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Learn how to work fiberglass


Fiber glass mold preparation

To prepare the mold of fiberglass, the object of which the mold is to be made is cleaned properly, releasing wax is applied everywhere, after that PV is applied, after drying, according to the size of the object, internal side external side. By understanding the part and the outer part, the piece of fiberglass mold is determined, 1.5 inch or 2 inch from the paper, card board, clay which is available, according to the size of the mold, the circle of the mold piece is applied. For applying nut volts, the size of the border is kept 1.5 inches or 2 inches, both the border and the object are molded by applying releasing wax and PV, after drying, the other border is applied by applying releasing wax, PV is all molded. The pieces of the piece are molded in turn according to the border on the object. After the mold is set, all the pieces of the mold are cleaned with a grinder. The circled part is pierced with a drill machine. By applying not bold, the pieces of the mold are To connect with each other, a hole is made on the circle by opening all the mold pieces accurately and with polish paper. Fiber glass mold is prepared by grinding, cleaning and repairing with fiber glass material, in this way the mold of fiberglass is prepared.




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Preparing the mold for fiberglass

To do the work of fiberglass, first of all, after cleaning the mold of fiberglass in a thick way, releasing wax is applied with a brush, then after drying it a little, PV is applied with a brush. The PV that is kept to dry has the effect of water, so it is necessary to dry the mold completely, many designs have many pieces of fiberglass molds which are prepared by connecting them to the nut vault. Releasing wax is also PV around the edge of the fiberglass mold, keeping in mind that the releasing wax and PV are not left anywhere else, otherwise the fiberglass mold will stick to each other after casting, then both the molded fiberglass architectural and Both the fiberglass molds will deform. This is how the fiberglass mold is prepared for casting.

Preparing materials for casting fiberglass

To make the material of fiberglass, the resin cobalt and powder are mixed together, the hardener is added only when the casting is done, the hardener is not added with all the materials because it starts to set the material. The material of the fiber is made once and the hardener is poured out of it repeatedly and then the brush is washed in thinner, otherwise the brush will also start to set and it will get deformed, so wash the brush every time. is necessary.

The material is made of two types, one is resin, cobalt and powder, the other is resin to make the fold, in which only cobalt is added to the chopped strength mat to sit.

Fiberglass designing work is starting with clay molding fiberglass mold making and production of work fiberglass according to design and strainth of work .

The quantity of resin is 1 liter, the amount of cobalt is 10 ml and the amount of hardener is 5 ml or according to the work, you can use the powder according to your design, use less sometimes more according to the design There are many types of Chopped Strength Mats, they are given marks according to their thickness, they are according to the thickness of 300/450/600 etc.

Pigments come for the color of the molding, it is available in many colors and is used according to the need.

Brushes are used for casting fiberglass architecture.

Thinner is used for washing brushes.

Rubber hand gloves are used to wear on the hand.

Casting fiber glass

The fiber glass material is poured into the mold with a brush, after a fold is completed, the fold is increased according to its work, each time the brush is thinned so that it does not deform Jai Lastly, the resin is applied by chopping strength mat The mat is seated by mixing it with cobalt and hardener. The material is held until it is set, until it is firm, the edge is cleaned with a knife, the mold is properly seated by applying a nut vault The edge is joined together by the material and hardener, the material made of resin is set with the help of a brush, by applying a chop strength mat to join the edge.


Fiber glass repair

To repair the fiberglass, after the material is removed from the mold, it needs to be rubbed, which is done with a grinder and polished paper, which is found in numbers 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 300 first. It is done with a grinder, which has round discs, generally used for repair of fiberglass, which is used for grinding. The joint part is cleaned by grinding it with a grinder, then with polish paper. Grinding is done, the broken part of the joint part is filled with fiber glass material with a hardener miller knife, cleaning it with a knife and cleaning it with polish paper, in this way the work of fiberglass is done.


Washing and coloring of fiberglass articles

Surf and caustic soda and surfactant are used for washing fiber glass, thick dried, spray machined, dyed and lacquered.

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Beginner fiberglass projects

To work on the initial five glass projects, the main requirement is good knowledge of the work and the right knowledge of the quantity of materials required and what necessary items used to be the undertaking, they should all be available with themselves like cutter, grinder, drill machine To tighten the nut volt, it is necessary to get help with good craftsmen, laborers are needed to do the initial work on the projects of fiber glass and can provide good goods to their businessmen. He likes it and can get recognition and get better work.




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