studied the ideals of Veer Savarkar and Vivekananda.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan In 1902, he passed the matriculation examination with good marks 

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was given a scholarship. 

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan came first in the examination of Bachelor of Arts. After this he did his masters in Philosophy and was appointed Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Madras Residency College. Dr. Radhakrishnan had introduced the world to Indian philosophy through his articles and speeches.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had also studied the Vedas and Upanishads deeply. Even today his birthday is celebrated as Teacher's Day.

Life of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan may have been born in a poor Brahmin family of a small village. 

But he was educated in a Christian school and at that time Western values ​​of life were instilled in the students. This is the reason that high qualities were absorbed in Radhakrishnan's life while studying in Christian institutions.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had turned towards practicality

Instead of thinking traditionally. The tendency towards education had given him a strong personality. Dr. Radhakrishnan was rich in multidimensional talent as well as a person who loved the culture of the country.


Political life of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Dr. Radhakrishnan had become well known for his talent. Seeing his ability and knowledge, he was made a member of the Constituent Assembly. He was its member from 1947 to 1949. In the meantime, he was also appointed chairman of many famous universities.

When India gained independence, Jawaharlal Nehru urged Radhakrishnan to fulfill diplomatic duties with the Soviet Union as a special ambassador. He remained a diplomat till 1952.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was appointed as the Vice President. He was highly appreciated by all the members of Parliament for his work behavior.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 1962 took over as the President.

His tenure was quite challenging as compared to Rajendra Prasad. Because where India had wars with China and Pakistan on the one hand, India had to face defeat with China. On the other hand, the death of two Prime Ministers also took place during his tenure.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, while addressing the country on the Republic Day of 1967 

Made it clear that he would not want to be the President for any session now. Although Congress leaders strongly urged him to assume the office of the President for the next session as well, Radhakrishnan completely stood by his announcement and he did the same.


Honors given to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

For his outstanding contribution to education and politics, the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, presented the country's highest decoration "Bharat Ratna" to the "great philosophical educationist" and author Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was posthumously awarded 

the "Templeton" award by the US government in March 1975. Which is given for the upliftment in the field of religion. He was the first non-Christian person to receive this award. He is still remembered as an ideal teacher in the field of education.

Even today, on the occasion of his birthday 

Respect is expressed to Dr. Radhakrishnan by celebrating Teacher's Day on 5th September all over India. On this day, awards are given to eminent and outstanding teachers of the country for their contribution.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan died on 17 April 1975. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan died after a long illness.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a scholar of Indian culture, a great educationist, a great philosopher, a great speaker as well as a scientific Hindu thinker.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan spent 40 years of his life as a teacher. He was an ideal teacher.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's son Dr. S. Gopal also published his biography in 1989. Prior to this, no one had official information regarding the personality and life events of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

His son himself admitted that writing about his father's personal life was a great challenge and a delicate matter. But Dr. Gopal introduced a series titled "Library of Living Philosophers" in New York in 1952 in which Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was authoritatively written. Doctor Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan himself never denied the material recorded in it.


Thoughts of Dr. Radhakrishnan

The teacher is not the one who forces the facts into the mind of the student, but the real teacher. Which prepare him for the challenges of tomorrow.

God is not worshipped, but those people are worshipped. who claim to speak in his name.

If we look at the history of the world, then we will find that civilization has been built by the hands of those great sages and scientists. Those who have the power to think for themselves. Those who enter the depths of time and country. Find out their secrets. And use the knowledge thus acquired for world credit or public welfare.

Till then no freedom is true. Until he gets freedom of thought. No religious belief or political doctrine should hinder the search for truth.

The human mind can be put to good use only through education. Therefore, education should be managed by treating the world as a single entity.

Knowledge gives us power. Love gives us perfection.

The result of education should be a free creative person. Who can fight against historical circumstances and natural calamities.

Books are that tool. Through which we can build bridges between different cultures.

Reading books gives us the habit of solitude and true happiness.

All the organizations of the world will become ineffective. If the fact that knowledge is stronger than ignorance does not motivate them.

