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Karni mata born on Ashwin Shukla Paksha Saptami Friday, the daughter of Mehaji and Debu ji, born on 20 September 1387, was named Ridhu

Karni Mata Temple Bikaner Rajasthan

Karni Mata ji lives in the temple with her entire family. Whose number is up to 5000. The family which is going to roam around in the form of Kava in the main temple. Which is called rat in common language. 25000 rats live in the temple. Karni Mata Temple is located 30 km from Bikaner in Deshnok. Which is in the south direction from Bikaner.


Karni Mata Temple is famous for its children Kava Rat. The main attraction is the white mouse whose number is 7 or 8. Who gives darshan only to the fortunate devotee. The architectural carvings made of the same stone of Merval and the door of the main gate are made of 220 kg of silver. Even in the Jain community, people also keep their faith in Karni Mata. This is not to be seen anywhere.


In the temple of Karni Mata, milk is given in a large silver paratha as prasad for Kava. No Kava stays in his bill at five o'clock in the morning and during the evening aarti at seven o'clock in the evening. The procession of Kava is worth seeing in the temple at the time of Aarti. At that time the devotee has to drive the toes of his feet in the ground. So that no Kava gets injured by being pressed under the foot. For which Karni Mata temple is famous in the world. The temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in the early 20th century.


The saffron-coloured idol of Karni Mata in the cave of Karni Mata's temple was made by one of her devotees who was blind. This place is the same place where Karni Mata did penance for 100 years. Karni Mata herself has installed two stones at this place. Which is placed one on top of the other, which Karni Mata herself had brought from Sundha Parvat Jalore. Where Karni Mata's mother used to go to worship her adorable Kuldevi, she brought it from the same place and established it with her own hands. Which is installed on one side of the cave of the temple of Karni Mata. Karni Mata Ji Jyotilin was held in the cave of this temple.



Karni mata temple


History of Karni Mata

Debu Bai and Mehaji Kiniya had five children. Joe Pacho was a girl. Who lived in Suab Jodhpur. He was the descendant of the Charan clan. In the wish of the boy, he used to visit Hinglaj Mata which is in Multan Pakistan many times. When Mehaji Kiniya went with his wife Debu Bai for the seventh time, he realized that now he will have a boy. Pleased with this, Suab returned to Jodhpur. One day Debu ji had a dream of Mother Durga that I would be born from your womb. In this way, a girl child was born after being in the womb of Mother Debu ji for 21 months as the sixth child.


Born on Ashwin Shukla Paksha Saptami Friday, the daughter of Mehaji and Debu ji, born on 20 September 1387, was named Ridhu. However, Mehaji Kiniya and her sister were depressed due to the re-birth of the girl child. There was a famine at that time, people used to do animal husbandry. After the birth of Ridhu, gradually the improvement started, the animals also started giving good milk.


Once at the age of 6, Ridhu's aunt came to her maternal brother. Then one day she was making Ridhu's hair with one hand. So Ridhu said that aunt make my hair with both hands. So my aunt said that today I am having pain in one hand. Then show Ridhu bidding, the mysterious Ridhu with a mere touch, healed her aunt's hand. After this, after revealing many more secrets, Ridhu's name was named Karni by her aunt.


It is said about Karni ji that when she was 8 years old. So his father-in-law Mehaji Kiniya was cut by a snake. People had picked him up and brought him home in a dead state. There was an atmosphere of sadness in the house. Karni ji was sleeping then. As soon as she came to know about her father, she came to her father-in-law Mehaji Kiniya, where the snake had bitten. Touching that place made him alive from unconscious state.


Talk about Karni ji's secret started spreading far and wide. Once, Rao Shekha, who went out for war, was passing through Suab with his soldier. On the way, he asked a girl, Karni ji, where does Karni ji live. Then he told that I am Karni. Then Karni ji brought Rao Shekha along with her soldier to her house. There were two rotis and some in earthen pots in the house. Karni ji fed all the soldiers and Rao Shekha with the same bread, which filled everyone's stomach by taking small amounts of food. While going to Rao Shekha, Tan Rao Shekha was taking Karni ji with the boon of victory in the war, when Karni ji asked for the boon of immortality, then Karni ji kept some condition from him, which he could fulfill by fulfilling it.


Karni ji took an avatar for the welfare of the people and made the then Jangal Pradesh his place of action. Karniji blessed Rao Bika to establish a kingdom in Jangal Pradesh. Karni ji established Oran in ten thousand bighas in Deshnok for the upbringing of humans, animals and birds, which is called animal pasture. Karni ji freed Rao Shekha of Poogal from the prison in Multan which is now in Pakistan. His daughter Rangkanwar got married to Rao Bika.


The shepherd of Karni ji's cows was named Dashrath Meghwal. Those who lost their lives while fighting the robbers while protecting the cows from the dacoits Penthad and Pooja Mahala. Karni ji finished Dasaratha Meghwal and made Dasaratha Meghwal revered by eliminating the dacoits Penthad and Pooja Mahala. Due to which he became a symbol of respect in the society.


Bikaner and Jodhpur states were established only with the blessings and favors of Karni ji.


On 23 March 1538, Karni Mata became Jyotirlin on Chaitra Sukla Paksha Navami Saturday. After which the idol was installed in his meditation hall and that gold umbrella was offered.



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