Monday, November 1, 2021

Ego can destroy a person's concentration understanding simplicity humility

Ego tendency in which a person drowns himself and comes on the verge of destroying everything its result is not found soon nature pay sense awareness sense  good sense

What is ego? 

This is such a tendency in which a person drowns himself and comes on the verge of destroying everything, its result is not found soon, but it is definitely available, by the time it gets its result, it is too late, then there is a way. Does not survive, because of this arrogance, first of all, his own alien is left from him because he never respects anyone, in his pride, he considers you the greatest in the society, then even people keep away from him, even if the power And because of his status, no one says anything in front of him, but he definitely shuns him, its result is visible in the house as well, as his nature is his, similarly happens to all the people of the house, so people should avoid him too. It seems that this is a reality, people of this type of nature have been seen in the society, we are not referring to any particular person, we are referring to the arrogant nature.

Definition of arrogant nature

Which I have come to see in the path of life, I hear about such people, I understand what will happen to such people? Everything is there, they have not only simplicity, not spontaneity, not friendly, not a supporter in each other's sorrow and pain, who lives only for their own meaning.

Everything in life make a lot of progress

Help the needy who are very attached to the people who have earned a lot, become helpful to those who do not have anything, by doing this this feeling will end, the glow of life comes easily and easily, this makes the mind happy. It happens that generosity increases, with generosity, the dimension of life develops, which leads to spiritual progress.

In fact there is a direct contact of the mind with the soul

There is a lot of difference in spiritual development with external progress, both move together in the inner mind, if a building like a house is built, it brings disturbance in life, due to which the happiness of the mind ends. It seems, in spite of everything, life seems to be disappointed, so to make a disappointed life right, simplicity and ease is needed, this will please both the mind and the soul, that is the real happiness and happiness.



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