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Continuous effort in mind becomes calm and concentrated in which happiness, cheerfulness, courage, courage, ability to strive for any work, firm determination, ability to work continuously

Nothing is bigger than action, only action is great and it is spirituality, it is the way of living that is true happiness and that is humanity


Effect of karma on mind

Karma is the religion of man, which is very necessary for the spiritual progress of life. Spirituality is the art of living the life of man. Life is the art of learning of high ideals. Here the mention of spirituality in the form of three knowledge is sattvik, majestic and tamasic, whatever may be the mental state. A tamasic person who walks on the path of knowledge in the right way can make progress in his spiritual upliftment. It can be known that a lot has to be done to change the mind, that is the medium, doing karma convinces the mind a million, but he does not believe that there is a change in the mind only by doing good deeds, the mind of those who do good deeds are filled with joy and gaiety. It happens that happiness is established through giving happiness to others.


Mind is transformed by karma

Suppose if we do any bad work, then our mind gets disturbed by it, when instead of doing bad work, we do good work for the good or service of whom, then the mind becomes happy, no matter how bad we are or When we say chili, it seems spicy when sugar seems sweet, similarly, doing good deeds on good service by a bad person makes that bad person happy for some time or for a few moments, so with selfless service. The mind becomes more cheerful as it does something good for the society or a particular person, but it should not be imaginative to achieve any subject matter inside the mind, then selfless service definitely results.


With continuous effort, the mind becomes calm and concentrated in which happiness, cheerfulness, courage, courage, ability to strive for any work, firm determination, ability to work continuously

The mind is swelled up slowly, this effort should be continuous, by talking to the children, they are pleased with the blossoming of something sweet, even if one's mind is pleased by seeing a lovely child. Service, by completing one's work on time, laziness is removed, to remove laziness one has to work continuously, which creates a feeling of loneliness, which gives the ability to maintain any work or service for a long time. It is attained which eliminates laziness completely. The virtue of firm determination develops. Spiritual progress increases through selfless service, due to which happiness, cheerfulness increases in the mind, which gets real happiness in the mind, negative feelings start ending, positive energy spreads in life, selfless work, service gets progress in life. Recognition increases in people, fame and work is achieved, due to which that person becomes great. That is what is actually called a human being.

Karma: Good worship, Positive work of life without any profit, thinks which do for people good service without any gain or The good and bad deeds of the individual in this and previous state of existence. 

Sattvik: Moral
Rajasi: Majestic, Causing Great, Admiration, Respect
Tamasic:  Darkness of life, Evil mind effect, Bad manner effect, Negative mind effects. 

Real life knowledge one must live openly before dying this is called loving life life should be lived happily life should be lived happily

Real life knowledge one must live openly before dying this is called loving life

Real life knowledge life and death is the gift of God. Everyone has the right to a happy life. There is joy and sorrow in life. 

Real life knowledge every experience of life is for knowledge only. Passing time after time, every moment time gives something and it also takes something. There is no need to be disappointed by this. The happy moments of life. He should try to live. This spreads horse and gaiety in life. To achieve this, life has to be lived freely. By talking lovingly with the children, keeping affection with the wife, talking openly with the grandsons, telling friendship as one's troubles, it eases the mind a lot. If anything is lying inside the mind, then after talking to someone, it should be lightened by coming out. If you do anything with a light heart for happiness, then there is a lot of joy. For one's own happiness, if you do something for someone else, it increases horse and gaiety. Which gives unmatched peace and happiness in life. Keeping this aspect in mind, one should move forward in life. Life should be lived happily.


Real life knowledge something for happiness to someone and your own happiness, then you can hardly get success in it. 

Real life knowledge doing something selflessly for others brings immense happiness. You can try it and see. Desire is the cause of all the miseries of man's life. As much as there is desire in the mind and it is not fulfilled on time, then it can also become a cause of sorrow. Therefore the desire must be balanced. If possible, even if he gives away something to give happiness to someone in life, then he definitely gets happiness from his happiness. Whether for loved ones or for strangers. Even if you do something selflessly, it generates an atmosphere of happiness to a great extent. Real happiness comes from seeing happiness in the happiness of others. If you love yourself, then there must be something for everyone in your mind. This expands the mind. This does not mean that one should do it for a selfish, such a person must be avoided. Because helping them in any way harms itself. In which there is a feeling of sympathy. One who respects someone's help. Control is necessary everywhere. If you do something for someone and do not wish for yourself in return, then happiness definitely comes in life. This is called how to love your life.

