Saturday, November 13, 2021

Many desires which keep on changing in a moment in a moment another desire in another moment wishes keep changing in a moment

Man has many desires which keep on changing in a moment in a moment another desire in another moment 

Man has many desires wishes keep changing in a moment

In one moment one desire arises and in another moment another desire arises. When a wish comes. So the second desire goes. Is this all ok? Man like Mano is the kingdom of desires. Whenever you wish. What has happened? Brother, think whatever you want. What happens to the other? Everyone has their own will. Why brother is it your choice? Nothing goes in this. So the question is, for what is the desire created again? Then all this is pointless. This is of no use. No brother it is not like that. There should be no will power. So that everyone sticks to his will and does not let it go in vain. He does everything. Without desire, man is nothing. control desire. work in that direction. That is positive desire.

Things should have good thinking in which no one is harmed in any way

Only then is desire effective. No one thinks or does anything, it is not like that. Never have any wrong desire at all. He won't be able to last. Can't even go that way. Because you have knowledge. Let's say what you are doing. work or do some good work. The mind also feels good. Successfully completes the active work. This is positive will power.


Willpower is a very important knowledge 

Willpower is very important knowledge. Man has to move forward on his life path. Willpower is not so easily achieved. By adopting many desires and making one wish after another, no work will be done. In order to fulfill the desire, principles have to be made in life. You have to control your desires. So that the positive desire can think, imagine, think, imagine, by mixing many desires, the conscience will not reach any possible result. You will not feel like completing any work. You will not get success in work. There may be positive desire and negative desire among many other desires. In the whirlwind of desires, there can also be a disorder in the brain. Due to which neuroticism can spread in the mind. Which is not good at all.


Make a picture in imagination of mind which everything is balanced and organized 

Make a picture in your mind's imagination. In which everything should be balanced and organized. It is very important to have a positive feeling of mind. Negative emotion generates reluctance. Anger and craving ride in the mind due to negative influence. The idea is not effective. Therefore the desire of the mind should be positive.

There should not be any kind of negative emotion during the imagination. 

Thinking should not be beyond imagination. It may also happen that the imagination cannot be fulfilled. This can also lead to brain disorders. Which has a direct effect on the heart and mind. Even in such condition, you will not be able to do anything. The mind becomes a horse without imagination. It is very difficult to control oneself. Such people can become lazy later on.


By having thinking, understanding and imagination in the mind, the intellect remains organized 

Having positive thinking, understanding and imagination in the mind keeps the conscience organized. which is an essential subject. The focus remains on him. Here also there should be complete control over the mind. Keep the potential subject matter constantly positive in the mind's imagination. The mind continued to do positive work in that subject and work also. Due to this, the mind will remain engaged in its positive work. Only then will the imagination of the desire made in the mind become positive and become will power. You will get success in that work or subject.

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