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Monday, December 20, 2021

Medicine for knowledge development of knowledge, comes from the mind and intellect.

Any medicine for knowledge development


Development of knowledge comes from the mind and intellect.

Mind and the intellect are treated less and more with guidance. By increasing good and positive understanding, calming the mind and attaining concentration, the intellect is sharpened. The understanding of right and wrong increases. In the modern and mythological system, no such remedy has been found, which can claim to be intellectual which increases knowledge. Knowledge only increases with understanding. Eating almonds gives strength, which calms the mind a little and has a positive effect on the intellect. Almonds are considered to be natural dry fruits, which are easily available at any grocery store. Dried fruit shop is available as soon as it is found. Almond is considered to be an intelligent fruit. Do not consider it a medicine, it is a fruit. Elderly and knowingly ask to eat almonds to increase intelligence, it increases strength. Peace of mind leads to the development of the intellect.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Active imagination nature of the mind also seems to be the same. Due to this the mind gets engaged in the work according to the imagination

Active imagination

Active imagination is very important in life for development of knowledge and fame

Active imagination has great importance in life. Especially for such a person who is positive. The person who has gained his fame in many fields due to his special nature and personality. Their thinking, understanding, discretion, intelligence, nature are friendly and aware. Such persons do a lot in their life for the development of knowledge and fame. 

Active imagination necessary to activate the mind well and be positive and balance

In order to have an active imagination, the mind should be well activated and remain concentrated. Mind, thinking, understanding, intelligence, conscience must be positive and balanced. So that in the course of your thinking, there can be a clear depiction in the imagination. That's when imagination starts to ease. As you imagine. The nature of the mind also seems to be the same. Due to this the mind gets engaged in the work according to the imagination. The work gets done quickly and accurately. For such an active imagination one has to make repeated efforts. As long as the mind does not imagine in a comfortable sense. However, not everyone gets success in this endeavor. Only those who make constant efforts to concentrate for active imagination get success in active imagination.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Fat contribute to the development of knowledge question is wonderful such question arises that what should be the answer

How does fat contribute to the development of knowledge?

The question is wonderful. When some such question arises that what should be the answer. 

The question becomes great then. As long as the thinking does not prevail in the mind. After all, how does fat contribute to the development of knowledge? I understand that the root of knowledge is fat. Emotion of mind, conscience, intelligence, imagination, thinking, understanding, happiness, sorrow. Laughing, crying, progress, degradation, what is all this? In what language will you understand all this? So you get the correct answer. Knowledge is all knowledge. Significance, feeling, feeling, pleasant moment, as one enters or transits in life. So man has knowledge of it. If knowledge is understood, then no one has been able to complete any definition of knowledge till date. Knowledge is infinite. Which has no end. Which no one has understood till date. From where did the knowledge come and where will it go? I consider knowledge as a phenomenon. which happens automatically. Whatever you try, there will be profit or loss. The decision has to be taken by the mind. What does the mind like? Everything is knowledge. as desired. The result of knowledge is the same.

How does fat contribute to the development of knowledge? 

Yoga means to join. When something adds to life. And some walk away from life. Coming and going goes on. And the one who stops. She understands that it is her own home. Who shows the way? Mind, intellect and imagination are the three important choices. The mind gives air to the imagination, the result of the imagination falls on the intellect. Wisdom becomes in tune with the mind. Similarly, fat is an element. The soil element is his identity. The result of Vasa is greasy, fat, fat, fat, fertile, gross, fat fresh, which one can understand. There is no restriction. The unsuitable energy of the mind that flourishes in the mind. which is of no use. In the imagination, the event is allowed to happen. Whom they always care about. Such is the thinking. Everyone goes on thinking. Nothing happens in the name of work. One has to feel happiness or sorrow just by thinking about the incident. Which has no place in real life, but it is also of no use. The event keeps happening in the mind. When thinking has a powerful effect on the mind. When by the influence of thinking, the mind immediately feels happiness and sorrow. So will the unsuitable event not have an effect on the body? Due to worry, the body melts into a pyre. This is a direct example. Many people see and understand the knowledge of such incident. The knowledge of inappropriate events is also among these. The one who settled in his mind made his home. With morale, many people reduce the feeling of happiness and sorrow. What's going on inside someone's mind? Doesn't even let you know. The spirit of the mind accepts that event. Then there is less pain in the mind. The outside is not visible to others. Due to the frequent occurrence of such an event, the fat content can also increase with an inappropriate event. In the development of knowledge, fat can also take in itself the energy created by unsuitable events. Energy should be used for knowledge. Energy can be converted from one dimension to another. Energy can never be wasted. It will show some unsuitable energy effect somewhere.


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