Real life to be comfortable and happy in real life live life happily one must first love one's work which earns it is necessary to earn to take care of yourself and family

A lot has to be done to be comfortable and happy in real life 

To live life happily, one must first love one's work. which earns. It is necessary to earn to take care of yourself and family. It's money! So that's all! Otherwise no one even respects you! With the passage of time, the distinctions of knowledge can also change, but knowledge is knowledge only. But it can have many forms. One should earn by working hard in a positive way and with intelligence.


Struggle in life should be filled code by code 

Nothing is achieved without struggle. The path of thinking should be right for the struggle. So that the mind should be united and develop on any one subject. Only then the struggle succeeds. If life is there, it is reasonable that there will be many ways and ideas. But this does not mean that every path should be adopted. The same way works. One who can concentrate his intellect. Explore your mind and you will know which path is sitting right. Only then do struggles on all those paths which can make life excellent.


It is very important to make compromises in life 

The corona virus, which has spread for some time, has strengthened the work of many people by compromising in the business. Because of this, the preferences of the people changed. Due to lack of money, people gave their hobby to stability. Enterprises that were booming. Many of those enterprises collapsed. Do not know how many people's jobs were ruined. Forced people had to compromise in their work and business in the past. Earlier, they were working very well in their field, but what they are getting today. He has to make his living in it.


In today's time, the real problem is on the business of those decorators and events workers 

Who used to do wedding and event work. His work was based on the number of guests at the wedding. But in the last two years, when even the relatives of the house cannot come to the wedding, then what invitation to give to others. Neither decoration nor any observance, so much silence was not there even in a modest birthday party. Today, after influencing a big program like marriage, marriage has now been limited to only two houses. It is believed that this saved a lot of expenses for the family members, but all their wishes remained unfulfilled. The real effect of all these circumstances fell on the decorator and event person, all their artisans, artists and laborers became useless. For whom there is no business at present.


Transformation made people sit at home and work that was being done in the office those people were forced to do online at home 

So that the business can be saved. What is all this? It is a sign of compromise with life. Slowly people started coming to their work business due to less disease and started working as before. The situation is still not smooth. No one should be blamed for this. In the times of change, something or the other fluctuates. But the path of life can be made easier by making compromises. 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

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Monday, August 2, 2021

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Real life beauty seen with the arrival of effort the beauty of the body shows their attractiveness how big is the identity and status of the person

Pretty beauty in real life

Real life pretty beauty 

Real life beauty is seen only with the arrival of effort. The beauty of the body reflects their attractiveness. How big is the identity and status of the person. Being attractive people are attracted towards them. One should pay little attention to outward appearances. Personality reflects his status. As clean as the environment is. Personality status shows the same attraction.

Real life clean of mind is identity of personality

Real life clearness of mind is the hallmark of a good personality. As clear as the mind. Simplicity and ease in life increases as much. There are innumerable benefits of being clean from the mind. The thoughts of any kind of people do not affect the mind. Any matter is thought through with understanding. Thoughts have an effect on people. Harmony grows between the people. People connect intimately. When the mind is clean, simplicity resides in the mind. Due to which there is the ability to understand the thoughts of the people. The mind is capable of taking the proper decision of the thoughts of the people.

Real life compassion has a great place in the beauty of life

Real life compassion also has a great place in the beauty of life. By having compassion in the mind, the beauty of the body and mind is realized. Compassion The love of a mother towards children is very loving. The thoughts of such a person are attractive and alluring. By the nature of compassion, the mind of a person becomes very clean. Personality level is very high. 

Real life benevolence in the progress life

Real life in the progress of life, there is hardly any work greater than charity, generosity, compassionate, charitableness. Those who have a spirit of charity. The quality of generosity generates a lot of affection towards others in a person's life. People with qualities like compassionate, charity always work for the good of others. Understand that everything is for others only. He always supports anyone in any trouble or trouble. The feelings of such a person are virtuous.


Two types of meditation for both types of meditation to happen automatically a little effort has to be made in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically

Meditation of the divine Meditation is done in many ways  Meditation is tried in the beginning, later meditation happens automatically. Me...