Saturday, November 13, 2021

Karma will be the support help of the unhappy day is erased which keeps the mind of man calm

Karma is important in life of a human               

Karma is important in the life of a human being. 

Everything is only through karma, nothing without karma, there is a great achievement of karma in the dimension of life, service of parents, service of elders, help in society, support the poor and unhappy. All is the medium of karma, to do one's work, to be busy in oneself, this is the work, business and employment of human beings, it gives satisfaction to the mind, it should be so that if the mind does its work professionally by being positive, then it is good, Because karma is attained only by the achievement of business, from which above all human does karma.

Human a groom should think that we have to do karma 

karma will be the support, the help of the unhappy day is erased, which keeps the mind of man calm, helping in the society increases the dimension as if something bad happens in the society If one class is disregarding the other, then by making them aware through knowledge, they consider all the class as one and inspire the people so that everyone remains the same, the service of the elders is very successful. Karma is the end of the journey, by supporting those who feel wonderful peace and happiness, if there is success, then also support those children who are not orphans, to support those who are orphans. Achievement from this is the name in the society, all this work which is done selflessly is called Karma.

Some people have also been seen in the world who do their own work by giving up everything because they are born only for karma

Their difference is only for soul of karma, whose part of selfless service for others. There is a feeling, people with such service are very wonderful, by joining them, living with them gives peace to their thoughts. There are many forms of karma, in fact, karma is the same, which is done with selflessness, that is the actual karma, the wonderful peace that comes from doing it is the achievement of karma.

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